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Voyagers (2021) movie review & rant transcript

Tiger 0:00
This is a movie review of a voyage or more of a rant because I am so upset it is darna movie that I am just fuming the ending is horrible. By the way. If you haven’t seen it go see a first there’s going to be spoilers here because this is a very mad tiger. I am so upset at Voyager’s at this movie, Foxy. That ending was horrific. What did you think about it?

Foxy 0:25
Oh, I totally agree with you, Tiger. That was terrific. And you want to know why? I think so.

Tiger 0:31
Yeah. Why tell me?

Foxy 0:33
Because I was hoping throughout the movie. Eventually, they’re gonna give us one little itty bitty tiny glimpse of the planet where they going to land? Did they show it to us? No, no, no. Yeah. I

What we didn’t like about the movie

mean, we’re waiting at seven years. There’s like three generations. There’s old people and babies on the ship. They get there and they just speak from the window. I mean, jeez, I spent two hours watching this movie to see a peek through the window. That was such a ripoff.

Foxy 1:01
I agree with you. It really, really was lame. And, and, you know, I think the movie started off. Well, it was interesting. It was like a carrot. Every scene was a carrot for me to own a little bit longer. Watch a little bit more. You know what I mean?

Tiger 1:18
Oh, yeah, yeah, there were dangling us dangling us. And any only the other thing that I thought was ridiculous is at the end. When they had the fight. They open that door. And the guy’s alive for like 510 minutes. What he’s like a super human or robot or droid? How can he live dialogue and that room would have been empty in five seconds. I think in real world.

Foxy 1:40
Yeah, I agree with you. That was totally Zazen was such a useless long scene. They were milking a tiger. And I agree like that. You know, your close is is past the middle point. They were milking. I was every single scene. I didn’t

Tiger 1:57
know. And then all those sex scenes that was milking that was like 20% of the movie is like they’re always touching these horny teenagers.

Unknown Speaker 2:08
Well, I guess is what happened when they stopped drinking the blue stuff.

Tiger 2:12
I know. I know. The blue stuff is where the whole trouble started. And that maniac who was like rampaging the ship. I mean, what do you think about that character? Oh, God, he

Foxy 2:23
wants to such an idiot. He couldn’t think any farther than destroying no consequence. Nothing. Nothing came even close to his little sex brain. Yeah, it was like price sex brain, I

Tiger 2:37
should say. The most ridiculous thing is he’s going to give them the food. Join my group. And I’m gonna give you the food. I’m just like, what is he growing the food? He just basically confiscated the food. And now he’s the chief officer of the ship.

Foxy 2:53
Yeah, very, very mean guy. It’s started already. I had a bad feeling when he started grabbing the girl was touching the girl. This is when I knew Oh, man, this bad. This guy is bad news. Bad news.

Tiger 3:09
Yeah, he was over the aggressive that was basically it. And the and then when I knew I was going downhill when the ship elected the other guy, Christopher. And he was Zack, I think was his name. The elected Christopher who was like a more nice team guy. And logical thinking elected him. But this guy wouldn’t take it.

Foxy 3:31
Yeah, no, he was not able. He was just down to the core. It bad. Brutal individual.

Tiger 3:38
Yeah. So I think in the real world, there is no way this ship could survive at seven years. Do you think this could actually work? At seven years on the ship? Imagine that.

Foxy 3:51
Well, I think if you don’t know any different or know any better than clearly they were not exposed to any of the the visual effects we humans are exposed, whether it’s doesn’t matter what it is, you know, they don’t see cities, they don’t, they don’t know any better. So therefore, they could be quite okay. But caution here, open your cabinet and see if you have some kind of blue stuff in there. And I would suggest

Tiger 4:17
stop taking that. Oh, okay, so you’re definitely not a fan of the blue stuff. Okay, no, no blue stuff in your diet, but we’re not going on a space trip to another planet, you know, but you’re saying they have to have the blue stuff in order to travel at seven years. That’s what I’m hearing from you Foxy. Is that correct?

Foxy 4:37
Oh, I agree with you tigers and otherwise, how can you stay sane? I mean, I would go nuts if I would have to stay in my house for at seven years.

Tiger 4:48
And then also in what’s up with that they can’t even watch TV. Can you imagine? No TV for 87 years but the boss over there. I forgot his name Richard Roberts. Whatever it was, he had TV, how come he had TV and no one else had TV? Because he was the

Foxy 5:05
only one who really knew the entire truth. And he, as you noticed, he said, I want to tell them the truth. And then I guess on earth they were not they No, no, they didn’t agree with him tie down.

Tiger 5:20
And then what was what all those guns they had guns? What they’re expecting aliens on the planet. They’re gonna kill them all. Or, like, what was the purpose of the guns on the ship?

Unknown Speaker 5:30
Oh, I’m afraid so tiger. I’m afraid this is third generation was supposed to kill them. The aliens.

Tiger 5:39
I mean, those are some mean humans bringing on that ship. Yeah. Yeah, yeah,

Foxy 5:46
this is a I guess a surgeon eration was supposed to be as mean as some of this Earthlings here today.

Tiger 5:54
Yeah, just go Kill Kill, kill, you know, take over the planet doesn’t matter that there’s like happy little aliens over there. They’re just gonna wipe them all out and kick their planet. I mean, that’s that’s not good. You know, friendly approach. You should go be friends. Well, I

Foxy 6:09
think there was no friendly approach ever intended tiger. I’m afraid they were approaching to kill those poor little aliens to take over their planet and then just multiply like a bunch of little rabbits.

Tiger 6:24
They just take over and expand. So then their prey gonna ruin that planet after they ruined Earth. They’re gonna ruin the next one. And then what? another ship goes in ruins another planet until they ruin the whole universe. I think that’s the plan of this movie.

Foxy 6:37
I think they haven’t calculated two factors. They’re going to ruin the entire universe. But I think you’re right on the money. They intended to ruin either themselves, which they do. You know, nobody who doesn’t feel any love and concern for other people say oh, ruining themselves. They haven’t figured it out yet. I

Tiger 6:56
got All right. Well, I feel a little better after letting it all out this rant, but I am totally unhappy with the movie. I give it a one star out of five star and the only reason they give it a one star is I can’t give it a zero star. But I guess one star there was a little bit of initial idea. It was promising for the first 10 minutes. So give it a one star How about you Foxy? What company stars you give it?

Foxy 7:21
I wish you I give it a one star because I liked the beginning and that was it some down?

Tiger 7:27
dumbed down one star you guys producers, okay, hire me is a script writing consultant because your script sucked. Whoever was a script writer should be fired. Okay. I mean, fired. It was horrible. Um, all right. That’s all I got today. Any final words? Foxy? No, thank

Foxy 7:47
you very much, Tiger. I’m feeling much better too. And I appreciate this. I was able to talk with you about it. Yeah, me too. All right, I got a bounce. Got a bounce bounce. See ya. See ya see and Tiger