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Danny 0:01
Oh my god, Tom Cruise is back in Top Gun too. As a Navy pilot again, welcome to Goofy’s episode, and today we’re going to cover over everything we know about Top Gun to get some feedback from the fan base and what did they think about the movie? Tom Cruise? Some of the buzz that the movie has created. So with me is lovely. Lexi Lexi, how you doing today? I’m doing well. Danny. I’m doing well. How about yourself? I’m pretty good. So are you excited about this movie like everybody else’s?

Lexy 0:35
Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. I would like to see how a 60 year old man is flying that same airplane.

Danny 0:42
Well, he’s not 60 yet. I think he’s 5758. Okay. But yeah, you’re right. That’s a good point. Let’s start with that. I mean, back in 1980, something he was a lieutenant in the Navy. And he was flying a fighter plane. By now. He should be an Admiral. Like 3040 years later. What do you think?

Lexy 1:04
Not only Admiral he should be a retired Admiral.

Danny 1:08
That’s right. Yeah. Drawing pension. Alright, we’ll get back to that. Yeah, there’s a buzz all over the internet. Did you like to trailer? Let’s start with that. You saw the trailer? It looks like he’s flying the plane. It looked very realistic. Not computer generated, right?

Lexy 1:22
Yeah, it’s look really real.

Danny 1:23
And so did he and he looked as good as always. So that’s probably the good part. He actually did film all those things in a real plane. From what I understand. There was a pilot flying Tom Cruise. And it looked very, very, very stunning and realistic. So I am looking forward to that. What did you think about the scenes where he was taking off the aircraft carrier? I mean, that looked pretty dope. Oh, you

Lexy 1:46
think so? Quite? I thought is it was actually quite interesting.

Danny 1:50
I thought he was flying like a maniac. in that trailer. He almost hit the two students that were flying with him. I mean, that was some crazy flying. Do you think the reason he’s not an admiral? He’s just like a lunatic or what do you think about his flying in the trailer?

Lexy 2:03
Oh, I thought it was so much fun. I mean, that was just amazing. That’s kind of woowoo he says my kind of guy when it comes to flying.

Danny 2:13
Yeah, I mean it really and then he’s right. And he saw that he’s flying like two feet from the ground like Geez, yeah.

Lexy 2:20
He’s scared the heck out of everybody.

Danny 2:23
I think it’s a little Maverick. I guess that’s his name in the movie Maverick. So he is flying like a maverick. So yeah, I’ll give them that. Alright, let’s get to some of the things that we noticed in the trailer. So he does have a new girlfriend or star or whatever it is. Yeah. What did you think about the lady in the trailer? Who’s going to be as you girlfriend I guess, or whatever she’s going to be?

Lexy 2:44
Yeah. And you know what? I wanted it Scientology pick to fall for him. Did he

Danny 2:50
go there? Oh, my God. Yeah. Scientology. Okay. So if anybody hasn’t heard that yet, basically, there’s a rumor on going clear. There was a documentary a couple years back and basically said that because Tom Cruise belongs to the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology actually picked his girlfriend. So do you think they actually pre screened this lady? Do you think that’s what happened that she’s appropriate? And Scientology approved to be in the movie?

Lexy 3:18
Oh, I I would imagine so. Because I think it’s a very serious thing for him to Scientology and I think he would go right along with it if I’m not mistaken, because he doesn’t want anything negative to happen to Scientology or him being put in a negative light because of a woman. Yeah, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t doubt it at all. They picked it for for him.

Danny 3:42
Yeah, someone who’s not going to get disconnected or disapproved. But if you know the last few movies, he married the co star he made he married Nicole in days of tunder. I think it was the movie. So do you think he might end up marrying this woman? Especially if she’s Scientology approved? Oh, I

Lexy 4:01
don’t think he has to marry here. He just has to make the film. And

Danny 4:04
that is that’s all let’s see what the fans think about the movie. So I’m going to read some comments. Find out what they think. All right, look at this guy here. Tom gun is a bad movie. And Maverick is a bad pilot and shit human being. What do you think about that cop?

Lexy 4:23
I wonder why somebody would say something like this.

Danny 4:26
You don’t think he’s a bad pilot? I mean, that was some good flying there. Do you absolutely right. He’s

Lexy 4:30
dead did some good flying. I don’t think there are many people who can fly two feet above the ground and don’t knock anything over.

Danny 4:38
How about this one? Marco Polo mint. Courtesy of the pandemic we get to see what is backing up in the stinking digestive track of the Hollywood machine, a pile of infantilized shite sequels, reboots and remakes as usual. I guess this guy thinks they’re just Looking at what do you think?

Lexy 5:01
Well, yes, I do think so. Yeah, I wouldn’t be quite so strong with the vocabulary but I do agree they are milking it. And I guess Hollywood made a lot of shit money on the first one though. Let’s do it again. You know, and still enough people gonna go for it.

Danny 5:16
Here’s one guy’s a little skeptical. gt fields. Is there any chance this movie is good? What do you think? Will it be good? Oh, sure. I

Lexy 5:25
mean, I I must say clearly any movies is Tom Cruise’s and it’s he’s so full of themselves, Danny, it will be good. It’s probably will be great. Actually. If I get his age and anything else, you’re just looking at the man and his way how he plays his character. Yeah, I think he’s gonna be wonderful.

Danny 5:45
I mean, he doesn’t look his age. He looks young. I mean, what do you think his secret is to that?

Lexy 5:52
I whatever juicy give him that from the Scientology saying that that must be doing it because I want some it’s probably those those see cans that the E meter that he holds.

Danny 6:04
Maybe that infuses some longevity of the old those those spirits that were in put into a volcano. They come in and they make you look young forever.

Lexy 6:14
Yeah, yeah. And I guess he paid royally for that so it comes with a price tag. But Don he does look good.

Danny 6:22
So there’s another comment. He jumped out of my heart when he jumped onto that couch. Do you ever that couch incidents? Love on Oprah?

Lexy 6:32
Yes. Yes. That’s right on Oprah and then who was Jay Leno? Does

Danny 6:37
he do this? Oh, yeah. No, he did a repeat on Jay Leno. But yeah, maybe we get a couch 2.0 if he falls in love with this new Scientology approve actress you think we’re gonna get a couch? 2.0 maybe jump higher?

Lexy 6:51
Yeah, maybe this time, he’s gonna be so geeky and Gugu he cannot even jump anymore. He just you know, like on Oprah. He just sits there with this head between his knees and just kind of giggled, silly.

Danny 7:05
Well, that will be fun.

Lexy 7:06
Yeah. Yeah, that would be fun. All right.

Danny 7:09
Okay. Goofy’s if you’re excited about the movie, let us know. If you’re not let us know. Do you think it’s going to be a good movie bad movie, leave your comments also share Like, subscribe. It means a great deal to us. How about you, Lexi? Any final words?

Lexy 7:25
Yes. Thank you. I would definitely say let’s be kind and yes, most of your comments have been absolutely wonderful. So we are looking for new ones. Please love us. Thank you.

Danny 7:36
I’m going to end with this. I think because Tom Cruise does look very young. I think he can pull off this role where for example, some of the other roles like with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Harrison Ford, they might not be so believable. However, maybe a rebellious Tom Cruise still flying a plane 30 years later might be believable. So we’ll see. But thank you, Lexi, for sharing your opinions on Top Gun two with Tom Cruise. And everybody. Have a great day and we’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

Lexy 8:10
Bye bye, Danny.