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The God Committee Movie Review and Rant Transcript

Foxy 0:00
Hey tiger, what are you so upset about it My goodness.

Tiger 0:03
I watched this darn God committee film with Kelsey Grammer Frazier. He was just pissy, pissy, pissy. And my god, it was just so disturbing, you know, the organ donors and everything. I know you saw the movie, but I’m just wound up about this movie and I got to rant about it. Get it out of my system.

Foxy 0:24
Oh, I wish you tiger. This. This was awful. I mean, I really wasted some really precious lifetime to watch the corruption without ever mentioning the word corruption.

Tiger 0:37
Yeah, what’s up with that? They never even said it’s a corruption but they’re getting $25 million to this Granger kid and he gets to heart the other guy has to die because he’s 800,000 in debt, and they don’t they want to help them not give them 200,000 more debt. So they’re helping him die. You know, it just it was very disturbing. Yeah, I

Foxy 0:57
guess from the from the start on is was like this deaths committee or this Gods committee? What’s the name of that committee? It’s the god Committee. The God committee, just the name already is very disturbing. And then I think this committee really was based on what is in more favor, what’s more favorable for the hospital. So therefore, the 25 million, of course, were way more favorable. Even the kid who was was supposed to get the heart or not to get the hard heads the money versus the other men who had three kids and really, really, really wanted to live. He didn’t get it.

Tiger 1:36
Yeah. So he ended up dying. The kid ended up dying. Anyway, after the 25 minutes, he died six months later. You know what also upset this movie kids jumping back and forth, back seven years back in time, then it comes back and time back in the future. Back in the past, back in the future, back in the past every five minutes. It’s very hard to follow. I mean, who’s the idiot who directed this darn thing?

Foxy 2:02
Well, I think it was not only hard to follow, it was very annoying. And even though I’m not a professional movie credit, I just thought the script was written so poorly. This the individual who wrote it clearly got sad. He got away with it by going back going forth going back going for I mean, Holy moly, that was annoying. The whole movie was annoying the the lack of integrity or lack of compassion, or lack? I mean, what is this here? Do

Kelsey Grammer & Julia Stiles Where they good in the movie?

we really lacking the amount of organs we need? I think we are. And I think that so I’m not going to give it a one star because the subject is serious. I think we’re lacking organs. Because if say I’m riding a motorcycle, and I cracked my neck, my little heart can’t be donated, because I didn’t go and pre approve everything. I think some of the countries are changing the law. So by default, unless you stop it, the organs are available at the hospital, then you would have 1000s of organs it’d be no lack, if it was that way. So maybe this is part of the problem they try to tackle in the movie. They had, you know, the grumpy old Frasier. And by the way, that was the grumpiest Kelsey Grammer I’ve ever seen in my life. Yeah, so grumpy Frasier is over there trying to, you know, take a pig’s heart in do some Whoo, mumbo jumbo magic and make it work in a monkey. So he’s gonna make his investors super rich, but really, you he had a good motive to have organs available. So they don’t have this problem. But the problem could have been solved if everybody’s organ is available by default. Unless people stop it that might solve the problem right there. You I totally agree

Foxy 3:51
with you. I totally agree with you. Instead of having on our little driver’s license or on the ID donor organ, there should be no donor Oregon, everybody else who doesn’t have to know donor Oregon should be automatically a donor, period. I love your idea. That’s a great idea. But you know, back to this movie, what also confused me what did this little seven year old kid had to do with with this baby doctor? I mean, in the Dad, what? I don’t understand tied up.

Tiger 4:27
I mean, Foxy. It was disturbing. Like when the kid Granger, I guess is his name. And daddy’s rich. He gave the 25 million he basically bought the heart for his son. But he immediately says put them ahead of the list. You know, when he was told that he needs a new heart put in my head as a list. Yeah, like he didn’t care about who else is not going to get bumped down are nothing and then when he couldn’t get ahead of the list, he got his, you know, priests lawyer involved. He got the corrupt hospital director or wherever that woman was. I mean, Emotion he got what he wanted and then way the message of the movie is listen kids in this country, you better be having $100 million. Or you’re not getting a fair treatment because you’re just a stupid cockroach who needs to die. I am the real value. I have $100 million. I am important. You’re a cockroach. That’s basically the message because the poor guy who was a doorman, he had to die. What was his fault? He didn’t have the hundreds of millions.

Foxy 5:34
Yes, that is very sad and very disturbing tiger. I thought the whole movie did send the wrong message. Who made this movie? Do you know?

Tiger 5:43
I don’t know. I mean, let’s hope we don’t ever find out because it was poorly made and Hollywood producers. If you can’t get a darn script written Well, okay, contact me. I’ve never written a script, but I wouldn’t written a better script in this pile of shite.

Foxy 5:58
Yeah, I agree. Maybe they can send it to me for auditing first, and I can let them know within the first 10 minutes whether it’s a shite movie, or whether it’s a good movie, whether it’s appropriate for the regular kind of decent people or whether it’s only appropriate for the corrupt population.

Tiger 6:21
Who has some money? Exactly. We need some extra work anyway, but we’re definitely gonna do a better job. This is just ridiculous. Whoever approved this. And Mr. Kelsey grammar Why the heck did you take this job? Did you even read the script before you took the job? I mean, my God, the worst Frasier episode was a million times better than this.

Foxy 6:44
Yeah, it was really it was useless from the beginning to the end maybe it was just making the population more aware of it when you’re rich you live longer

Tiger 6:54
so yeah, but on a very very sad way they could have done that at least more you know have a movie that we can watch that’s engaging. Not just annoying, yet Alright, let’s get to the stars Foxy

Foxy 7:07
I will say one more thing. Yeah. Wasn’t it wasn’t a justice what happened on the plane? You tell him tell our Yeah, it

Tiger 7:16
was at least he paid off the Turkish president to buy a heart Granger did daddy because he wanted Frazier grumpy Frazier to get the heart because now he works for him. You know trying to solve this pig. You know Oregon’s to go to humans venture capital deal that they got. So Frazier is a bad card and he’s gonna die. So he goes in buys them a heart from Turkey and on the way to Turkey to get the heart he dies aquatic justice I guess. Yeah. Yeah, I

Foxy 7:53
liked that part a whole lot.

Tiger 7:56
Yeah, I’m glad you’re happy. All right, let’s do the stars. Now I I can’t give it a one star because the movie deserves a one star because of the good subject. The subject is important but poorly done. So I’m gonna give it a two star How about you

Foxy 8:08
you know I’m swaying between the two star and a three star because as you say the subject was very important. See is the underlying the teaching of the underlying corruption I found very important in this we have to look out for this. I think I will give it a three star tiger.

Tiger 8:26
Okay, so two and a half star. All right, everybody. What do you guys think about this movie? The subject you know what? What were your ideas to solve this complicated issue right down in the comments. We’d love to hear from you. And any final words Foxy? No,

Foxy 8:42
we love you and be kind. Be kind. I got a bounce bounce. Bounce, bounce, bounce, Tiger. See ya. See ya.