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Tesla sued in California by Kevin Shenkman over over  Supercharger idle fees

Tesla owner is suing the carmaker over the fees for being charged at the DC fast charging station. Now, is he right? Should he be suing Tesla or not? That’s the subject of today’s podcast. So Kevin Shankman sees Tesla in California state court claiming that the automaker broke a promise to the early owners to provide free charging for life by imposing fees for leaving cars idle at a supercharger station.

According to the report, he is now seeking to represent all Tesla owners to recover costs and punitive damages and stop Tesla from imposing inactive fees. Now, when I first read this, I thought, Okay, well, that sounds reasonable. If Tesla promised free charging for life, then that’s what they should offer. However, when you look into this, what this guy is doing is nitpicking all kinds of things here. So what he’s doing is this, he comes into one of these Tesla supercharger stations, and he leaves his car, and a lot of these are like in a shopping mall.

The Tesla Owner Was Ideling

Then he goes shop for three, four hours, and he leaves his car there, say, in an hour, he’s charged, but he’s in for three hours, two hours, it’s blocking the space for another Tesla owner. Now what Tesla is done to try to get inconsiderate people, selfish tricks, let’s call them that way Tesla’s trying to kick those pricks out of the space. That’s how I understand it. So they’re charging 40 cents a minute now. So they get a 10 minute grace period, and then they’re charged 40 cents a minute and then get the heck out pay the 40 cents a minute. Now, what this guy wants is not only the free charging for life. He wants Tesla not to charge him for a parking space. Well, that’s not part of the deal, buddy. Get your Tesla and re-park it.

If you want to sit there, you don’t get a free parking space. I mean, how inconsiderate How rude. Now, if you don’t, if you think I’m harsh on this guy, look at these comments over here. DJ Rosen, what an a-hole he’s entitled to free charging, not free parking. I hope that charge makes him pay Tesla’s legal fees. Frivolous lawsuits need to be discouraged. Probably flew frivolous lawsuits need to be stopped. I agree with BJ Rosen. Alright, here’s another comment from purple Berra. The ignorance in greed of this dude is appalling. Someone like this doofus doesn’t know the difference between charging and charge blocking. Another person doesn’t deserve the joy of Tesla ownership. I hope Tesla countersues for defamation; anything just screws him.

What kind of lawyer would take this case?

And him as the lawyer cause to be paid. Oh, that’d be something if he ends up being a lawyer cost. I mean, guys, ridiculous. And I’m glad people agree with me. Hank, gag none, move it after it’s charged. Someone else can use it. Thank you, Hank. It costs Tesla money, and it blocks asks us to their chargers. If the selfish, inconsiderate third backs leave their cars in the spot after charging. The guy is a loser for suing. I mean, how greedy and selfish is this prick? And then why is this lawyer even taking the case? What kind of lawyer is he that has no moral compass? Here’s Matt’s frivolous. I agree with you.

Matt Chan says he hopes he loses. Yeah, I’m on board with that. Oh, he’s BJ Rosen. Again. I don’t see why Tesla can’t hire a towing firm, preferably one that employs ex-felons. From junkyard dogs and have these towed parking lot owners do that all the time, Tesla’s renting these spaces, so they should have the same rights as any parking lot owner. This is a great idea, dude. I parked once for five minutes in front of a Publix, which is a grocery store in Florida, and I went for five minutes to the adjacent store. I forgot what it was a cell phone or something that was adjacent to Publix. The guy told me he was on standby. Johnny on the spot towed my car, and I had to pay $160 to go away.

He had the camera feed into the towing company or somebody in radioing the towing company, so as soon as I didn’t, I walked next door, they towed my car because it said Publix only or something like that they had some deal. They split $160. I don’t know what kind of deal they have. But they told me right away, and I’ll let you know I’ve never done it again. But This, to me, is like way more abuse than what I did. I did it out of ignorance, and they did pick. You know, they told me like that is ridiculous. However, their legal right? Imagine some person parks that Tesla forever and doesn’t move. To me, that’s even more inner.

Here’s another comment from the bull rider that 15 minutes should be dropped at three minutes. If charging the car is as convenient and quick as people keep telling us, then there’s no excuse for the driver to just sit there with his car and wait for it to finish. All right, Jim auger, it is incredibly convenient. But it’s not uncommon for someone to plug the car and then go into a restaurant and get something to eat. In fact, many superchargers are actually in parking lots of Carl’s Jr, or Chili’s, and so on. That being said, given that we are alerted before the car is fully charged with more than enough time to go back to the vehicle, you may be correct.

I have figured out, however, that I was incorrect in the 15 minutes. It actually is five. Ironically, the only way I know is I was eating at Spyros at the Burbank mall and had been goofing around for a while and got the alert on my phone. But said that I would incur a fee. Suppose I did not go back to the vehicle after five minutes of being completely charged. The irony of this is that there was some jerk park with the Tesla Model X knows in and not plugged in. He didn’t get charged at all because there was no way for Tesla to know if the vehicles even there. Oh my god. So basically is even a bigger jerk than the guy suing. He basically just put the Tesla in there because it’s probably convenient to the restaurant or wherever he was going.

And just use it as a parking space without even plug it in. And then Tesla can’t even send a fee. So Tesla probably needs some plate recognition cameras or something to detect the chip in the Tesla and then charge these people even a bigger fee for abusing the system. Well, I guess you guys get the idea. Leave your comments below. What do you think about this situation?

Should Tesla not charge this guy for leaving the car after it’s been accused? Or should this guy pay the fee for not going? And I read somewhere but couldn’t find it to put it in this podcast. A lady parked her Tesla half a day in a mall and just didn’t plugin, similar to the other one I read when she came back. She just laughed at everybody. So total abuse of the system. So also, what do you think about how Tesla can prevent these pricks who are abusing the parking spaces? And what are your thoughts on the whole situation? So leave your comments below. Like Cheryl helped the podcast, and I will see you in the next podcast now. Bounce, bounce, bounce.