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Foxy 0:00

Tiger 0:01
a Foxy How you doing?

Foxy 0:03
Hey Lyon, how are you doing? I’m a little bit in a bad mood but I can talk to you for a moment.

Tiger 0:11
Why in a bad mood What happened? Foxy?

Foxy 0:14
You know, I drove on iPhone with my little sports car. And guess what? Some, some some knucklehead drove in the left lane, at least 60 or 65 and a minimum of 65 miles an hour, and I had to dash from 92 to 65 where do they come from? Don’t they know how to drive your lion?

Tiger 0:42
Well, I have to admit something Foxy. I like to drive in the left lane, but I don’t drive slow. Like if it’s 65 an hour I drive 65

Foxy 0:55
or you Why do you drive so slow?

Tiger 0:59
What do you mean slow? The speed limit is 65 if I go 66 I’m breaking the law donot our user speed police are what? I’m not the speed police. If it says 65 I go 65 not a mile more. I just obey the law. I’m a law abiding citizen and I like to left lane. Because then there’s nobody ahead of me and I can just relax and listen to my podcast.

Foxy 1:27
Oh Lion Lion Lion. I know you’re joking right now. So come on.

Tiger 1:32
You know what I be joking?

Foxy 1:34
Because it says everywhere. When you drive slow go into the right lane.

Tiger 1:41
Okay, hold on Foxy. Let me understand the lingo evil English language here a bit. How is 60? If the speed limit is 65 and you drive more than that, then you’re speeding. If you drive less than that you’re slow. I put the cruise control and 65 and I cruise I listen to my music. It’s wonderful. So what is the problem? I don’t get it. Ah,

Foxy 2:07
oh my goodness, Lion. It’s none of your business how fast I go. Because if I get a speeding tickets, it’s none of your business. Because I have to live with the consequence. Either they going to give me a fine, or they impound my car. Or I have to go to court. It doesn’t concern you. Elian.

Tiger 2:31
What do you mean? It concerns me? If you’re speeding more than 65 in the left lane, you’re endangering my car? Okay, I don’t like people speeding in the left lane. And I don’t like these people. They’re irritated. When I’m in the left lane. They come and then they’re honking I have one guy even show me a gun. I mean, what is wrong with these people? why

Foxy 2:54
they’re so upset? Well, listen, Lion. You lucky he only showed you that gun. Do you know that there’s a reason why I don’t have a gun on my passenger seat. Because I don’t even want to say it because that definitely would be illegal. So if I would say what I’m thinking right now, so therefore be happy. He only showed you the gun. And the only people he should endanger in the left lane are the other ones who drive as fast as he does. They just don’t know how to move swiftly over into the other lane.

Tiger 3:26
Well, why would you do all that work? Hold on, you’re telling me I have to go in and out in an hour just so you can speed there go 90 miles an hour in your Porsche. I mean, you know what? I heard that in Germany, you can’t even get in the left plane. We have the freedom to go into the left lane in America. This is a free country. But you’re in Germany. I heard no one goes in the left lane. Because there’s knuckleheads going like 150 miles an hour. Is that true?

Foxy 3:54
Yes, that is true. This is why we have a lot of BMWs and Mercedes and they can drive us fast. I’ll say one too. It’s your own responsibility. If you want to kill yourself, you kill yourself

Tiger 4:08
is crazy. I like it in America. You know, I put my cruise control. I go in the left lane and I don’t have to move left and right, left and right. Like if I go in the right lane, because there’s idiots driving 50 miles an hour. They’re too slow for me. If I’m going 65 and he’s going 50 in the right lane, I got to go in the left lane passing come back that drives me crazy. I saw your left and I don’t have to worry. And it’s wonderful.

Foxy 4:36
Lion. That sounds very, very selfish of you. Because in general, if freeway has more than three or four line lanes, right, so there’s a very slow Pope’s who really should go out and push that calm physically by hand with us driving this junk or whatever the heck it is. And then that’s the first right lane now the second right lane. where people go a little bit below the speed limit. And you are in the surd right lane and you can have your gun laying on your seatbelt on your on your passenger seat so you get me so upset.

Tiger 5:14
I didn’t call me a lion I’m insulted a lions are lazy. They’re women going hunt. We are hard working tigers. Don’t insult me anymore. Foxy.

Foxy 5:29
Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Tiger.

Tiger 5:33
slipped that in your little racist?

Foxy 5:36
No, no, no, no, not at all. I don’t care who shoots themselves or kills themselves though if you are a lion or tiger, and you are my dearest friend. So therefore, I just don’t see you over the phone. Usually we have this face to face conversation, you know?

Tiger 5:55
Well, right now. I’m so upset that you insulted me. I’m not even coming over. I was planning to come over for some drinks. Oh, that’s out.

Foxy 6:03
Oh, please, please.

Tiger 6:06
Well, let me come down for an hour and maybe I’ll come over. We’ll see. But listen, I am going to drive. Might as you call it clunker my pickup truck. Is it I guess?

Foxy 6:18
Is it Clark? Are

Tiger 6:19
you just insulted because you think because you’re driving a Porsche. Everybody else is a clunker. That’s your little elitist view. No lucky you had a rich husband to give you that Porsche you divorce them oil?

Foxy 6:30
No, no, no, no, you are so wrong. I never had a rich husband and I never divorced well, because I never was married and I besides the point that clunker is something that goes clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk. That’s all

Tiger 6:49
it makes me get clunky.

Foxy 6:51
Excuse me, please. This clunker should be in the very far right lane.

Tiger 6:57
Okay. All right. All right, Foxy. Let me get this done. This is America. Yeah, in my country. I drive where I damn pleased to drive. Okay, if you don’t like America, go to your autobahn. Take your damn Porsche and drive 200 miles an hour until you run into a Trabant In the meantime, drive in the left lane at 65 miles an hour.

Foxy 7:24
Oh my goodness. You just don’t get it. Where did you get your driver’s license in the lottery?

Tiger 7:34
No, no, no, I had special training the internet and the instructor really liked me. Another tiger. Hmm. treatment.

Foxy 7:48
Was it a woman tiger?

Tiger 7:50
It was a woman tiger. We got really well. We’ve been up for a few miles and then she didn’t like my driving and she left me.

Foxy 8:00
Well see, see you should take some driving lessons for me and then go back to your to your female tiger. And she will be impressed. She will be impressed Tiger she she will be alright. Listen,

Tiger 8:13
I always do that. I will come over and let’s go for a spin in your Porsche. Okay, okay.

Foxy 8:19
Okay, I’m for that.

Tiger 8:20
All right on my mom. I’m on my way. Let’s see if my clunker makes it. Give me a few minutes.

Foxy 8:26
Okay, if not call on me and I can pick you up.

Tiger 8:30
I might need it. Alright, bye bye.

Foxy 8:32
Bye bye. Tyga Bye bye.