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Froggy 0:00
Hey, we’ll see how you doing today.

Wolfy 0:03
I’m doing good Froggy. Nice to hear your voice.

Froggy 0:07
Oh, same here You ain’t gonna believe this I just got back from my favorite store in a world a Walmart and no mask needed. Isn’t that exciting?

Wolfy 0:17
Ah oh this is terrible. So tell about

Froggy 0:24
the mask without a mask the governor said no masks needed no mask virus COVID passports needed What a great governor we have our freedom back and we can go to Walmart with no mask. All the warm all Marty’s there. We’re so excited. You should have seen it.

Wolfy 0:43
I am last four words. How can you? Even Why would you trust him yesterday we all got a disease and we’re going to die because they are not with enough ventilators. And then somebody says you don’t need a mask. So therefore you take your mask off and you don’t get a disease anymore. I mean, Froggy is

Froggy 1:07
Wolfie let me talk. Let me explain to you how this works. It’s on the honor system in the wall. Marty’s We are the most honorable people just like the froggies. So what we do is if you have COVID you don’t come if you don’t have COVID you can come with a mask. Isn’t that nice? Well,

Wolfy 1:28
I don’t know if I should. I don’t know nice. What’s nice about is this people also don’t stupid and just because it’s the honest system. This means everybody is honorable, even though our jails are packed with just besides the point. So I’m sorry. It’s nice as you people, some of you people can be so extremely trusting gullible. You know, actually Froggy. I know you’re very rich man. So therefore, because you’re also nice and trustworthy. And if Excuse me, please, you have three

Froggy 2:04
years. You smoked too many. Too many joints there. Yeah, foot.

Wolfy 2:09
Careful, careful,

Froggy 2:10
careful. Let me Wolfie listen. Okay, so Okay, you’re having a problem with this mask? Okay, it’s simple. Okay. You go to Walmart. You are. If you don’t have the virus, you take the mask off. And you go in there like a year ago. And it’s amazing. The feeling that you get shopping at this best best store where you have the savings, the lowest prices and no mask. I mean, what else can I say?

Wolfy 2:40
Oh my god. I can’t imagine it’s probably feels really liberating, doesn’t it? Froggy? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Damn. Stupid. I just don’t believe it.

Froggy 2:54
work better believe it better believe it, because you really want to expand this,

Wolfy 3:00
that I Froggy. It, they only did run out a mass in the warehouse. So therefore, they couldn’t make it mandatory any longer. Because, you know, those therefore, they just said Oh, take the damn mass. Oh, you know, it’s like population control.

Froggy 3:16
Oh, you and your conspiracy theories. There is no population control. We have full freedom to make froggies all we want. I got four of my little frogs. We all went to Walmart. There is no population control.

Wolfy 3:30
Well, it will be who’s paying for your little froggies education and clothing and food?

Froggy 3:37
Well, Don, President Biden, a frog loving president, he’s giving us welfare. He’s giving us Housing and Urban Development’s our rent is covered. And most importantly, we are getting the 600 a week so we can go to Walmart and enjoy it. This is how it works.

Wolfy 3:59
$600 a week.

Froggy 4:02
Oh, yeah.

Wolfy 4:04
So this you can go to Walmart shopping.

Froggy 4:08
Exactly. 600 a week per frog. There’s six of us.

Wolfy 4:16
Six of you guys. Okay. Yeah. And, and I mean, why do you get to $6 each of you frogs?

Froggy 4:25
Well, first, we supported Joe Biden that give us a heads up the line. And we aren’t, we’re not rich. And when COVID yet we were entitled We got this. The 300 enhanced plus the 300 from Florida. And my wife also got laid off. And the kids they worked a little bit in McDonald’s and you know, they didn’t like it. So they just went to unemployment. It’s just simple as that.

Wolfy 4:55
Do I qualify?

Froggy 4:58
Oh, come on with your yacht. And your beachfront property. Are you kidding me? You’re the one that No,

Wolfy 5:04
I’m kidding. I’m not kidding.

Froggy 5:07
You should be better Walmart. Exactly. You anything on Walmart? Yeah, come among the nightfall and

Wolfy 5:17
I don’t like to come among the people whether that’s your warm market people or whether that’s my kind of trader Joe people It’s none of your business little frogs the same like it’s none of your business whether I’m rich, and it’s none of my business whether you’re poor. And if you like Walmart so much why don’t you go and work there?

Froggy 5:41
Why would I work? I’m getting 600 a week. You’re a funny little wolf.

Wolfy 5:50
Well see, I first have to check with my attorney if this is actually possible. So just because you read it on Google, it doesn’t mean it’s true. I mean, do you actually have a checks as you can show me?

Froggy 6:06
Oh, I got it direct deposited. Mr. Biden is hooked us up.

Wolfy 6:14
Well, I noticed they were doing the election to see is a frog loving kind of person. You know, it’s to the bottom of the well anyways, I have my opinion Froggy. And I’m glad that you can go to Walmart. I hope this you want to get COVID because I mean, it’s none of your business. But I have not gotten you know, zap in the arm. No, no, no, no. Oh,

Froggy 6:47
but though I got good news for you. Oh, yeah, we are working with Mr. Biden and his team. And you will get a zap in your arm? Yeah, just like we did. Okay. There’s no exception for wolfies you’re gonna get a zap in your arm. Now you get the freedom to pick which app you want you to Pfizer or the Johnson and Johnson. You know, we took the ones app and done Johnson and Johnson and we got the little card so we can go in wherever you want. So we’re gonna make it mandatory. You know, if you want to go to your bank account or you pay taxes or you want to renew your driver’s license, you want to get an airplane. You just show that little card so you can be protected well if you don’t you worry.

Wolfy 7:36
So what happened if I don’t have a passport?

Froggy 7:39
Well, I mean this You mean the COVID passport? So yeah, your Koi passport to get on a plane for example. So we want to happen if

Wolfy 7:48
I don’t excuse me Do you little frog? Yeah, but what happened if I don’t have a COVID? passport?

Froggy 7:57
No plane? No flying? No. Yeah, we’re gonna send a postcard to stop you. You got you don’t want you spreading your COVID to dolphins and other boaters. So yeah, you need to have the passport get the program. We’ll see. Everybody’s doing it. What’s so difficult.

Wolfy 8:16
I don’t want to do it. I should have that freedom the same like you saying you have freedom by going to Walmart with no mass. I have the freedom to get on the plane. with with with no passport.

Froggy 8:30
No, it’s a freedom to have the COVID passport. We’re giving you that freedom.

Wolfy 8:37
Well, clearly, it’s not a freedom. Clearly it’s a mandatory thing. Otherwise, I could go from Florida to Massachusetts by plane if I want to. But what you’re telling me is no, no, no.

Froggy 8:50
You know, when you leave Florida if you try to leave in your fancy million dollar RV that you have, when you get to the border with Georgia, there’s a little border patrol. And now you have to present your little coy passport. Isn’t that nice? We’re going to protect everybody.

Wolfy 9:09
I’m going to kill your frog when I can reach you some day.

Froggy 9:14
Okay, don’t be racist. Don’t be racist. You gotta love all frogs and also PCs. Just because you’re right wing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be racist.

Wolfy 9:26
This is just insulting. I just don’t believe this. You just said that. And then you want me to continue having this conversation with you. And you probably want me to agree with you.

Froggy 9:38
I was oh 9999 Listen, this is all for the greater good of not just the frogs. But the wolves. Now you guys don’t get it a little bit. You know, we’re trying to help everybody. If you would just get your shots then you will need the mask. Isn’t to Joe Biden’s COVID team. They said get the shot. And take the mask off that’s all you got to do just take the mask off after get your jab I mean how hard is it Wolfie

Wolfy 10:09
it is pretty darn hard into point this I don’t want to do it so therefore I’m not going to do it so in icing you freedom lover you do hugger you who slimy whatever you and your six people are this just give me the freedom I want.

Froggy 10:31
I’m giving you the freedom to get the shot. What kind of freedom do you want?

Wolfy 10:35
Okay, this compensation is over you little frog. If you don’t have anything else for me, then you know

Froggy 10:42
go back to your pond. I will and my pond is cold void free because every frog got the shot. Now you go ahead. We’ll see. Think about it. If you change your mind, give me a call. I’ll hook you up. Alright, see you later. We’ll see Bye bye.

Wolfy 10:59
Bye bye, Froggy. Don’t come back. Bye bye bye bye bye.