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Froggy 0:00
So we’ll see. I’m so excited. They’re extended my 600 a week. Unemployment, and I don’t have to go back to work for you. I so love it. How are you holding up by the way? How is the business still running?

Wolfy 0:13
I can’t believe I’m hearing

Froggy 0:16

Wolfy 0:17
You get still $600 a week.

Froggy 0:20
Well, it’s horrible. I used to get 900 we’ll stop laughing We’ll see.

Wolfy 0:27
It’s terrible. just terrible.

Unknown Speaker 0:31
I mean, you got to pay your fair share. You’re a multimillionaire. You have a yacht, you have a beachfront property. And we made all that. And what’s wrong with me getting a little bit of money to relax? And thanks, Joe Biden, he extended it. It’s a fantastic thing.

Unknown Speaker 0:47
Froggy. I’m, I’m I’m, I’m stuttering. I’m last four words, Froggy. I mean, I’m rich, because you only get $600 for free for sitting on your butt. And now you’re complaining because it’s only $600? Because it used to be $900. I mean, have you? Can you even imagine of what that does to my monthly or annual budget?

Unknown Speaker 1:10
Well, you know, you can sell one of your yachts and keep paying you or just pay us more give me $1,000 and I will come back to work. You got to deal.

Wolfy 1:20
Froggy, Froggy. If you would be any closer I would bite you and your bud right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:25
I’m you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:26
I’m gonna need you to tell me I should sell one of my yards because those are Maya. I worked for them. See, you haven’t worked with them saying in order to get to $600 per month, per week,

Froggy 1:38
per week.

Wolfy 1:39
Oh my god, you’re hurting me

Unknown Speaker 1:40
pay a week. We’ll see. I came in and you paid me 400 a week to call in your call center. I bust my ass calling people to sign up for your accounting services. I do all the work. I get it all the customers you give me $450 now President Biden gives me 600 Why would even come in? Give me 1000 and I’ll come in what’s wrong with that? I’m doing all the work. I’m bringing in the customers

Unknown Speaker 2:08
you doing all the work you bringing in the customers? No, I pay for the marketing I bring in the customers. So what would what what I forgot already what you were just saying right now justifying 400 600 $900 for free. I cannot even justify $10 for free. Of course you’re a beggar and you’re homeless, you know, but a regular person with two arms and two legs, averagely and above educated Nope, not a penny for free. You know, we’ll

Unknown Speaker 2:39
see you’re very harsh. Okay, I’m going to talk to Mr. Biden. And I’m going to agree that you should be taxed 90%. And then that kind of money should be given to us. Because we work and we don’t have anything and you’re not paying your fair share. I heard you pay very little tax

Unknown Speaker 2:56
This is Froggy. We pay very little taxes, of course is relative The meaning is relative. On the other hand, there are legal loopholes which we in free America are able to take these you don’t have enough money in order to take advantage of those loopholes to Jesus, what are you complaining about? We are the one who paid most of the taxes. We are rich because we are in America. And because it’s capitalism. Listen, you skinny little Froggy ass. If you don’t like it here in capitalism, America, go somewhere

Unknown Speaker 3:31
else, you want me to go to your Germany, I go over there, at least they’re gonna get free health care, I don’t have any health care because you don’t pay enough taxes, I want you to be taxed more, I want to get free health care, I want to get free dental. And I want you to give me at least some kind of a basic universal income. So then I can start building up some wealth, I worked my ass off, I don’t even own a house. I’m paying off my landlords house. And you will think you’re just raking it in here in America.

Unknown Speaker 4:02
And I’m raking it in here in America, because I didn’t like the system in Germany at that time. So therefore I left and I have an American citizenship, and I’m paying my share on taxes. Actually, I’m paying above my taxes, because I’m supporting and I’m helping out whether it was food kitchens, whether those are women, battered women of whatever you call those needy groups of society, I do support them. So and you’re just here to argue with me and telling me to hold my you hold your hand open and I should say, I give you this because even so you had the same opportunities like I do. You know, I kind

Unknown Speaker 4:48
of wonder if I should I should be able and entitled to have a house paid off and have a car paid off and have a big screen TV paid off. That’s my American right. It’s God given American right but I don’t because you don’t give enough money into the system. And this is what our Joe Biden is going to work on fixing. Ah,

Unknown Speaker 5:09
that was difficult. Joe Biden I don’t understand what he has to do with this. You lack the education in order to build wealth for yourself.

Unknown Speaker 5:19
It’s just you greedy little capitalist, you come to America, you get rich, and we do all the work, I feel exploited. I should be entitled to some basic human American rights. All frogs want that and this Froggy, too, but there’s a lot of frogs in my pond. They’re not getting all the stuff that they’re entitled to. And you will face need to pay more. Okay, it’s just not right.

Unknown Speaker 5:46
Well, I would like to show concern I cannot say empathy because I never wasn’t that kind of pathetic situation of you and your frogs and in the same damn pond. How about you move over to the next pond other is the same story assets like you guys over here? Or do they actually did something with their life you probably traveled the world and didn’t do a damn thing. You didn’t pay into Social Security. You didn’t do this. You didn’t do that. Versus I spend a minimum of 80 hours a week didn’t get married didn’t do anything. You probably married and you probably have five kids to pray for little frogs running around.

Unknown Speaker 6:23
I have only four. Okay, four is enough. And I do get child support and child credits and stuff like that. But it’s not enough they took me off the free housing in the welfare is to have so that’s not right. You’re saying not enough the wolf is not giving enough into the pot. So this is why I need you guys. Your whole little wolf tribe Wolf Pack come together and pitch in your fair share. So I can get my housing urban development account back because I’m tired of paying rent. It sucks.

Unknown Speaker 6:59
You know you you funny little frog. I’m glad you don’t sit across from me. Because I think you have a lot of bloody nerves to come here into the studio. I mean, talking with me in the studio and telling me we should pay you more money because Mr. Joe Biden says so and you finally believe this communistic kind of talk it’s

Unknown Speaker 7:21
a word. No, no, no, no, no. Joe Biden is not a communist. He’s not a socialist. He’s a freedom loving American. You’re right wing capitalists are against freedom. See we want freedom Joe Biden he’s giving us the freedom the freedom that you put your fair share the freedom that I get my rent that’s the best freedom there is in Joe Biden is fighting for our freedom. Not a commie isn’t frog. You are misinformed.

Unknown Speaker 7:48
The rest of your kind of public is misinformed. You need to ship into the pie. That’s the same night as when you live with your family. You cannot just live there. You got to do something, bring out the trash or pay $1 here and there. But just sitting on your ass and no, no, no, no, no, that doesn’t work.

Unknown Speaker 8:08
You know, we’ll see. Let me educate you a little bit. We’ll see. Okay, first, I’m a hard working frog. If you paid me 1500 a week, I’d be right there in your call center making you money getting your accounting business and so on. But you want to pay me 450 Well, why would I do it? Mr. Biden’s giving me 600 a week? Why would I come in? I’m not lazy. But 600 is better than 450 or did they teach you math in your little Ivy League Harvard prep you know insider school all you elitist little wolfies

Unknown Speaker 8:43
you know they did taught us map this is why it is so important. This you greedy little uneducated bastards who choose the profession of swinging hamburgers. I don’t know Fox do they swing hamburgers? But anyway,

Unknown Speaker 8:58
my kids, my kids are hard workers. I got two of them are in McDonald’s flipping burgers. They’re hard working people. Yeah, well, that’s

Unknown Speaker 9:05
good. But you know, every hard working person it’s it’s relative. I’m extremely hard working. You are most hard working and your kids relatively hard working. And you don’t add anything to the pie. So why the hell should I pay for that Froggy, get with the program. Alright, we’ll

Unknown Speaker 9:25
see. I think I am going to report you to Mr. Biden, because you’re not participating like you’re supposed to. And I think you’re not woke enough. Okay. We need to walk you okay. You need to participate in social justice. And I think you are a little racist. Okay, against the frogs. You’re not. I really feel it. You’re not woke

Unknown Speaker 9:50
you are too much. I cannot believe it. This you say something like this. I’m not wolfish, and I’m not against Little Green frogs even if they make stupid statements like you do and feeling so done and title for absolutely no reason you don’t add you know flipping hamburgers is not adding to society

Unknown Speaker 10:12
yeah but you know if you want to eat a hamburger excuse

Unknown Speaker 10:15
me excuse me little frog I’m still added and if you want to report me to Mr Biden’s and go right ahead because if if he is just thinking about saying something or doing something, then I will withdraw all my donations which have come to millions

Unknown Speaker 10:33
Ah, now we got to how you’re rich. You pay your lobbyists in Washington and then you get privileges which I don’t how come I can have access to Mr. Biden? Ah, I caught you there.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
No, you didn’t at all. I paid my lobbyist as you said but then the lobbyists has to go and sell it to Mr. Biden’s Oh, just because I’m spending a million or 3 million on my lobbyists. This does not mean any kind of special laws or privileges being coming in my way. They say aren’t No no, no. Okay, well

Unknown Speaker 11:11
for your impossible let’s I need to go sleep because I gotten tired and exhausted talking to you. And

Unknown Speaker 11:19
I you probably

Unknown Speaker 11:20
too hard. No, no, no, no, no, no, I’m I my brain is getting mushy from all this right wing talk. However, Mr. Biden is giving me food stamps. And I got a really really really sweet ice cream waiting for me. So I need to go jump in and kind of relax because all this right wing talk is killing me. So I’m going to go de stress. And we’ll talk next time when I get a little better prepared. I didn’t realize how difficult you are Wolfie. It’s really sad.

Unknown Speaker 11:52
Well, you know what, little frog it’s really sad. Your attitude is really sad. Goodbye, little fraud.

Froggy 11:59
Bye bye. We’ll see. Have a good day.

Wolfy 12:00
It’s not a whole lot left of this day.