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Froggy 0:00
Hey, we’ll see how you doing. Good.

Wolfy 0:04
Good. Very good Froggy. Thanks for asking, how are you doing?

Froggy 0:08
Well, I’m a little miffed, but I’m hoping there’s gonna be some good news. You know, we’ve been renting all our lives, we’re paying like 1800 a month. For this piece of crap. We have this slumlord, he doesn’t repair anything. And then I just heard that we’re going to get affordable housing because this $400,000 for a crappy little house is just too much. And we are entitled, you know, to help, so we don’t have to rent anymore. I am so excited. Did you hear about that, that everybody’s going to get an affordable cheap little house?

Wolfy 0:45
No, no, no, no, Froggy. I haven’t heard of this. What kind of nonsense? Are you talking about? In whose house? Are you going to get affordable housing in? I mean, it’s not mine?

Froggy 0:57
Well, you’ve been making a lot of money. You know, every month, you know, you sell a house, you build a house, you’re a builder in your head, you have more than your fair share of millions of dollars from your 1000s of houses in the year. So what we’re going to do is some of those houses to go to people like us who don’t have the money, because we’re not going to pay me the price keeps going up, up and up. How can that be fair? I can never buy a house working for $15 an hour. Well, right now for the last year and a half. We’ve been getting unemployment but even that’s not enough. Don’t you think it’s fair that we get one of your houses?

Wolfy 1:36
You have Froggy. You wind so much this I have a headache. And let me see whether I got it all straight. Because I have more than one house and you have no houses. So therefore you think I should give you one of mine. Because we live in free America supposedly embraces capitalism, where I should give you the bomb was six or seven kids or whatever. How many you have? Paul, your wife? Who doesn’t work either? I don’t know if you’re working. I mean, no, no, you probably get unemployment. Okay, back to the to the houses here. Froggy? Is this what you saying? I have two houses. Therefore I have one too many. And I should give it to you. No, you’re working employable plan?

Froggy 2:29
Well, listen, you have more than two. But even if you have to, it’d be fair that you share. But you I did a background check on you. And you actually have 21 rented out. So you’re making left and right. So some of those houses need to be given to people like me, because right now we’re not making enough to buy a house. So I think it’s just fair share. And this is how we make it affordable. This is a great plan. Who those who have more to give their fair share, and those who have less receive. I mean, this isn’t this freedom isn’t a slaving. Isn’t this wonderful? We’re all part of the community.

Wolfy 3:14
Oh, this is bad. This is bad. I mean, come on. Froggy. Are you in? in America? Or which country are you in? I mean, to me that sounds like communism, socialism. This is about capitalism. You should feel honored this You live here that this type of opinion should be it’s unacceptable. Why the hell would I give you my house? You don’t have to work just because it now it’s covered and you cannot you probably make more money on unemployment than when you work in. I don’t know. Polish. Little Froggy toes.

Froggy 4:04
Hey, listen, listen. We’ll see. Okay, listen, good. Okay, I did work before COVID hit and we got the unemployment but still not enough to get $80,000 for a 20% down payment on a $400,000 house. So we got to talking. And as a community now don’t throw these horrible anti American words like communism and socialism. That’s horrible. Freedom. It’s freedom to get a house. It’s American. Okay, everybody needs to have a house. Everybody’s part of the community. We’re helping each other. It’s loving. It’s caring. It’s helping. It’s what’s more American than that. Wolfie.

Wolfy 4:50
I think you know, I don’t know how old the audience is here. But this is a bunch of brown poopoo flying down the stairs. The stuff says you mentioned, which is very upsetting. No, it’s not. It’s your dream. I don’t care whether you dream to have a house, go and get a house, you know, work for it the same like how I did. I worked for my house. Nobody gave it to me.

Froggy 5:18
Ah, no, no, no, no, hold on, we’ll see. Let me correct that. That’s double talk. Okay, that’s anti American, you never worked. We worked, you have literally 500 people who do all the work, and you take more money than each one of them makes. And that’s why you have 21 houses. You have the the, the I come in there and I work on the roof, I get my green little back fried up on the sun. But I make 1200 1314 1500 you make $2,000 off of me times 500 people. So you just sit there on your butt file paperwork and money comes into the bank account. And suddenly you have 21 houses now with my $15 an hour before unemployment or now a little more than that. How can I afford to buy a $400,000 house? Explain that to me, we’ll see how

Wolfy 6:13
you probably cannot. This is why most people have three and four jobs. So clearly, they understand the issue and they trying to do something about it.

Froggy 6:25
So you want me to work three times 40 hours a week. And if I did not just three but four times 120 hours a week, in 10 years, I still would get enough money to buy a house and I wouldn’t even qualify for a mortgage for the house or $80,000 downpayment. So again, what the program just lets us make it fair, those who have more give to those who have less than 10 everybody has a house isn’t that wonderful?

Wolfy 6:54
Yeah, but wherever the hell you come from you definitely don’t come here from America so therefore let me tell you something little frog the majority of the people like you are type of people green and funny and slimy but smart. I give you that Yep. They understand they need to work three and four jobs. You know, I don’t care whether you work one job or whether you work 10 jobs. If you want something, you got to go and buy it.

Froggy 7:26
But I don’t have 400,000 You didn’t even hear me little

Wolfy 7:30
I did. I did hear you. I think you should have started a few years earlier and not just now doing COVID

Froggy 7:40
Well, a few years earlier was 350,000 I was still far away from having the house

Wolfy 7:47
How do you think I got a house

Froggy 7:51
you just exploited Me and 450 or 9500 people over the years you just take our salary sitting on your wolfy little tush and money comes in you don’t work one job or two or three we you 500 people work in give you more than what they make. So this is how you got the house. Not everybody can exploit people some of us frogs don’t like to exploit people like wolves do.

Wolfy 8:23
We really don’t exploit anybody you know what it says kind of as a people you got to think of them in layers like like a class system. You know, you people you funny little short people what can you contribute to society so not a whole lot though therefore, and lack of intelligence and motivation. You decide to go and flip burgers?

Froggy 8:49
Yeah, in what the burger flipper is not allowed to own a house. This is what I’m hearing. If you want to go to you know how much cottages you can you can burn down and ugly 500 year old cottage and it’s still $300,000 there’s nothing under $300,000 in Florida right now. Okay, so even if it’s 200,000 if I flip burgers, I can have it so what you racist wolves thing is us frogs who work hard. We make the food Okay, we work on your roofs. We made you those 21 houses while you’re sitting on your butt. And we are not allowed to have a house while you have 21 How is that fair? Wolfie,

Wolfy 9:39
well little Froggy. I do sympathize with you. But what I don’t understand what is it? Why is it your business? I have 21 houses and why should it be my businesses you have no houses. Some people pay rent, some people don’t. This using I exploited you. You are missed And I paid you fifth $15 an hour versus $8.50. Like, like a waitress or a waiter, who have to rely on tips of whatever Uber driver or whatever you want to do you know, those non employable individuals?

Froggy 10:20
Well, let me let me break it down to you, because you obviously have not worked one day in your entire life. We’ll see. So now, even though I don’t work right now, I get free money from great President Biden, before that I have worked. So now let me explain it to you. I pay on those $15 that you used to pay me. I pay 20% income tax in 15.4%, fica and Social Security, add that up and only get two thirds of that 15? Well, you know how horrible that is. I could work 100 years and I wouldn’t pay off a house 100 years. And you who only works, you know, your four hour workweek. Because we do all the work. And you’re making millions. You cry if you don’t make 3 million at the end of the year. So now how is that fair? How is that fair, I work hard, and I’m not entitled to have a house and you just throw $15 before taxes. I just don’t get it, Wolfie.

Wolfy 11:21
Well, I think, you know, this is probably one of the privileges to be rich. So in Therefore, I earned that privilege. It’s not fair. But then, you know, when you grew up, you probably were told life is not fair. So maybe you you know, you got a curveball there. Or maybe you played your first 20 or 30 years. I don’t know how old you are. Froggy. But, and I mean, you know, maybe your wife got pregnant before she was your wife. And you know, maybe you got one kid after the other Froggy is probably sounds like to me, it was more making poor choices on your end. I feel I feel sort of bad. Excuse me, please. But it’s not my responsibility. Little Green Frog.

Froggy 12:22
Hold on, hold on. Mr. Biden’s calling. Oh, I put them on hold. I call them back.

Wolfy 12:30
Okay. Who is Mr. Biden?

Froggy 12:33
President Biden, shame on you. You Trump loving wolf. Don’t even know who our president is. I bet you you think he’s illegitimate president you want to those conspiracy theorists?

Wolfy 12:50
No, no, no, Froggy. What blows me away? How casual people off? You know, when it is of when it is the President? It should be said President Biden, you know, but it seems like now where people you know, either don’t believe him or don’t believe in him, I should say. Yeah. And don’t believe what he’s saying. The people lose respect. And those therefore, same happened with President Trump for a while he was President Trump and then he became Mr. Trump. And then he just graduated. I mean, fell down to Trump. You know, you guys already. And while you’re at Mr. Biden, but he what is now 110 days in office or something like this? So it shouldn’t be missed that Biden No, no, no, no. It should be okay. Rather than I was saying today,

Froggy 13:47
I should call him president. You’re right.

Wolfy 13:50
Yes. Thank you. Thank you.

Froggy 13:52
Alright, listen, you exhaust me will feed. I’m going to go call back. Mr. President. I’m sorry, President Biden’s team. I’m going to tell them because he wanted me to do this survey with a couple of rich people like you. And I’m going to let them know that you’re not on board. You know, see something, say something. Oh, my

Wolfy 14:14
Froggy. We should have a compensation about that someday.

Froggy 14:18
We will Don’t worry. They will. They will straighten you out. We hate we’re gonna have reeducation camps. So you can get with the program. Because nobody in America has 21 houses but don’t worry, we’re going to end this. I want you to go to bed think of Bunny and you need to be a better member of society. Okay, because you want to help the frogs. Okay. It’s not just like you elitist little wolves with 2030 houses, and we have none. So don’t be a racist, share. Sharing is caring. But I got to run right now. And we’ll see you next time. Enjoy your 21 houses and while you can Buy buy.

Wolfy 15:00
That’s right while I can buy buy you little frog

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