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Tiger 0:00

Foxy 0:02
Oh, hello is this Tiger I would like to speak to tiger.

Tiger 0:05
It’s me Foxy. Who else is going to answer How you doing today?

Foxy 0:10
I’m doing very well thank you. How are you doing? I have,

Tiger 0:13
I’m a little upset. This new law that they’re passing, they want away people now I lost some weight. Finally I was you know, 300 pounds. I’m under 200. But my a lot of my family members, they tried all these diets and everything and they struggle and guess what these idiots want to do? Before we board the plane, they want us to get on the scale. And then I got a, you know, extra oil right now I you know, I’m not going to be a problem. But you know, my wife and my kids and my uncle and they’re all you know, overweight. They like to hunt, you know, unhealthy food. And they put on a few pounds here and there. And now the airline wants to charge like it’s luggage. So no, it’s ridiculous.

Foxy 0:58
I’m very happy to hear that tiger. I’m very happy to hear that because I’m just skinny mini and I hate to pay the same thing as everybody else pick. And then when my luggage is five pounds over then I have to pay that’s a Fed people. Oh, excuse me that’s politically incorrect. The overweight people to say it say they don’t have to pay extra. And then all the airline seats the same size and skinny mini me always get the middle seat. And, and and I’m being squished by those big people. That’s not right. No, no, no.

Tiger 1:34
Okay. Let’s say for example, my uncle, he’s 320 320 pounds. And then he’s going to have to end in there. I think what I’ve heard is the base is going to be 220 pounds. So he has to pay another 100 pounds plus a 50 for his luggage. He’s gonna have to pay $300 more for the luggage. Okay, he does his extra weight is not his fault. He’s entitled to take that weight. You should be able to compensate the skinny people should compensate so it’s fair. Everybody’s equal you. You know that’s fat shaming, by the way, you know little Foxy. You’re fat shaming. That should be you know, that’s horrible.

Foxy 2:18
Yeah, but calling me skinny little Foxy. But what about that? Is that skinny shaming?

Tiger 2:24
Oh, that is so you are passive aggressive. When you’re skinny. It’s not shaming. When you say something bad about obese people or overweight people. It’s shaming. You’re not allowed to touch us. We’re protected category. skinny people are not protected. Oh

Foxy 2:42
yeah, that’s fair. I get it. That’s fair. You know, you know Tiger I remember when you were so big to say this is a stewardess had to bring you a seatbelt which needed to be extended. Ah, and why should you not pay more and why shouldn’t your uncle pay more?

Tiger 3:02
No, my uncle pays taxes in this country. Oh, wide What are you trying to be able to get in the plane without paying? Extra Okay, we did it all our lives and now we got these skinny little people you know passing these laws petitioning. You don’t have any smarter thing to do. But get my uncle to pay more. You know, I’m just upset tiger.

Foxy 3:27
I wish I could help you out. But my honest opinion is well, I’m not judgmental Tiger really understand that I’m just opinionated. Okay, so therefore, why should I sit in the middle squished in biases? What is the right word? obesity or beast people? obese people? What a word that sounds terrible that sounds more well anyway. So why should have I based person to the right and one to the left? I’m so little tiger. They squeeze me in and they don’t even know it just feel

Tiger 4:06
honored when my uncle and my answer to the left and right they’re gonna give you some cushy love. Just be happy be privileged.

Foxy 4:16
feared privilege. Tiger. I don’t know what you smoking today. But no, no, no, no, I I must say I’m willing applauding the fact this heavy people I mean there is you know when you go from a health perspective, there is the average weight and I think anybody who is above the average weight should pay more. The people who are below the average weight should get a discount. Or at least they can make it out with their luggage you know, say I weigh 100 pounds and you only can carry 25 pounds on the luggage and then it doesn’t cost you anything but if you have 30 pounds, then you have to pay a fine or whatever they call it well in my case because I’m so little I should take easy if the average weight is 175 pounds, see Tiger Even you are over that. I’m below. I’m below that. So my luggage can be bigger than yours. You pay more and we all are happy, don’t you? Oh

Tiger 5:18
no, no. Oh no, no, it needs to be at least. I mean if you’re going to pass these horrible laws, discriminatory laws, it needs to be at least 300 pounds and my family at least most of them are going to fit I would like 350 but I would like the way it was okay, we’re all equal. We’re all protected every person even 400 pounders get in there and they should make bigger seats while at and what are these stupid little tiny seats? That’s ridiculous.

Foxy 5:52
Excuse me please tigers. This is very this compensation is very upsetting. There is a reason to why those also skinny little seats because they are for the average size person. Not for the over average size person. I don’t know why over average is the word but you know what I mean?

Tiger 6:12
Right? I know what you mean. But I am going to petition I’m going to get because there’s more of us in less of you. And we need to get bigger seats. This is what we’re going to do for a normal American normal and normal and normal normal is 250 pounds now your own little know how much were you?

Foxy 6:34
And I’m 105 105

Tiger 6:37
that’s that you know what? You’re anorexic. Okay. Be force fed. Oh.

Foxy 6:44
Now that is discriminatory? discriminatory. This is so bad. I don’t believe this.

Tiger 6:51
I don’t know. Your doctor would pray say that.

Foxy 6:55
That’s none of your business.

Tiger 6:59
I mean, you know when I come over there Foxy I gotta I gotta cook you some some good salmon or something get you beefed up get you to at least at least 115 pounds that would be the minimum legal limit. Attack

Foxy 7:15
limit limited legal limit what what do you mean? I said this is free America. What What do you mean?

Tiger 7:22
Free it’s free until you’re over 115 because right now you are putting us in danger you’re gonna end up in the ER and then I gotta pay your medical bills because you’re too skinny. Believe it Who knows what kind of disease you have.

Foxy 7:37
I don’t have a disease Tiger use as I said earlier there are more heavyset people’s and then not so heavy said people. So therefore Guess who is more in the emergency room for heart failure, kidney failure, you know, I mean, what do you think the little skinny people or the majority who go to to eat unhealthy food? I don’t I don’t want to say McDonald’s or Burger King or Kentucky Fried Chicken. I’m not gonna say that. But we all know it doesn’t come because you eat a healthy piece of salmon and one leaf of salad.

Tiger 8:11
Oh my god. Did you just go there and you touched my Kentucky Fried Chicken and my McDonald’s stay off. Hey, goes up are real American soul foods. Where would we be without McDonald’s and Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken now you you’re in German little leafy greens in your healthy eating? You’re driving me nuts. Okay, I just said salmon to please you dare. But you know what I’m thinking these over with Burger King. No big No. No, no,

Foxy 8:44
no, I’m not going to open the door when you bring this this killer food into my little house. No, no, no, no, no, no, it’s bad. It’s bad for you.

Tiger 8:55
It’s not bad. It makes me feel good when I get gobbled down that big mac and then I just pour down my diet coke. Ah, I’m in heaven

Foxy 9:07
tiger. You need summary adjustment here some health readjustment you should go to a fat farm and or the Gerson Institute see now we talking. They can teach you how to eat healthy. You know people who take drugs, they do it because it makes them feel good. Now does that mean it’s healthy?

Tiger 9:27
I think I think you are wrong and so many levels cursed and in some way like banned. That’s not approved by the Medical Association. And my diet is approved. It’s on a pyramid. I eat the government approved pyramid food. Okay, it’s in the school. And when you go to the schools, okay, there’s a soda machine. You can get Diet Coke that Pepsi will give you all the freedoms to pick. And then you can have a healthy, Big Mac it has has got your carbs. You’ve got protein, it’s got your fat, it’s a wonderful meal and then you have your veggies your fries. What else

Foxy 10:05
do you want? You mean where cheese is is one worded little leaf squished between the carbs and the M GMO kind of the squishy little meat which looks like a sponge. You mean this one leaf you refer to that as vegetables as a ketchup. Ketchup is a vegetable that

Tiger 10:27
was cut down a nose and then I got my fries. Those are big waders that I get plenty. Okay. Look at my uncle. He’s live all his life. All he eat is fast food and look at him. He’s so he’s got a problem there.

Foxy 10:42
Yes, he does. He’s 300 pounds and you don’t tell me working eight hours. You tell me working? What maybe five hours and then maybe five minutes? I mean in five hours on the couch? Isn’t that what you would you really referring to tell me one fat person. Matter of fact, I know of a fat person. 300 some pounds. This guy’s his legs are as big as my waist. And he has traveled to walk from his front door to walk to the mailbox. And when there isn’t a newspaper laying in front of his mailbox, he cannot even bend over to pick it up. He needs at Clippy things. You know, which you usually pick garbage up. You know, those those? those weird people on the street? They have to pick up the garbage?

Tiger 11:27
Why are you whispering?

Foxy 11:29

Tiger 11:30
it’s gonna hear you.

Foxy 11:36
Yes, because I’m gossiping right now. And that’s our i think

Tiger 11:41
i think you need some readjustment. You obviously have a problem for normal people. Okay, one more not. Listen, you have never had a job UK. But us who work when I go to a call center. 99% are above 250. Okay, so that’s a normal person. In America. What you’re describing is some fantasy world.

Foxy 12:04
There’s not people. I’ve never seen an American who’s 105 pounds. Especially not at work. Was that right? Especially not at work? No, there is a reason why because you guys sit on your butt all day long. And whatever stress levels as you kind of inflicted on yourself and you choose to work, they’re sitting down all day long. So versus me, I’m very active. I’m walking. I’m bicycling. I’m canoeing. I’m doing yoga. I’m eating healthy. I’m that I and I’m happy this I’m not normal. If you want to be normal tiger. I’m sorry. Then you have a problem.

Tiger 12:46
You know, skinny little bulimic Foxy there. Let me tell you something. Okay. Oh, you’re rich. You have all kinds of dollars and you go you’re canoeing and everything but us regular Americans, we got to go for $15 an hour. Work our ass off so we can pay the rent to you and your buddies who have all these houses. And it’s hard for us to be skinny. Okay, we can’t afford all this fancy food that you eat last time I was over there you had all kinds of fancy non GMO that costs double Okay, we can’t afford it. It’s It’s It’s expensive to be skinny

Foxy 13:26
Tiger Tiger first of all I’m not rich because just because I make a lot of money this does not mean I have a lot of expenses because that is the case I have a lot of expenses. So really when it comes right down to it you and I Polly take home the same amount of money and believe me one carrot costs less than you going to berchem buying a meal and this five gallon bucket off of oh no you guys get that for free. Have you ever thought about it? Why you get it? Free gallon of coke free? There is a reason for that Tiger Think about it.

Tiger 14:04
Oh my god you sound like one of those conspiracy nuts. Okay. Very healthy. It’s FDA approved. Okay, my Diet Pepsi has zero sugar in it. Okay, zero it’s extremely healthy

Foxy 14:21
but you have aspartame in it wake up Tiger wake up.

Tiger 14:24
Oh you and your aspartame. I’ve heard those on the internet. You just don’t believe this stuff on the internet. Okay, aspartame is approved by FDA it’s healthy

Foxy 14:35
oh yeah it’s it’s really healthy you know it’s an rat poison tiger.

Tiger 14:38
That’s what they said rat poison. Come on.

Foxy 14:41
Yes. Yes.

Tiger 14:42
You hear that? It look it up as the President said so himselves are you just you just you just making stuff up? I know. I’ve been told Diet Coke is much healthier and you don’t gain more weight in regular coke but that’s beyond the point. Okay, starting to try Excuse me

Foxy 15:00
please excuse me please do you know in a 16 ounce Coca Cola they have 40 cubes of sugar in there versus in a diet there’s aspartame in it. So you pick your

Tiger 15:12
you pick your pick your poison, trying to say Listen, I have already I I used to take the sugar and I gained more weight once I switched to aspartame. It’s better.

Unknown Speaker 15:26
Oh yeah, I

Tiger 15:27
like to listen off my diet coke. I’m not leaving my diet coke. I love my diet coke. Leave it, leave it be okay, let’s just finish this up. I am going to start an online petition to get off the phone here. And I am going to get this new law squashed because this is ridiculous. Okay, I my uncle nobody’s paying anything extra and especially we’re not being humiliated. This is anti American. It’s racist for us to step on a scale where you people don’t have to. So let’s just end with that that we’re gonna talk well no,

Foxy 16:06
I don’t want to end with that tiger. Why should I have to step on the scale if it it’s very obvious as I’m 100 pounds and you weighed double as much Why do I have to step on a scale?

Tiger 16:16
No, no, no nobody steps in the scale.

Foxy 16:19
We don’t want you Well, I’m going to be anti your petition. I’m going to I’m going to make darn sure that you guys gonna step on the scale.

Tiger 16:28
Oh my god, you’re a racist. Have don’t come to

Foxy 16:31
my house today. I don’t want your I don’t want your burgers, something whatever that is.

Tiger 16:36
I am going to bring my burgers and I’m going to bring my diet coke. And I am going to fatten you up a little bit because you’re too skinny for your own good.

Foxy 16:46
Oh, yeah. Do you come over here? I’m so ready for you. You have no idea. All right.

Tiger 16:52
I’m I’m away. Bye. Bye. See you in a few minutes by tiger.

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