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What is shrinkflation?

Hey, Foxy. So what’s bugging you today? Oh, Tiger, you wouldn’t believe it. But first of all, thank you very much for returning my phone calls. Tiger. What’s bugging me today is I bought a package of spaghetti. And I have a feeling you when I bought it, it seemed to be full, very full, very large. I thought that will be nice. And then tiger, I got home and you wouldn’t believe it. The box was half empty.

Danny 0:28
Yeah, it’s called shrink inflation. I heard it’s basically a good way to take advantage of the people. So they can not raise the price. And the consumer index looks lower. And it’s just a great, great wait for the rich people get more richer?

Lexy 0:45
Well, that sounds like very, very dark, actually, you know, I was thinking of doing something about it. So I read a little bit about it. And it’s called Black space. Black space. I didn’t know that. Yep, it costs black space. And it seems like there was a rule or law imposed on the manufacturers in you know, early 2000. So anyway, but the black space is permitted. Is it is justified to Why?

Unknown Speaker 1:19
Why? Okay, so

Is the inflation number real?

hold on. I stopped once at a gas station. And there was this gigantic chips. It was it was in I picked it up and I shook it shook it a little. And I said, Oh my god, this is a big ship. $5. It was only 40% the rest of the air and they pumped it so it looks like it was full. And you’re saying that’s justified?

Lexy 1:43
Yes, it is. It’s I actually read about this is I don’t want to make commercial for this nasty, nasty, calm company. But they actually justify of why there’s so much air in a tiger because it will break the ships. It is not enough

Unknown Speaker 1:58
air and oh BS. That’s just an excuse.

Lexy 2:02
Yep. And then somebody else had an audacity, a professor from the university and his last toy. We don’t want to advertise them neither. He said, Americans like a good conspiracy story. But this is not conspiracy. This is for the good of the consumer. This package is big into content is small. You

Danny 2:26
know, I was I was sarcastic in the beginning. I really think it’s rotten. They should just check up the price every time so we can see inflation is 10 15%. Not 2%. Yep. Because I know everything I buy something. Either I buy less of it less toilet paper because they steal about two three sheets every year and shrink it. But the other inflation is zero. When they count inflation, to adjust my paycheck. They don’t count that that I’m losing sheets. I’m losing sheets on my toilet paper. This is a national travesty.

Lexy 3:03
Yeah, you’re absolutely right, Tiger. It’s it’s nasty what they are doing. It’s really nasty. Because you can see like sticking with the toilet paper. I mean, this is really a whole lot of you know what you see, sometimes they forgot to take the old roads, which are really nice. And pigs, they call them jumbo roads. And then they call the regular roads which are half size. But surprise is not half. So you absolutely very tired. It’s a bunch of sh it. Oh, I

Danny 3:36
I agree. I’m fully outraged. So I’m with you. 100%. And I would be upset too. But I don’t know what to do about it. You know, I have to listen to the government. And they say it’s 2% inflation. And that’s what it is like, I know my Tiger steaks are probably 400% more expensive than 10 years ago. You know, I go in with $100. And I fill up with states for a whole week. More. Now. $100. You know, I’m lucky to get like three days of stakes, this Tiger is getting hungry.

Unknown Speaker 4:14
My Patric didn’t go for 100% in 10 years. Yep. Yeah,

Lexy 4:19
I agree with you. I think what we should do, we should just get a bunch of people together, go into the grocery stores, open the damn boxes, and when they are only half Fold and dumping back into the shows. go hungry, then I will go hungry but I’m not going to continue buying this nonsense. You

Danny 4:36
know, I wouldn’t care if if meat goes up 100% or they shrink the thing as long as they increase my paycheck the same amount. So if there is a real 20% inflation Just give me 20% more but the employers they’re always complete. They’re calling me up and asking me asking this for Tiger who needs to eat Take a pay cut tough times. You know I guess he needs diesel for his yacht. You know my owner the one I work for there are by owner is always complaining how he doesn’t have money. So I haven’t had a paycheck pay raise in 10 years 10 years, but I’m getting less chips. I’m getting more expensive steaks, they will shrink the steak if they could get away with it. They haven’t figured out how to do it.

Lexy 5:29
I agree with you and I don’t know why I chuckled maybe because you compare the stakes no you don’t you don’t compare you mentioned the stakes in the toilet paper it’s but it’s really true it’s everything is just smaller and smaller and smaller and cost more and more and more and we get less and less employment our so therefore we are the ones who were really getting screwed here. Black space my that’s actually a very good expression you don’t you think black?

Danny 5:57
Oh yeah, yeah, black space. I wonder what kind of psychopathic owner came up with that they’re so wicked and evil. They come up with these words, and then I have to absorb it. Okay. Listen black space prick. Just give me more of a paycheck. Don’t deceive me. Give me a bigger paycheck this Tiger is going hungry with what you pay me. I’ve lost a lot of weight Foxy because I can’t eat my state’s

Lexy 6:27
Well, I noticed you have gotten very much slimmer. I noticed that tiger. But you know what I also find very, very insulting is to say actually things the rest of the population is just that stupid. That dense. They say don’t know, maybe they don’t say anything. But No,

Danny 6:47
they don’t. They don’t know when I go to work. They They threatened to fire me if I ever mentioned they said it’s against the law to have conspiracy theories. You know, there’s some kind of a law so you’re not allowed to have conspiracy theories. And I mentioned that I need a paycheck pay raise. because everything’s more expensive. I can’t get enough same amount of gas, same amount of food. And they said that’s forbidden talk. You’re not allowed to talk that way. So they told me I’m going to get fired next time. But everybody believes it at work or they’re lying to keep their jobs I don’t know. But I I am a pissed off of set tiger. That’s what I am.

Lexy 7:23
Well, I’m so sorry to hear that tiger. Because you are such a nice guy. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. So I hope the next one next time you just gonna take a big old nip out of the lake.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
Well, we’ll see. All right, listen. Are you feeling better now that you got everything out?

Lexy 7:43
Yes, Tiger. I do. Thank you very much for your time.

Danny 7:46
Good. Good. And I feel better too because I’m upset about this. So this is one of those rare calls where I am as upset as you are. So thank you. You both got it out. Now. I gotta go eat actually I do have a steak on the grill so I’ll make sure it doesn’t burn. I got a bounce. See a Foxy?

Lexy 8:02
Okay, see a tiger. Make sure this everybody subscribes. I don’t know how you do it. That’s a downer. Subscribe.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
Oh, they can figure it out there. There’s white people. Alright, see you Foxy. Bye. Bye, bounce. Bye bye tiger. I’m spouts