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Why are Nikola Jokic’s horses at fault for Serbia Loosing the Olympic qualification tournament in Belgrade?

Here is the transcript of the show. You can also watch by pressing press on the Youtube video let us know what you think?

As a Serbian Tiger I am so outraged and upset. Our national team has lost the Olympic Games in Belgrade against Italy. It is Nicola Yaki just spoke he didn’t show up Foxy. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. But

Foxy 0:16
what did you guys do wrong? You clearly must have a reason for not showing up tiger.

Tiger 0:23
He’s up there in northern Serbia riding horses his horse is more important than the national team. Well, Tiger,

Foxy 0:32
what have you guys done lately for him? Clearly, there must be an issue which has been which is still unresolved.

Tiger 0:40
I know your German national team won in Croatia in split and they’re going to do Olympics did they have to buy horses or what do they have to do for their teammates to show up?

Should the Serbian Basketball Association have bribed Nikola Jokic to play for the national team?

Foxy 0:52
Oh Tiger I bet you there’s something going on either a nice Porsche or house on the carry big or yet I bet you behind the curtains is a lot of schmoozing going on.

Tiger 1:04
Oh, we have to buy a house in the Caribbean and fly a horse out there for him to play for the national team. Is that what you’re alluding? No, I

Foxy 1:14
don’t think No, I don’t think so. I just think you know, sort of a soft promise could be made. Hey Nicola, if you play for us, maybe a new pretty horse gonna be waiting in the stable for you.

How come Luka Doncic played for the Slovenian national team?

Tiger 1:26
And well now we got to bribe them with horses is this is this is what we’ve come down to. He can’t just play. How did Don srage flew out. Luca Don church who plays for Slovenia flew out to Vilnius in Lithuania. And he kicked the local Lithuanians and he’s going to the Olympics with Slovenia and he didn’t get a horse. He

Foxy 1:50
went to Tiger he didn’t get a horse but my sources say he got something I cannot reveal what it is, but I know for a fact he got something and clearly it was worth it for him.

Danny 2:03
Oh, the Slovenians are bribing Don Trish while the Serbians are not bragging mediocre, which is what you’re claiming? Oh, I guarantee you the German team showed up in Croatia kick butt and they’re going to Olympics and they didn’t get any Mercedes or BMW or horses for that matter.

Foxy 2:24
I don’t know tiger. But let’s get back to why he didn’t play. What do you think? Why did he play right? Was it more important for him to ride horses and to relax?

Danny 2:37
I think it’s just poor little excuses. If I was Nicola your cage, I would get out of that damn stable and fly to Belgrade or ride the horse to Belgrade. He could have rode the horse market in front of the arena in Belgrade. Go play for 90 minutes, 40 minutes, whatever it is, and then write a horsey back to silver pizza where he’s riding the horses in northern Serbia. And he would have been a hero even if the last but I mean how can he live with himself?

Foxy 3:11
I don’t know he might have some difficulties, especially now where everybody I’m guessing is going to send them hate mail hate mail and they probably gonna spit at him when they see him. But you know tied up again. There must be a reason to why he didn’t want to play because the Olympics is important for everybody. The SAS space is a sucks beta sucks beta. What’s a suck Spader Foxy? Explain it to us You mean spectator? Yes, yes, those guys. Alright, the spectator anyway. It’s important for the spectators and for the players to play. So there must be a really really really strong reason for Nicklaus not to play. This is what I’m saying. Maybe he has broken lake and he just doesn’t want anybody to know about it. If we already

Danny 4:13
better have a broken leg All right, and let us know you have a broken leg according to fox news sources here and that’s why I didn’t play for the Serbian national team because this Serbian Tiger is upset and outraged. I am very very very upset and Nicola You owe me big time buddy.

Foxy 4:33
I don’t know why he owes you I mean you know

Unknown Speaker 4:37
your show up Why didn’t you pay you could step in for him. What a friend are you are are you not a friend?

Danny 4:45
Hi, I am five foot 10 I’ve been the shortest person on their average Serbian player is like six foot three at least Nikolai seven foot something. There’s no way they would let me play on the Serbian team. But yeah, I would step up When I get on a plane right away, I’d swim over to Belgrade if I had to, but they, you know, I’m not good enough for the team.

Nikola Jokic should have ridden his horses from Subotica to Belgrade and parked it in front of the Basketball Arena!

Foxy 5:11
A tiger I don’t know what to say besides a swim over there get there on time and try because some people only five or 10 maybe even five foot seven and they still play maybe he’s afraid of losing this is why he doesn’t play and maybe you’re not playing because you’re afraid of losing so where is your national pride? Hahaha

Danny 5:31
all right all right, Foxy. I think I had enough of this discussion. I am outraged everybody Nicola, you always an explanation. And one last thing on our comments I read someone did called Nicola Volk brown kovitch which is the word that’s used for national trader. So Nicola, please tell us you’re not brown kovitch you actually will help the Serbian national team next time. Foxy. I had enough of this. I don’t know what sources you have. What kind of connection you have to Nicola. But thank you for letting me vent I feel a little better. Now. I got about Tiger Tiger,

Foxy 6:08
Tiger. No, bounce. don’t bounce. Okay. Nicola is showing the entire world to the team. Well, he doesn’t need him to say doing quite fine without him. So now we

Danny 6:18
are quite fine. They lost the Olympic Games. That’s very fine. And they upset me. That’s not fine either. Alright, I’m out of here. This is not going anywhere. Foxy. Okay, I’m sorry. All right. Bye. Bye. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce tide.