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Tiger 0:01
Hey, Foxy, how you doing? Hey, Tiger.

Foxy 0:04
Good to see you. Good to see you. How you doing? You look annoyed. What’s the matter with you?

Tiger 0:09
Ah, I just left my restaurant job. And I’m so tired of these people, they go into the bathroom and they take a number two and they don’t even wash their hands. I mean, what is wrong with the ball? Ah,

Foxy 0:22
oh my God, I hate those. I hate it. And then they sit with a monkey hand somewhere at the table and they start ordering finger food I’m with. I’m totally with you.

Tiger 0:33
Can you believe it? I mean, you’re gonna end up sick. They’re gonna spread disease. I mean, yeah. What what are they thinking Foxy?

Foxy 0:42
I think they are not thinking at all. You know, especially the guys in the bars are also sews peanut jars, you know, and then they go in there with a pee hands. I mean, yucky.

Tiger 0:54
Oh, yeah, sometimes I’m just like, amazed like, you’re heading home. There’s dinner and dating. You washed your hands. It’s just like, can you I feel sorry for those kids.

Foxy 1:07
Oh, so do I but but you know what? I think that from here on forward is there should be like it it is sniff test. How do you feel about that Tiger is sniff

Tiger 1:21
I like it. A sniff test. That’s what we should have to get out of the bathroom and then have a robot you know, test calm. Yes. You want to partner up? And yeah, we’ve Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, we sell it. Yeah. And they come out you put your hands in the snifter they see if test if it’s red Yeah, can’t leave. Yeah, like you don’t get banned in the restaurant as the restroom but

Foxy 1:48
we got to save them time.

Tiger 1:51
machine with like, basically say they come in. didn’t wash their hands because Bom Bom and a gate comes up and you’re locked in the bathroom. I think that’s how it has to be.

Foxy 2:01
Oh, I like it, Tiger. I like it so much. Yes, I like it. That you know, at least they should do a courtesy wash. Don’t you think? Just kind of

Tiger 2:11
done. Courtesy wash. But they go into the sniff tester? Yes. Patent quickly before solid? Yes. The idea?

Foxy 2:19
Oh, yeah. Because I don’t I don’t want to shake those yucky hands or just you know, you

Tiger 2:23
have a dirty EPA sitting next to you and you don’t even know it. Oh, you know what we can do? When they pass this? They put their hands in a sniff tester. sniffs it and it’s perfectly clear. We give them points. like five points. That’s a good job. They can show it to everybody else in the restaurant. They got five points.

Foxy 2:42
Yeah, not only points, they get a little badge on their arm, you know? And then we can give them $1 off of the $20 meal. How do you feel about that? Oh, I

Tiger 2:52
like that. I like that. I bet you people will just come to see the machine and we’ll sell it to restaurant. Oh, we’re gonna make we’re gonna be rich. Oh, yes,

Foxy 3:00
I think so to tiger. I think this is a wonderful idea. wonderful idea. We’re gonna get rid of all those pea hands and those poop fingers. You know, I think the dirty adkar he’s done. He’s done. Our sniff machine will sniff him out.

Tiger 3:18
Oh, I like it. I like it so much.

Foxy 3:22
I like it to tiger. So when it’s the last time this you’ve washed your hands or at least gave us a courteous courtesy washed. Oh, I

Tiger 3:29
do it every time I wash dishes. Can you imagine if I didn’t do that? I mean, half the restaurant would be puking. Can you imagine? owner a pirate fire me in two milliseconds.

Foxy 3:41
But if you wash dishes all day long tiger and says soapy hot water. Isn’t that washing your hands? You can go and poop and you come back to work and stickier and stickier sticky fingers right into the hot water. Who would know tiger?

Tiger 4:02
Well, I would know. Yeah, you think I don’t pay attention to those things. I like to be clean. This is a clean tire you’re talking to

Foxy 4:12
Yes, I can tell you clean shave and your ears are clean. I can see that from over here. You’re you’re clean kind of do this. This is a real thing. Yes, Tiger. I would love to get get into business with you. Okay, okay,

Tiger 4:27
um, you got any money because I’m a dishwasher and I’m broke. I just have ideas but you’re you’re a rich little Foxy, aren’t you?

Foxy 4:35
Well, I wouldn’t say this. I’m rich. But I definitely can help to get the starting finances going and I bet you as you suggested already tiger. People are going to come just to see the machine so we just buys a machine we’re going to put a lien on your restaurant. And then woof, here we go.

Tiger 4:56
I don’t think my owner is going to go with the lien on the restaurant. How can we put a lien on Your house. I would like that better.

Foxy 5:03
Yeah, I can’t imagine you would like that better. How about we gonna put a lien on your fancy little car?

Tiger 5:10
Don’t you touch my Camaro? That’s off limits? That’s the Batmobile.

Foxy 5:16
Well, you know, Tiger, I mean, I appreciate as you have the Batmobile, but you know, we got to catch dirty Edgar. So, you know the smelling test needs to be done. Or of course, we don’t put a lien on my house and not on your fancy car. We just hire somebody for $7 an hour, and they’re gonna do this spelling test.

Tiger 5:41
Where we’re gonna fight. We’re gonna go into freelancer.com comm freelance,

Foxy 5:47
yeah. Oh, Fiverr Fiverr is cheap as a freelance.

Tiger 5:51
Mm hmm. And they’re gonna sit in the bathroom for $7 an hour? If people

Foxy 5:57
yeah 725 I think that is.

Tiger 6:02
Haha. Oh, that’s abusive. You’re one of those kinda This is how you got rich.

Foxy 6:10
Listen, Tiger, you changing the subject right now. We are talking about the Dirty Harry with the poop fingers. Who is reaching into this peanut jar on the bar? I mean, we should protect the public, because eventually the health department gonna come and they’re gonna make it your boss’s responsibility. Responsibility. So I think right now it should be you acting and go to a proactive and going to your boss, Tiger. Are you with me?

Tiger 6:41
Go, Mom, I’m just shocked listening to all this. I want a robot, a robot that does a good job, locks him in. And then lets them out when they’re clean. What’s wrong with that you want to put a person now?

Foxy 6:56
Well, we just downsizing, we you know, first we went from a machine, then we went to a fiber guy. And now you’re talking to a robot economically which cost less because you don’t want to lean on us whatever that is. And I don’t want to lean on mine, whatever that is.

Tiger 7:15
I want to go to Silicon Valley. And we’re going to go with angel investors to get the million dollars for a first robot. And then we don’t pay the 725 or whatever the minimum wage is. I think it’s a better way to do it.

Foxy 7:30
Okay, if you can pull it off soon. I mean real soon, because otherwise, you’re going to have this prepends long enough for the health department to catch your boss. All right, let

Tiger 7:43
me work on it. You’re giving me a headache. Well,

Foxy 7:46
I won’t come to your restaurant until you solve it. And I will keep all my little fuzzy clan people in my hood.

Tiger 7:56
Alright, you stay in my in your hood. I’ll stay in my hood. Until we get this machine off the ground. I’m gonna go think now. And you bounce I’ll bounce and I’ll see you later.

Foxy 8:09
Okay, bounce bounce by tiger by Foxy