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Tiger 0:00
Oh Pinkie, nice to run into you How you doing today?

Pinky 0:03
Oh, I’m doing good tiger. How are you doing? You look a little annoyed.

Tiger 0:07
I know I was just on a date and you ain’t gonna believe that she kept staring at her phone. Then she would text and she was made the waiter even wait before we got our order and just kept looking. And I think she was even setting up another date while on a date with me.

Pinky 0:25
Oh my goodness tiger. Oh my goodness. This is unacceptable. I’m totally with you. I haven’t had that. Maybe you were a little boring during dinner. But I have not had that thank goodness that somebody would texting another date while I had dinner with him. But he did it too. He was there across from me. And I really liked him. He was so cute. But no, he ended the bloody phone. And then he said, I’m sorry. I can talk right now. I’m on the date.

Tiger 0:54
You think I’m boring?

Pinky 0:57
No, that silly girl who was on the phone? She may be sad. So okay, I

Tiger 1:04
just got worried. They’re all I know, boring. I was a gentleman. I came prepared. I had the job. I had everything. But he kept texting and looking and I don’t know, what can we do about it? It really disturbed me. This is why I had to go into forums just to decompress.

Pinky 1:22
All I can imagine. I mean, I came into the forest too, because I just came out of the grocery store and it’s just kind of yackety Yak of the yackety Yak. I mean, it’s, it’s unreal. It’s unreal. I think the I mean, I know free America freezes for that. But it’s enough. It’s enough. It’s like you have to wear a face mask. And those therefore put your phone on silence period.

Pinky 1:44
You know, I got an idea. There should be an app. So when they come to date me, then they have to load the app. And then I can press a button and shut their damn phone by pressing the app

Pinky 1:56
you liked that idea I liked the idea is actually I actually would like to take it a step farther. We don’t have to tell anybody. We’re going to put it

Pinky 2:06
I like that. That’s

Pinky 2:08
we make a deal with the store owners and automatically when people walk through this little gate or whatever you call it. It’s just kind of SAP the phone goes quiet, and nobody would know it.

Pinky 2:21
Mm hmm. You know, I like that idea. I think we should go right to production. But you know, I think this woman she wouldn’t last she’s phone addicted. There is no issue at last with the date without her phone.

Pinky 2:39
I think you I think you’re right Tiger some some people you know the same like when I see the moms they pushing this little stroller and they have this little tiny itty bitty little baby just old enough to hold this dancing and they already their finger having already arthritis, because you can you imagine how they’re going to behave when they are 1618 and older? You know, I

Pinky 2:58
just saw the other day. Yeah, the mom mom had a little stroll. She was pushing it to the grocery store. And the kid was already paying some kind of a video game and the kids not only three years old, maybe? Yep,

Pinky 3:09
yep. It’s the cheapest babysitter there is 1825 a month.

Pinky 3:14
I bet you YouTube must be raking in the money from all these babies watching videos. Yep,

Pinky 3:20
I totally agree with you. I totally agree with you. Don’t you find it annoying when you’re in the bank? You know, and you stay in line and then you have somebody behind you. Hey, john, I cannot talk right now because I’m in line here. But you know what, buddy? Let me tell. Isn’t it annoying?

Tiger 3:37
I don’t know what’s wrong up with these people? They like the the Why don’t they just implant the phone into their brain? So don’t have to even open it.

Pinky 3:46
Yeah, that’s a good one. That’s it. That’s that’s really a good one tiger. Maybe you can build an app. You’re very technical and client I understand.

Tiger 3:54
Oh, I am I am. And then we can just have a SIM card pop right into their ear. If you don’t like Verizon, they can put the E and T and Oh, yeah.

Pinky 4:05
Oh, yeah. Yeah. And we would get percentage, maybe 25%, from Verizon or whatever, Sprint, and whoever else you got to happen. I like that. I like

Tiger 4:13
that too. And if they don’t know what to say, the app in their brain can start talking for them. They can even have multiple languages. And then this way, let them just be totally robotic. And then I’ll have to at least stare at this damn phone. It’s in their head. It’s staring at them. And then

Pinky 4:32
they can talk to to themselves. They would not even know they’re talking to themselves just because they you know they probably have their buddy on speed dial in then. I don’t know we just gonna make it up. Somebody’s just gonna answer the phone. And because the only thing to say one is to talk so anyway, don’t listen. So I think it’s a great idea, Tiger.

Tiger 4:51
I think so too. Great idea. And they can have conferences in their head so there’ll be like a multi personality disorder. You get a bunch of these phone addicted people. Call and they just have their own little virtual world out there. They can give us alone.

Pinky 5:05
Yep, I totally agree what you want. Can you imagine how nice and quiet it would be? You can go and stay in line somewhere or you can go and buy your groceries and not somebody acts in the phone next to us. So Honey, did you wanted the red beans or the black beans near no?

Tiger 5:22
Yeah, I don’t like oh, that’s annoying. Yeah. Haven’t they heard of a grocery list?

Pinky 5:28
Well, say just like to talk tiger. Just the Kodiak yackety Pinky.

Tiger 5:33
Yeah. yackety Yak. Don’t look back.

Pinky 5:36
Yeah, yackety Yak. Don’t look. That’s right. That’s very funny. You’re very funny. Tiger. Would you like to go on a date with me? I know. This is very forward of me to ask you, but

Tiger 5:46
put you like that. Only if you leave your damn phone behind. Yeah, I need a I need a phone free date.

Pinky 5:54
Of course. Because I want a phone free. It’s really not me wanting to go on a date with you. I just would like to go with somebody who doesn’t carry a phone and doesn’t talk into a phone. That’s all. You can send me your brother if you want to if he doesn’t carry your phone?

Tiger 6:09
Well, I don’t know. The only thing is we’re both cheap. So we splitting the bill. That’s a requirement in our claim. No problem.

Pinky 6:17
No, no problem at all. I’m for that. We’re gonna

Tiger 6:23
Okay, we’re gonna go Dutch. All right. And you like a fish restaurant on the beach?

Pinky 6:30
Oh, very much. So I thought you would check something like, okay, King. Don’t say

Tiger 6:37
what kind of person takes the girl to the Burger King.

Pinky 6:40
Does that happen? Well, yes, I have been invited to Burger King. I didn’t go No, I didn’t go I deleted him right away. But that would be very kind if you and I could go to a fish restaurant and there would be no ringing phones.

Tiger 6:56
Okay. All right. Let’s, let’s arrange it. I gotta I gotta run. But okay, you got a date.

Pinky 7:02
Thank you. Thank you, Tiger. I’m very excited.

Tiger 7:05
Oh, man. All right. Okay, later.

Pinky 7:07
All right. See you later. Bye. Bye bye.