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Wow Novak Djokovic wins his 20th  Grand Slam in Wimbledon. Serbian Fan Reactions and His Secret Finally Revealed! And you might be surprised what it is! 

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So Novak Djokovic has won his 20th gram slam. And we are going to go over the secret how he did it and the reaction of the Serbian fans. So let’s start with the reaction of the Serbian fans. So I’m going to read some of the comments, while translate them to English from Serbian. Goat loves grass. I guess he is doing really well on grass. I know he has problems in France and the role and grace which is on dirt and he’s not very good there. So here’s one the English referred to Novak is sir Novak Djokovic, which I’m not quite sure about that because they hated them the public today? Well, most of the time, he’s probably the most hated tennis player ever of the big winners. He is the most hated. They love his competitors way more. That’s at least what I’ve noticed. I don’t know why he’s so hated. But I think that’s part of his success. So I’ll talk about the secret of why he’s winning. So here’s one guy guy who says as a fan of nidal, I have to say the Noah is goat greatest of all time. Thank you surprise, a serb who is on the doll supporter. So that’s very nice of him to say, we’re waiting for the Olympic gold. Yeah, he didn’t win the Olympic gold in the last Olympics. So if he wins, the other two slams remaining this year, and the Olympic gold in Tokyo, then he’s going to have what’s called the Golden Grand Slam. In other words, who’s going to live when the four plus one and the last person to do that with Steffi Graf of Germany. Here’s the one guy Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I guess that comments really sums it up. Here’s another one legend. One word says it all. Come on. No luck. Go win the US Open and take her 21st Grand Slam goat. I guess they’re worried that he’s not going to win the US Open cuz he got disqualified last year. Here’s one guy. I bought five tickets to the US Open for the entire family. So I guess somebody is going to New York to watch the US Open. surina has 23 Grand Slams. Ah, so he’s got to chase serene, I guess here’s a here’s an interesting comment. I’m not sure if it’s human nature, to cheer for the weaker. But I’m not clear why and until when the public is going to cheer against Novack. Yeah, the public really hates this guy. But I don’t think it’s because it’s the weaker because at some point, he was weaker, and they still didn’t like him. And now that he’s stronger, they don’t like him. But he’s getting an age. And I bet you when he’s weaker, and he starts losing, they’re still going to hate them. Here’s a good one. Right at the airport, I guess Nikola Tesla airport, you’re coming to the land of the biggest tennis player in history. Alright, it’s a little bit over the top. And this guy’s also enthusiastic with Usain Bolt. He is the biggest sport in the 21st century. I’m not sure if that’s true. I understand that he’s escaped the Olympic Games and get rest for us open. I don’t know if I was him, I would This is his last chance he’s going to be too old. In four years, this is the last chance to win the Olympic Games. It’s very unlikely that in three or four years, he will win the next one. So it’s now or never, I would rather win the Olympic Games and lose the US Open. That’s just me. But we’ll see. He is an alien. He ain’t normal. Okay, that might be true. All right. As you can see, the Serbs are very, very excited

Why does the public not like Novak Djokovic

about Novac. Winning now I’m going to tell you the secret. I have a friend who’s eating the Novac joco diet. And basically, this is like an intermittent fasting kind of vegan diet. But what I notice on this diet is when the public hates them, he absorbs the energy and he is stronger. So the more they hate him, the more strong and focused he is with his diet. It’s called the anti negative diet. That’s his secret to success. He’s got the Nova jurkovich anti negative diet and his career exploded since he got onto this diet. So I think that’s the secret to Nova brokerage success. So if you guys have people who hate you just eat another joke of his diet, you can absorb all that negative energy and then just slam I’m not a public if you really hate Nova brokerage and you want Nova brokerage to lose what you got to do is cheer for him. Wish him success. Love them, love them and out there. And he’s going to lose guaranteed because then it’s going to repel the diet. It’s going to repel his energy and he is just going to lose, lose, lose, lose. So your eyes open. If you’re listening if you really want nobody to lose. Don’t hate them. Love them. Just love them. That’s all you got to do. Alright, Goofy’s Leave your comments below, like share, let me know what you want us to cover next time and have a great day.

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