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Danny 0:00
Nicola yok Ah, the NBA ended VP from Serbia has announced that he is not going to play for the Serbian national team in qualifiers for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and he is upset all of the Serbian basketball fans, they are going Berzerk. But don’t worry, I have a big secret in a big revelation at the end, that’s going to blow your mind. So standby until the end of the video, so I can reveal this, and it’s going to put Serbian basketball fans at ease. Now the excuse that he is given is this simply the condition of my body requires absence from the court for recovery. That sounds reasonable, but do the Serbian basketball fans except yoki. Choose explanation? Let’s look at some of the comments. Here’s one of the comments. So I’m going to put this in Google Translate from Serbian. Alright, and here’s the translation. We see this is a great shame. Even though it’s absolutely normal among NBA players, how many times have you seen all the best American NBA players play for the national team? Not often. Okay, here’s one of the comments. So we’re gonna put this in Google Translate and translate that from Serbian to English. And let’s see what the Serbian basketball fans think about Nicola yoke. Ah, not playing for the national team. You can be MVP 10 more times, but you will never be a great player for that you need to play for the country and the fans who have been following you for years, it’s now clear that Georgia Vich is not to blame for his game in the world because the man simply did not want to play. I’m not quite sure what he meant by the georgiyevich. But you can tell that this guy who posted the comment is extremely angry at Nicola yoke. Ah, let’s look at some more. All right. Here’s another comment. Let’s take a look at this one. He could have won the Olympics this year. And he would and he will be sorry, once he ends his career, and he will probably never win the NBA ring. You know, in the last Olympics, if I remember correctly, Yogesh did play in Serbia won the silver medal and got destroyed by the United States in the final. Obviously, the Serbs from the other republics could play in the Serbian team or the non Serbs like in the former Yugoslavia then I think this year, that team could probably beat the United States team but Serbia has a couple of NBA players and could possibly possibly in extremely lucky finals win however, right now the way things are looking, they might not even qualify because they do have to beat a bunch of teams and one of them is Italy in the qualifications and then make it to the Olympic Games. And this is all without yoke ah so I think I’m feeling the frustration of the Serbian fans. It why yoke is not playing Alright, here’s another one regarding Luca Don church. Let’s see what they say about Luca Don church in relation to Nicola yoke Ah, I knew it there will be many more cancellations you will see Luca dodgy just not quite tired. Question mark, question mark, question mark. In the last Euro Cup, where basically the World Cup of basketball but for Europe. The finals was between Luca Don church in Slovenia, and Bogdanovich in the Serbian team in Slovenia one so apparently look at Don church, as the European Championships Slovenia is probably automatically qualified for the Olympic Games he’s playing. Now if Luca daanish plays and Nicola Yogesh doesn’t play. I think a lot of Serbs are going to be even more angry at Nicola yoke. Ah, All right, here’s another guy, to put it mildly. I am disappointed. I mean, this really spells it out. Now here’s Nicola yoke, ah, in sambar, which is in North Serbia, having a nice relaxing time. With his horses. He’s throwing around while the national basketball team is in Greece preparing for Dom do or die qualification for the Olympic Games and he’s not helping. So a lot of people are ticked off, they’re pissed. They’re upset. However, I want to put you at ease. Don’t worry, you are going to be blown when you hear the truth in what’s actually going to happen with Nicola yoke Ah, in the Serbian national basketball team. This is breaking news. This is deep, deep insider information that you have never heard of. So if you’re worried and you’re upset at Nicola Yogesh don’t,

Danny 4:55
I have a good authority news of what’s going to happen. Michael Moore On the Denver Nuggets coach and Nicola yoki. Our buddy buddy Malone has been in Serbia before and he likes the Serbian President woodridge has said if Milan can help the Serbian team win a gold medal in the Olympics because the Serbian team has been so close, then he will get a passport, a Serbian citizenship and he can retire and ride horses like yo cages so they’re going to be flying in and then Malone and kokoschka of the Serbian national coach are going to work together with Nicola yo cage. And they are going to shock the basketball world. And the gold medal for Serbia is almost guaranteed in the Olympics. You heard it from me, Danny at the Goofy’s This is the insider hot scoop. So everybody in Serbia relax. Stay off of Nicola Yogesh, let him enjoy his horses leave the man alone. Let them recover a little bit. He’s going to jump in. And Mike Malone is already fueling his plane, it’s going to be flying to Belgrade. So just relax everybody. Alright, leave your comments like, share, subscribe, and we’ll see you in the next episode. And I can’t wait to watch Nicola Yogesh in Tokyo and the Olympics. It’s going to be grand