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Mare of Easttown (2021) HBO Show Review

Here is the transcript of the show

Tiger 0:00
Welcome, everyone to the podcast. I am tiger and today we are going to talk about mayor of East town starring Kate Winslet who used to be in Titanic, I gave it a five star review Foxy. How, how many stars? Do you give the show?

Foxy 0:17
I give more. So five, yes. Tiga? Definitely five.

Tiger 0:20
Okay, excellent. So everybody, we’re just going to go through why we gave it a five star, this is a spoiler alert. So if you have not seen it, and you want to see it first, then go ahead and do that then come back, because we’re going to discuss parts of the show that will be spoiled it so it’s gonna spoil it for you to show was very good. So I’ll start I liked it very much. That story was well written. So it’s an HBO, it was done very, very well. And I liked that. It made sense. I couldn’t find any plot holes. It moved slow, in a way. But the action was good fast. And there were many really surprising things that I couldn’t predict. So it was refreshing the way it was written. So those are some of the broad strokes. I’ll get into a little more details. How about you Foxy? What are some of the broad things that you liked?

Foxy 1:11
You know, I only can echo what you just now said. I thought the storyline was fantastic. There was no in the future in the past going back going to novice annoying stuff as the writer, it appears as a writer actually thought to people who was going to have a brain and imagination. So thank you. Yes, for that reason.

Tiger 1:34
I love the movie, or TV show. But it was almost like a movie. It was a limited series that also ended I do like that, by the way, no milking season two, thank God. So I like that fully ended. I also like how actually, at the end, it was like the beginning. You know, she walks in there and there’s mandate, like mundane calls to the police station. I did like that. So it’s kind of poetic. It’s kind of ended in the way it started. Alright, let’s get into some of the big twists and the big things themes of, of the show. So I’ll start with what I like is it wasn’t like one serial killer, like in every other show. So I’ve seen like hundreds of these over the years. It was like two but you couldn’t predict that you were leaning towards it was one and then they threw in the the writer I forgot his name. But that guy who was the writer, I thought he was the bad guy. So that was a really great distraction. What do you think about that approach?

Foxy 2:33
Yeah, Richard, I definitely son, there’s something wrong with this guy. I thought he was shady. And I didn’t trust him at all.

Tiger 2:42
Yeah. And then when we’re talking about debt, the priest, they went against the stereotype. They made it look like the priests was bad. Especially we threw the bike because I first thought he wasn’t bad. And then you thought he was bad. But it turns out he was it? Yeah, yeah. I mean,

Foxy 2:58
he wrote a very, very well of being accused. And this is a poor guy. No, he didn’t do it.

Tiger 3:07
But when he threw the bike, they literally just spoon fed. So that was a really good distraction, because I bought it, you know, a bike I said, Oh my god, another bad priest. And yeah, so yeah, so that was that was good. And then in reality, so there’s one horrible tragedy The way I see it, which is the guy who abducted the women and kept them up in the attic in like a cage for like a year. So he was the bad guy. And then the other crime so it’s split into two crimes. The other crime is basically all impulse that started with the dad cheating, I guess, tackle one of them. Which one you want to talk about first?

Foxy 3:51
Oh, the guy in the basement. I mean, who had says to young women hidden in the basement

Tiger 3:58
while attic, but because it wasn’t the attic? Yeah, they had to go the mayor had to go upstairs. Remember when she was there? She came down and managed to grab the gun from the colleague who was shot. Anyway. So start with that. Go ahead with him.

Foxy 4:12
You just summarize that but yes, there was a young woman they were hidden in the attic and then like crazy, they were rattling on this heating pipe. And this is when the two cops knew something wasn’t quite right. And they had to investigate it. But the bad guy, he had already the gun and oh my god, he shuts us. Male kapu Mayor just learned to like so that really was

Tiger 4:38
heartbreaking. It was it was done very well. I if I was a police officer there when that started rattling, I would have had my arm on the gun maybe still would shoot me. But I wouldn’t be ready and it was a tragedy that Mayor that Mayor didn’t get back up. What she didn’t get back up again. Again when she went to the creek over there, so we’ll talk about that about that in a minute. But she didn’t get back up. And I think when they start rattling, they should have walked out of there, it doesn’t matter, the girls will still be up there called backup, or the guy because she didn’t have a gun. She had that incident where their chief relieved her. And she had no gun. So what did you think? How would you handle that situation differently if you were in their mayor’s position? When they went in? they suspected that the girls were up there. Obviously, in the beginning, they didn’t suspect it.

Foxy 5:36
Right. They didn’t suspect it. But then they pointing at pointed at a pack of cigarettes. And you remember the Yeah,

Was Kate Winslet Good?

Unknown Speaker 5:44
yeah, that’s right. When she came in the door, her or her colleague pointed cigarettes. So they say Really? By 90%? I

Foxy 5:51
think they had a hatch. This would he would be the guy’s a bad guy. So if to answer your question, I probably would have done what may? I did? I would have reacted right then and there. So this guy really doesn’t have a chance to hurt those women.

Tiger 6:10
Oh, you think he would go execute them? Before the backup gets there? So yeah, you have a point there? Okay. I wasn’t thinking about it that way. Anyway, that was very well done, I think. Yeah. And in a way, you know, at the end, she was shot to, she’s laying there. And that’s how the episode ended. So it was done very, very, very well. And we still after that, two episodes left,

Unknown Speaker 6:34
but you know, excuse me, Tiger. I what I also liked is we they showed us the way how the

Foxy 6:40
how her colleagues had shot, but they didn’t go into the blood and gory.

Tiger 6:45
So yeah, I like that. I’m sick and tired of that. Why don’t they have here? Give us all that blood? Yeah, a lot of organs. Sometimes. I mean, we don’t need that. We got the idea. Okay. So yeah, for us. Yeah. Thank you. That was excellent.

Foxy 6:58
Please, continue.

Tiger 6:59
Okay. So I was gonna say after that. Somehow Mayor bit by bit pieced together that, that there was some other things going on. And one thing led to the other. And it was really I didn’t, I suspect that something was going on. But she then pieced together. I guess, the brother and I forgot his name. There’s two brothers write one is Billy. And I think another one is Frank. Yeah. And Billy, Billy is the guy who they thought killed the girl in the stream, and I forgot her name, which is the whole story started that way. But that was really the best twist done Billy. And Frank. Frank is the father of the boy who had the problem. And they they basically, were covering up for the boy, the boy killed the girl. And it was a whole mess. The father of the board of the little baby who got now orphan pretty much wasn’t the father duckbill he was the father. Billy wasn’t the Father. It was the guy who couldn’t keep his zipper closed. And he really is it lots of fault because his son it the final twist killed the girl, I guess. Try to tell me how you thought all that was done. I thought that was the best plot twist I’ve seen on TV in a long time.

Foxy 8:28
Oh, yeah, absolutely. I said, he knows the Father, the teacher. So I said, Oh, no, he wouldn’t do that. And then, you know, when the wife said, how’s the wife overheard the boy and the dad saying, okay, that’s our secret. That’s our secret. Don’t tell don’t tell.

Tiger 8:48
Yeah. And I thought that secret was just cheating. It wasn’t. It was really the secret that they put away the girl because the father went and made it look like somebody from the party killed her.

Foxy 8:58
Yeah. And then when the boy It was really quite amazing how the boy was hiding it. He used his dad’s cell phone to text here to let her know Oh, yeah, let’s meet such and such a place. So and the girl obviously she went here. So this is how she left a priest’s car with a bicycle in his trunk. Just in case you’re wondering how that got there. So she went to this bridge to meet her lover, which is the dad right? But instead, the son was there. How old is he tiger? What do you think? 11? Oh, gee,

Tiger 9:33
no, no, he underline something. Let’s say let’s say 10. Let’s just say 10. Okay,

Foxy 9:39
so the 10 year old boy was waiting in the bridge with with this gun from a gentleman who was in the army and he used to mow his lawn I mean, what a twist. So and he shut to God.

Tiger 9:53
Yeah, and that’s how Mary actually discovered was the boy. So first, it was all nicely wrapped up because The father and the young court were willing totally to sacrifice themselves so the boy doesn’t go to jail. So they went in lied in the first hint you was when he couldn’t totally say where he shot the girl because he just the father repeated the story to Mayor of what the son said. He said, Well, I shot her in the face. Otherwise, he would have said exactly where he shot her if you shot her when she didn’t, yeah, so repeated everything of what the son said to because he was willing to sacrifice himself for the son. So that’s in a way, what a normal father would probably do. So all that seemed very, very accurate and believable. But then Mayor got a call from the retired Army guy, or whoever had the gun, that the kid was mowing the lawn. And she put two and two together, because he said, there’s two bullets missing. And when she heard that, she kind of pieced it together. And then she went to the bat baseball game, saw the kid kid immediately knew the mayor knew ran to the mom. And then at that point, Mayor is the only person on earth who knew the kid killed the girl. And then that’s where I think, half the people are a big chunk that people will just let it be, you know, the father is going to jail. This is what the mom said, Why did you have to come? She broke the friendship up. Would you put the kid in jail? Or would you do what Mayor did put the kid in jail? Or do what the mom wanted is let the kid go?

Foxy 11:36
Well, I’m a very emotional person. So I would say 60%, I would put that little rascal into jail just because that’s the law. And 40% of me would say, Oh, come on, let him go, you know, and save your friendship with a mom. That’s my, that’s my answer.

Tiger 11:58
It’s tough. I was thinking about that. And I think I would put them to jail because I think it’s good for the kid. Because if he goes unchecked, when he becomes 18 2030, he could really do lots of harm to the society. This way, he’s gonna get to think about it in jail, and I’ll have some treatment and this and that, obviously, it’s not going to be easy, but I think it’s better he goes, especially in a small town, he goes to jail, he gets through that he comes out at 18 or earlier, then he’s not gonna he’s gonna have a better check on his anger because obviously he has some anger issues. And he’s already gonna be damaged no matter what, either one is not ideal. If Mayor didn’t cover it up and let it go. Like the mom said, the kid would have a possible chance have been very, very bad as an adult. So I would do what may or dead so I kind of agree. And then I thought it was good when Mayor I mean, the Laurie forgave Mayor at the end. How did you think about that?

Foxy 13:01
Yeah, I liked it. And I really liked the surprise to was accused by by pretty much just congratulate his congregation, his congregation, thank you. So he forgave them. But then I saw his message. Also, you know, go and forgive others, forgive yourself and forgive others. And that is what made Mayer to go and see her friend.

Tiger 13:26
Laurie said Laurie, Laurie, eight months later,

Foxy 13:29
eight months later, so they finally made up took SAP long to heal partially enough to to forgive each other.

Tiger 13:37
Yeah, yeah. So I thought it was really well done. So you guys, what do you think? Did you like the movie? What were the best parts of the movie? And how come we don’t have more series? Oh, I keep saying movie limited series. Almost like a long eight hour movie. What did you guys think about it? And do you want to see more like that? I certainly do. And what are your final words Foxy? To be

Foxy 14:03
kind Be kind to just be kind to everybody and to yourself.

Tiger 14:10
All right, and like subscribe and share the video if you can and also let us know what else you want us to review. All right, I got a bounce. See a Foxy?

Foxy 14:22
Okay, bounce Bounce Bounce Tiger sia.

Tiger 14:25
Bye bye. Bye bye.