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Foxy 0:00
Hi, Tiger. I’m so happy you could make some time for me and meeting here and going here to the Miami Beach is just absolutely wonderful.

Tiger 0:10
Well, thank you I could never afford these wonderful tickets to the Mayflower logon fight so thank you. Thank you so much. And I I’m gonna hang out in the beach, but I’m really excited about the fight.

Foxy 0:23
Yes, so am I I mean, do you think this is the reason why here so many people? Oh, yeah,

Tiger 0:29
yeah, they’re all going out. They’re all heading to the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami Gardens tonight. Gonna be empty. Yeah, I mean, this is going to be pack I mean, these fighters are making like $120 million yet on what like five minutes 10 minutes how long you things fights gonna go?

Foxy 0:49
Well, it’s I guess it’s all depends on Floyd Mayweather, whether he really just gonna knock the crap out of this YouTube app. What’s his name? Paul? Logan. Logan, Paul. Mm.

Tiger 1:01
You think the YouTuber has no chance he’s younger? Well, first of all, I

Foxy 1:05
would like to talk about my dress code.

Tiger 1:09
Okay, all right. Let’s not skip that.

Foxy 1:11
I thank you. Thank you, Tiger. I know your time is very valuable. But right now I feel slightly overdressed. I mean, just look around you. There’s a lot of flesh. You know, so don’t you get an appetite for the fleshy part here

Tiger 1:24
while the Tigers got to roam?

Foxy 1:26
Yeah, I can’t I can’t imagine I can. But you are slightly you must be sweating like a donkey and a monkey.

Tiger 1:33
Well, we are going to hang out for a few minutes here then we’re going to head towards I would rather go do some gambling play some poker forget the beach only came because you pay for the tickets. So thank you for that. By the way.

Foxy 1:45
I don’t want to talk about money any more. Any Okay, no

Tiger 1:48
money. No money. All right. Well, let’s talk about the fight. So yeah, so

Foxy 1:51
$1,000 for a ticket. That’s chump change. Yes. Talk about the fight tiger. Talk about it. Yep.

Tiger 1:58
Let’s talk about the fight. So I’m thinking this guy is 44. Let’s start with why did he even accept the darn fight? He never lost? Yeah, like one of the best boxers ever. They’re like, millions and millions of dollars. Yeah, what a YouTuber, like youtuber gets them to fight him. How does he put the YouTuber even get this guy to fight him? What happened here?

Foxy 2:20
He probably well, first of all, I would like to say just because Mei Mei Mayweather is giving his age people make it sound like as if it is a disease. I mean, just because this man is 44 He probably gonna put a lot of young people to shame this YouTube app, which obviously you kind of favor I have that feeling here and I don’t know how I feel about it Foxy. I mean, please don’t forget you’re calling

Tiger 2:45
Fox here. The

Foxy 2:46
Fox sorry. Yes, I am. I am. I don’t know why. Maybe because age wise, age wise. Logan, Paul and I we would fit better together. You know, versus Mr. Mayflower who’s married has five kids, you know?

Tiger 3:02
Well, so you think he’s fighting to feed the kids? I heard he’s giving away cars by giving like $100 million worth of cars, so he has to keep fighting till he’s 60 years old if he keeps throwing his money away.

Foxy 3:15
Oh, he is so rich tiger. You wouldn’t believe it. And he is really kind of nice. But let’s go back to the fight. Why is it this? What does he gets? One 1,000,005 millions How

Tiger 3:29
long? Okay, listen, I think that the youtubers getting 20 million and may. Mayweather is getting 100 men.

Foxy 3:37
Oh my god, this is just unbelievable. Is that money? Is that kind of sumptious? flow me just flow me tiger. This is just unbelievable. So whether he wins or whether he loses, he makes $100 million.

Tiger 3:51
Yeah, and I bet she’s gonna spend that in two years at his reign.

Foxy 3:55
Well, I don’t think I mean, he is a very, very Savage, savvy businessman. You know if I don’t know if you had the time to really read up on him. I mean, this guy has made 50 fights. How many millions Do you think 50 winning fights

Tiger 4:13
are there but when is enough enough? If I was him, I’d retire and take it easy. Sit next to the pool, watch basketball, whatever. Why does he have to fight this youtuber and, like if you here’s the thing, the YouTuber wins. Okay, he’s gonna be a celebrity for the rest of his life for being this guy. If the YouTuber loses it’s no big deal. Yeah, yeah, he’s got nothing to lose. So why did Nate weather take this? Right?

Foxy 4:43
Well, I think the reason he’s taking this fight is because first of all, he was disrespected and the man has accomplished so much and has done so much good. Did you know this he has his own Mayweather Foundation, you know where they teach health and wellness and They give out scholarships and so forth so therefore the money got it. You know he needed to be respected and I think Forgive me Tiger This is Logan man just has a big mouth he thinks he is funny. Even so if i may point out there is like a songs as Logan did and is called hero. Oh my god it’s a wonderful song tiger. It’s so nice. I don’t know if you had a chance to see it but it’s very nice. Okay, so I take it it’s nice

Tiger 5:29
per se I challenge Mayweather in what he comes out of the I disrespect them say oh Mayweather you suck and now he’s gonna fight. Come fight me. I mean, can you just ignore this YouTuber? Why didn’t he just ignore him for $100 million?

Foxy 5:43
I don’t think he gonna ignore a tiger.

Tiger 5:46
So you think so you think this is all fake? You know, Jake Paul grabbing his hat. All that is just the show to get suckers to buy the $50 pay per view?

Foxy 5:56
Well, Tyga I don’t think it’s sucking, sucking, sucking, sucking whatever that word is. It’s not a nice word. I don’t like it. But it’s just entertainment. And if you can afford it, then you participate.

Tiger 6:10
Well apparently a lot of people can afford it because I heard this is making hundreds of millions of dollars for the company that’s organizing it. Did you hear that? This is actually not a real boxing match. In other words, whoever wins is not going to be the champion and move forward to the boxing Association it’s just for people to get some money grab

Foxy 6:31
Well yes, it’s the money grab and actually miss the Mayweather he’s actually retired boxer. He just couldn’t handle it. This Logan’s brother what’s what’s his name? Paul. No, Jake. He couldn’t he couldn’t handle it, Tiger. This they were so disrespectful to him in public in front of the cameras he had to take it on, regardless of his mature age.

Tiger 7:02
Well, what do you think So who do you think is gonna win?

Foxy 7:05
Oh, I think Mr. Mayweather gonna win. Yup, yup. Yup. Yup. He has a big Foundation which does a lot of good. So he needs the money to put it into that foundation and to help the young people Yep, he gonna win. Mm hmm. Well,

Tiger 7:20
I hate to break it to you but the foundation is not boxing it’s the old man who’s boxing and the young What if he just keep punching his energy all he’s got to do is withstand say 70 wrongs and then he can knock out the old Tiger

Foxy 7:36
Tiger I I really need you to be a little bit more respectful. I mean, come on tiger. Sunday you if you’re lucky, you’re going to be almost 44 years old you know and then you don’t want this people are going to call you or look at the old man who’s roaming around all those naked people here and you know you want to roam No, no No, no, no, no. Well, Mr. May whether he does wrong he just go you know, and this is how we make some money.

Tiger 8:05
Well, I don’t know I think I think he’s a little greedy and I think you stop okay foundation or no foundation is gonna retire. You know, he’s got five kids, you should take care of them. Listen, he took

Foxy 8:19
care of him. This is his hobby to punch people out this is makes him feel good to punch him out

Tiger 8:26
Tigers YouTubers. Why does it go punch mike tyson or somebody can punch back

Foxy 8:31
well, the YouTuber challenged him. I mean, really, Mr. Mayweather would have been just happy sitting on the beach somewhere and drinking whatever he likes to drink. You know, it was this this disrespectful little punk.

Tiger 8:45
Well, I think I have my my, I don’t have his money like you but I got my little $100 in Vegas on the YouTuber wild tiger.

Foxy 8:54
I bet you another $100 is you going to lose and also Logan Paul is going to lose. Doesn’t matter how much Oh, you know what, Logan? Paul, you know what I just read this morning and I give him credit for that tiger. I do. Yes. Yes, yes. When there was this major hurricane. What’s the name? Let me think here. I said it was in Houston. It’s a hurricane Harvey was devastated the city. He rescued on his own by himself over 50 people, so he’s not all bad. I’m not saying he’s bad tiger. Don’t get me wrong. You know, they all have their good and bad sides. But I would like to bet you Tiger $100. If my Mr. Mayweather wins, okay. All right. You’re on. You’re on and you called Logan Paul upon? Yeah, you

Tiger 9:45
say 50 people so at least he’s half upon. He’s not a full punk. Right.

Foxy 9:49
Right. Right. He is a he’s a half a punk. He’s a rapper. Have you seen? What about it?

Tiger 9:57
I didn’t know he’s a rapper. I mean, yeah. I bet you your wrap if you beat the old man

Foxy 10:05
I got to push you there in the water right in any minute now any minute and you and your fancy leather coat gonna go

Tiger 10:14
okay talking about leather coat let’s let’s head over to the Hard Rock I want to play some poker before the game yeah, we I

Foxy 10:21
was told there already lines and lines around and while I did not know this there are so many wealthy people. I mean, Jesus, you and I we kind of sit up in the nose bleeding area. But those people who sit in the front row

Tiger 10:37
my with 15 with your $50,000 ticket you only get nosebleed how much is courtside? Yeah,

Foxy 10:44
I really don’t know. But it was beyond my means tiger.

Tiger 10:47
Oh, I know. I didn’t know you had limits. Oh my god. Your wealth is not that big.

Foxy 10:52
That’s right. And I never dragged about it. You did to one who is bragging about my wealth. And it sounds like you a little challenged

Tiger 11:00
title a little bit. I would like to buy better tickets, but I guess I’ll be happy with the nose.

Foxy 11:07
Oh, man. I hope so. Okay, you’re ready for a fight? We are. Let’s

Tiger 11:11
head over.

Foxy 11:11
Okay, let’s head over there by target. See you in a minute. All right, bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. I need a coffee. Yep, I need an espresso before I go over there.