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Tiger 0:00
Hey Foxy nice running into you. What are you doing?

Foxy 0:03
He tiger. Good.

Good to see you. Good. Good to see you. Oh really?

Tiger 0:08
I can’t around you hiking around what’s going on?

Foxy 0:12
Well, I’m really trying to get out of the hood. How you doing tiger?

Tiger 0:16
Well I’m a little miffed is why I took a stroll, I’m really stressed out, I just got to notice that there’s a new law, we wanted to make some little babies, me and Mama tiger. And now they want us to file for a license in is only like one child limit if we get approved. And there’s like our application fee. I mean, I’m just so upset.

Foxy 0:38
Well, Tiger, I mean, I understand about the application fees as there should be no application fee. But you know, a license. I think that’s that’s pretty good. That’s really really good. You know?

Tiger 0:51
That the stupid law

Foxy 0:53
Yes, you know, you should start off with a goldfish. And then you should get a puppy. And then when the goldfish lives for more than a half a year and the puppy turns into a real dog and you really know how to take care of him and really, really good take care of him not just having him as a toy. I mean, yeah, I think it’s nothing wrong. Nothing wrong to have police for children for tigers. Whoa,

Tiger 1:21
I can’t believe that that you know you I can’t believe it that you’re going to tell me if I can or can’t grow my clan I should have the right to have as many little Tigers running around as they want to propagate the species for real Tiger

Foxy 1:37
for real if you have a real Queen and your hearts and she doesn’t want to have all those little ankle binders in here had a you know

Tiger 1:49
ankle binder

Foxy 1:50
it’s those little short people come on Tiger get with it.

Tiger 1:55
But I want little short people you know we’re lonely me and Mama Tiger

Foxy 2:00
you have already one little curtain climber there Why do you need another one? You’re not even able to as far as I know. Not even able to buy them real nice more than middle class home although shoes I was told to us so deadly expensive in good schools. How can you afford all that Tiger if you don’t mind my asking. Alright,

Tiger 2:25
well the plan is Joe Biden is giving $600 a month per tiger. So this is what we want to get four or five Tigers but this you know getting a license versus kind of putting damp on my finances because we got the you know, the guy got the welfare and we got but we get all i plus, here’s a per child stimulus check. $3,600 so we need to get these little puppies out on time to collect all this money.

Foxy 2:54
Tiger. I’m embarrassed to know you. You should have no more little short people in your HUD. I mean, if you have a real Queen at home, you know she probably wants some see wants to she’ll and you know, just dunk eventually. But with more than one ankle biters. There is no way and I mean your little guys. Those are ankle biters.

Tiger 3:21
Okay, we have as many ankle biters that we want. Okay, you’re getting me upset. I’m really really I came out here to distress on this hike. And you’re stressing me out you’re stressing me out. I

Foxy 3:33
came here to to de stress two to two times so zonked. I can I can stand it anymore, tiger and now you adding this crap of getting more money. I mean, I’m working my cute little fuzzy tush off and you get money for free and then you want more ankle biters and genders. I don’t understand. You cannot even afford it. It’s you upsetting me.

Tiger 3:58
Listen, when I get this license, and there’s a bunch of as you call them, ankle biters, but they’re cute little puppies. Yeah, Tiger pups. I am going to be rolling in cash. Thanks to Mr. Biden. So do we have my puppy dude

Foxy 4:17
for real? I can’t believe you saying this

Tiger 4:20
nonsense. Listen, my tiger cubs are going to be the cutest and guess what? We’re going to start a GoFundMe campaign and we’re going to have YouTube videos and then people are going to just send us the money we’re going to have a Patreon link and up we’re going to have a PayPal donation and you’re going to see money rolling in not just from the government. Well, I

Foxy 4:41
don’t think I see any money rolling in because you’re the one who producing this little cut and climbers looks like by the dozen you eventually going to have your own football player team.

Tiger 4:52
Well, as long as the money rolls in. I just got to figure out how to get around this damn licensing is really driving me nuts

Foxy 4:59
here but Where are you gonna live? Right now your heart doesn’t it doesn’t have more than what two rooms one.

Tiger 5:09
Haha, this is where you’re wrong. A little faulty. Yeah. Because in the new program that Biden has I read the fine print once I get over three little tiger cubs, I get an expansion on my heart. I’m gonna go into a real house by the government.

Foxy 5:29

disgusting. This is so gross. What are you teaching those little curtain climbers, all those little tiger puppies or whatever you’re going to call those fuzzy little things running around your ankles. People love.

Tiger 5:42
I’m going to get millions of millions of views on YouTube watching what you call curtain climbers, but they’re cute little moneymakers. Okay, cute little moneymakers. Keep that in mind. The only thing that I can’t figure out is how to get around the law. But trust me

Foxy 6:01
Tiger I mean you are so damn serious. You cannot even laugh about it. I mean, I was hoping all this what you are saying here right now you making a joke but you’re not even funny. You’re not silly you’re not What is this? What is this tiger? Are you for real?

Tiger 6:19
I’m For Real like cancer. Okay, we are going to have me in mama tiger. Want baby Tigers Okay, what’s wrong with that? We’re trying to give to the economy. We are freedom loving tigers, American born and bred. The only thing that we’re stuck with is how to get the approval. But that’s okay, we’re gonna go there is a free legal aid. Once I’m done hiking here, I’m going straight there and they’re going to help me for free to fill out these forms. Get the approvals and the money is rolling in

Foxy 6:54
then you sound so swag little dude. But you’re really not what’s gonna happen if you Queen wants to wants to relax, you know, chillin going to the beach or that you can kiss it goodbye.

Tiger 7:09
I disagree. What little you have ever seen baby tigers on the beach. They love it. They’re gonna run around the sand and me and Mama tiger.

Foxy 7:19
Who is going to shame Joe’s poopy little pens. And then you are let me let me see something here. I just read something about babies. You know, they look at you and then other people run away. And then you know you’re gonna have all those a monkey hands. In those stinky monkey hands. I mean, you know, and then you’re gonna give me a Savannah handshake. No, no, no. Well,

Tiger 7:45
I hate to break it to you. But I’d be obviously give lots of ignorance of all the help that’s available for them in one of those is we have baby support. Yeah, we when we apply for welfare, we are entitled to baby support. They’re actually going to send qualified people to change those diapers. Oh my god. Yeah,

Foxy 8:10
dude, are you are you?

Tiger 8:12
Yeah, we’re for real. We take advantage of everything that’s available to us.

Foxy 8:18
Tiger, Tiger. I’m close to speechless. I mean, your paws, they should go into your past they should go into working not to tapping on the computer to find out your free resources, which we working people paying for you.

Tiger 8:36
I know. But you know, it’s not my problem that you don’t want to have little boxes. That’s your decision.

Foxy 8:42
Well, it was this is not really my decisions. This is just logic existence responsible. This is. You know, this is just kind of that. I mean, come on. You also juiced about it, dude, I cannot even talk to you. That’s no good. That’s no good. And I think you’re eventually gonna get sick of it. And then you’re gonna leave. No, no, no way.

Tiger 9:05
I see. That’s the other reason I want to have little tiger babes. She’s gonna be stuck. Then I can go roam around because she’s got to take care of

Foxy 9:17
Tiger. You know, I’m a female. You know? I am a queen myself. You know that right tiger?

Tiger 9:25
I know that.

Foxy 9:27
So why are you telling me this kind of crap? You want to keep her pregnant by fit and pregnant? You probably cannot even afford shoes but Barfi tells us she cannot run away. Tiger you are despicable.

Tiger 9:39
Well, I know how to keep my lady Tiger in place. You know knock her up. Have the babies get her trained to take care of the babies and then I get to roam free. It’s the best and the money comes in from the government that YouTube. All the people love little. For life. I’m telling you I got a plan.

Foxy 9:59
Yeah, well, she Here’s a plan to show you know how to take birth control and she knows the consequences of having those little red rag running around there and and you just roaming around as you call it. No, no, no Tiger at all. That is wrong. You don’t deserve any more little fuzzy Tiger things there. Are they in the woods right now? Where are they? Where’s your one little tiger?

Tiger 10:24
He’s back at home with mommy.

Foxy 10:25
And what are you doing in the woods? I mean, I know you said you need to decompress. But I don’t understand why why you decompressing yourself? What do How about your queen at home? Is she decompressing?

Tiger 10:35
No, she’s got her job to do. She’s got to feed the little baby tiger. She’s got to train him. She’s got lots of to do. He’s also gonna cook me a meal when I get home. I want a hot meal when I get home.

Foxy 10:48
Ah, Tiger, Tiger. You know, she’s gonna take a good look at you and she gonna run? She doesn’t want those monkey hands after she changed all those diapers. I mean, come on. Who wants to live with the queen who has poop fingers?

Tiger 11:03
Well, she does who can who can resist this king of the jungle. Okay, and trust me as soon as I get through legal aid and to get approval for a couple more baby tiger. I mean, we’re good. I have, like you said a football team

Foxy 11:19
tiger. I got to do whatever I can to support that license. Get a goldfish first. Okay, no, goldfish.

Tiger 11:28
We don’t need to go fish. We’re gonna go straight to the final product. Straight to

Foxy 11:33
the final product. You know, target. That is exactly what it is. It’s a product for you. Which you’re going to what is the right word you going? We’ll listen our

Tiger 11:43
model. Children I didn’t even see what’s the problem with that. Because everybody loves cute little fuzzy baby tigers in YouTube videos. It’s gonna be rolling in the dough.

Foxy 11:55
Tiger Tiger. You don’t even you know what somebody should do snip snip so the sound so this there are no more Tiger babies. No more you you do not deserve another Tiger baby. And if it’s gonna make you laugh, or any of this gonna make you laugh. I may little tiny one. I gonna give you a kick in your big. You know what? Oh, no, no,

Tiger 12:20
there’s no stepping here. Okay, if your slippers are way.

Foxy 12:27
Oh, no, no, no, I got to get my clan over there. You know, I got to go. And then my dude’s gonna come out because I have people. Tiger. I have people.

Tiger 12:40
They’re gonna take care of you. Well, I got people to and my people are stronger than your people. So you try to send them. We’re gonna have an army of little tigers. And you will see it’s much better because I they’re all working for me. Money’s rolling in and I’m free to roam around. I mean, it can’t get any better. Dude.

Foxy 13:04
You know, I think you just should leave in a New York a minute. You know that right now?

Tiger 13:11
You know? Yeah. Okay. Conversations come to an impasse, little Foxy. Why don’t you just bounce?

Foxy 13:18
you telling me to bounce?

Tiger 13:20
Yeah, bounce. Okay, your food.

Foxy 13:24
Listen, dude, you bounce. I’m not gonna bounce out of this forest. No, no, no, no,

Tiger 13:30
no. All right, I think. I think when I get my license, I’m going to send you a little postcard and I’m gonna show you my paypal account and then you’re gonna regret your decision to not have kids you could have cashed in. But you didn’t. That’s your fault. All right, bye. Bye. No,

Foxy 13:46
no, no, no, you should do crowdfunding crowdfunding because you’re going to be a crowd you know more than two more than three crowdfunding and you will see if you get support or not.

Tiger 13:58
Oh, there’s going to be support you better believe it. Okay, I’m out of here. Legal legal aid is going to close in a few hours. I need to I need to bounce. Alright, see a Foxy? No.

Foxy 14:07
I hope I don’t see you again. No, no, no. And I’m going to tell you queen. Okay, bye bye bye bye. Bye bye.