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Danny 0:00
Kim Kardashian and cryptocurrency scandal that she’s promoting some coins and and people are upset and huffing and puffing. And on this episode of Goofy’s, we’re gonna get to the bottom of what is going on with Kim Kardashian and crypto and with me today is the lovely Lexi from Bahamas and she’s going to help us shed some light on what is going on. Welcome, Lexi. How are you doing today?

Lexy 0:29
Oh, thank you so much for having me, Danny. I’m doing just splendid. As you can see, blue sky blue water. I’m doing great.

Danny 0:37
Excellent. Now, how do you feel about Kim Kardashian promoting cryptocurrency to her 2 million 200 million whatever it is. Instagram followers, it’s gotten people very upset. Why do you think they’re upset? And how do you feel about what’s going on?

Lexy 0:56
Well, Danny, thank you so much for asking, because I feel really upset about it, too. I think it is Seamus, what she does, considering the fact that she is already a billionaire Danny and now she is trying to take advantage of her followers have fans who adore her including her fake boobs and have faked but besides the point she is taking, she is hoping to make more money of this hard working people.

Danny 1:24
All right. Now let me address a little bit you said fake this and fake that. But those assets are critical for her success. And those assets have gotten her the billion. Now there’s a problem. I got some investigating. And there is a problem, right? Not in Hollywood because everybody needs to be tip top. And there’s only so many celebrity surgeons who can do the job, right. And they’re all competing for the surgical time. Now Kim needs to get ahead of them. So Kim found an angle and she takes her cryptocurrency she gets to cut ahead of the other celebrity and get that valuable plastic surgeon time she needs it to stay ahead of the curve.

Lexy 2:08
You know, Danny, I’m sorry, I really hate to interrupt you. But who is putting that pressure on the celebrities? And this is not a question for you. This is a question for the audience who is doing it? Do we really want to see this? People who we never are never ever gonna look like them? We never ever going to be as rich as them. I mean, this is like somebody his store who was selling low carb, low sugar kidoz and then we find out there are tons of calories in there and the tons of carbs in there is just wrong. And the same as a Bitcoin. She has absolutely no idea whether this is gonna work out for those poor little people who cares about her needs as a billionaire. I really don’t care about it. I don’t read about her share with these. I don’t read nothing good about her. Danny. Well, hold

Danny 3:01
on a second. All right. She is critical to the economy now. Whoa, whoa, stop laughing Let me explain. 100 years ago, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Westinghouse. They were the engine of the economy. But we don’t have that economy. Now. Kim Kardashian is with her reality show and her social media. She gets to promote and get those companies making money and keep American job she should get a medal from the president for keeping this economy alive. And the cryptocurrency Yeah, there’s gonna be some collateral damage, like you call it the working class, but it’s going to keep her driving the engine. She needs those plastic surgeons. And that’s her only asset right now. And I applaud her for taking action.

Lexy 3:57
Any I find it shameless of you to actually compare here to Nikola Tesla or to, to to anybody else so famous for the people who were really honest and helping with the economy and get it going and employing people. Are you talking about employing the plastic surgeon? Give me a break. You look so much smarter, and I really really like you. But this is just too much.

Danny 4:23
This is not too much. Think about if we take out Kim Kardashian, all those companies that rely on her to sell lipstick, to sell hair products and 1000s of other products that are being advertised on her show in our social media that will all be destroyed. Think of the humanity the destruction what’s gonna happen without Kim Kardashian. She is holding the whole economy at her back. Oh, Danny celebrated

Lexy 4:57
I can live without lipstick. If I have to. Just to boycott here I gonna buy it from Maybelline and not from here. And who knows what’s in here lipstick. It’s fairly all animal tested. She doesn’t make any difference. She doesn’t really care. So what do you say about that Danny? employing people give me a break. Why would you endorse somebody like her and saying that she is really helping the economy she is helping here personal economy, Danny,

Danny 5:23
she is also giving hope to the hopeless think of the millions around the world who are desperate or lonely who are down in their deepest, darkest corner and they turn on Kim Kardashian and their day lights up and they make it through another day. Excuse me so much.

Foxy 5:46
Excuse me, please. Just when you said so hopeless, they’re lonely the daddy daddy daddy da and they watching Kim Kardashian. I mean really? Well that makes them think of Oh, Sunday I got to be this pretty Sunday. I got to have that comb. I do they just think t I sit again on the couch eating chips. Nothing. No job. No money. Look at her all from my money because I’m wearing a damn lipstick.

Danny 6:13
That’s the beauty of reality TV. Anybody can make it Kim is giving them hope. It is a small glimmer of hope. But it’s hope. Nonetheless. Kim is a star. She is keeping people alive the economy. She is the engine. She is. She is what this world should celebrate and not take a scandal out of her make the masses who have never heard of cryptocurrency now know what cryptocurrency is because of Kim Kardashian. That’s a whole new virtual economy she’s created

Foxy 6:53
this she has not created at all Peter Schiff is talking about it for years if I’m not mistaken. It’s probably one smart little kid in the garage who came up with cryptocurrency and now she is just benefiting on it because she is rich. And I think he had giant boobs are clouding your

Danny 7:12
mind Danny her giant boobs are not clouding my mind. And you and your Peter Schiff who hate Bitcoin and think it’s a Ponzi scheme and it’s it’s going to have no value. You keep caulking that stuff whereas Kim Kardashian shows the real value of cryptocurrency when you can get ahead and get the surgeries that you need with cryptocurrency that’s a real world intrinsic value. Not this Peter Schiff keeps saying Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme, no value and just buy gold and silver. Are you on that bandwagon with this? Peter Schiff guy

Foxy 7:50
partially says, I will not say this, the crypto is totally out of whack. No, I’m not. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying for the working class who don’t have billions to throw around and can easily afford to lose 20,000 or 10 million for them is when they put in 500 or 600. That might be rent money, Danny, and today you might have a million dollars and tomorrow you’re gonna wake up and Holy smoke, you’re going to jump off the balcony because you are at zero. This is what I’m saying.

Danny 8:24
Well, okay, so it’s a little bit of collateral damage, but it’s keeping Kim Kardashian in the business it’s a small price to pay for the greater good. We need to keep Kim moving forward. And yes, cryptocurrency that she’s promoting is moving her head it’s that final push that she needs.

Foxy 8:48
Yeah, those uh, she can sit in bed and have a perfect picnic so that she can eat hell what sees that is her perfect idea of a date having a picnic in bed. How How ironic how soon ago is that? Not to mention this probably I’m not saying it did but probably that accidental tape. She probably released it herself made her famous so that she can eat what Cece in bed into she is not a one night stand kind of good. 40 some years old that right? would cease

Danny 9:25
to you know, you’re just jealous of her, you know, billionaire with the Big Show, you know, little itty bitty podcast.

Foxy 9:32
No, no, no, Danny, you are totally mistaken. I mean, if she would be more like a want to be in would be sort of pause and I would say My goodness. Why would they waste their money on something like this if they don’t get anywhere, but Kim Kardashian kashian definitely tells the world I need to be prettier in order to stay on top of thing. How pathetic is that? Why can she just age gracefully and she would get Way more followers because people can relate to here.

Danny 10:03
Oh my god, did you just say age gracefully? Yes is forbidden in Hollywood. That is not allowed in Hollywood there is no such thing as age gracefully Kim needs to age artificially.

Foxy 10:17
Oh, Danny is ill is just ill, you know, I mean, come on whether she has to age gracefully. What does that has to do with exploiting her Instagram followers? What does that has to do with anything? Danny,

Danny 10:33
she is just a girl trying to stay afloat, okay. And if she has to use the Instagram a little bit and get some kickback from the crypto currency that she’s promoting, then that’s what she does. That’s the benefit of being a celebrity. Not being a regular person. We are in America, we have classes we have celebrity is one class, and we have the others who have to pay for it. That’s the way it works. really well. Lexi? Oh, really?

Foxy 11:06
I mean, you must know because you belong to the celebrities. And if we talking about class, are we talking like a caste system like they have in India, Danny, where you when you are a celebrity you you you may bought a plane first. But when you Joe doe having an honest shop like a plumber, then you have to wait to the very last and you get to sit right next to the bathroom. Well, celebrities

Danny 11:30
having a better treatment is a fact of life. And just look at the OJ Simpson trial. Do you think if he was a Joe Schmo nobody, that we he would have been acquitted? No, no, no. Celebrities in America are a protected class, because they are the heart of what makes this country great and move forward. And you just don’t like that.

Foxy 11:55
Do you? Absolutely. Right. I just don’t like that. Danny, you know, there are certain things in life, which I just respect, and I appreciate and I really think people even if they are lucky, they should be humble. Look at Tom Cruise. I don’t see him getting undressed and Don it, he looks pretty darn good. I wouldn’t mind. But he doesn’t insist of getting celebrity status. He’s a pretty regular kind of guy. And he’s very private. So are many real celebrities. So want to be celebrities like Kim. While she is making a lot of noise. And it doesn’t matter what whether it’s Yeah, it’s a funky fashion. I mean, in certain sense. It’s embarrassing.

Danny 12:36
Oh my god, embarrassing. It’s cutting it. Kim Kardashian fashion is cutting edge. It’s what makes her the icon of this new generation?

Foxy 12:48
No, no, no, I think Lady Gaga is is we talking about real fashions at is going out there, not just exposing herself. Well,

Danny 12:59
alright, let’s agree to disagree. At least we shed some light from both angles. I think Kim Kardashian is doing brave things. And she’s out there. And she’s not willing to give up in do. I can’t even say it age gracefully. Why would anybody do that? And for that, it’s great. Let’s and friendly. So I’ll give you some final words to our listeners to wrap this up. So what do you have for our listeners?

Lexy 13:28
I would say Be kind, be safe, be real, be real people.

Danny 13:34
All right. Excellent. And I would say Be kind, be safe, and get that plastic surgery with cryptocurrency as Ken is showing you. But if you liked this show, scribe share on your social media. Yep. And leave a comment. Let us know what topic you want us to cover next time, or what celebrity you like that we can dig deep and find out what they’re really about because as you can see, we show both sides of the coin here on Goofy’s and if you want to be a guest, let us know. Thank you, Lexi. You’ve been wonderful. Like always. Thank you, Danny, you have a great day. Bye bye. You do too.

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