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Danny 0:00
Hello, everybody from Switzerland, the United States Russia summit between Putin and Biden just finished. And we’re lucky we had direct access both on the American press side in the Russian press side, on the deep inside. So exciting. So, in this podcast, we’re gonna report back what we heard the insights, the things that are not revealed in the public. We’re gonna give you the nitty gritty, and all the details. So you’re in the right podcast, and with me is from the Russian press side. Let’s see. So let’s see, how are you? I hear some birds chirping there. You’re near the bridge in downtown Geneva?

Lexy 0:40
Yes, I am. And I’m doing fine. Those are the birds from Geneva. And this is me in front of this beautiful bridge.

Danny 0:48
Very nice. So let’s see. Let’s start with the fact last time when Gorbachev and Reagan that they had a mutual joint press conference, this time, there was no mutual press conference put and did his own. And you were in that conference. And Biden did his own and I was in that conference. So why do you think they didn’t want to do a neutral press conference like Reagan and Gorbachev did?

Lexy 1:13
Well, I think it was a riotous as was impossible to coordinate because in this case now where they had it by themselves individually, it was so much easier to give them a pre written speech, but it conferences was a press conference, you never know what comes out of the mouths from a reporter there was no pre written something. And as you know, they had to be very, very and I cannot stress it enough very diplomatic to be neutral, Switzerland in all situations.

Danny 1:44
Well, okay, so they were neutral. So talk about that library room, why did they had a meeting surbana with all those books.

Lexy 1:53
As we know, in the library, we need to be respectful. We need to speak quietly.

Danny 1:59
So you think after you know put in what’s called a killer been attacked and ostracized around the world for his actions for being a bully, a dictator, a freedom hater, this was a way to keep them calm. I think that’s what the Swiss came up with, but a mental library.

Lexy 2:16
You also funny, Danny. No, I don’t think it was for Mr. Putin. I think it was for Biden. And I would like to make sure this the differential between Mr. Putin the way how I say it and Biden, that’s a major difference. So anyway, back to the library. They trying to put Biden at ease they trying to calm down his bullying behavior, then I mean, really tell me why they came together. Tell me why Biden insisted on the summit. You’re saying couldn’t didn’t insist on this? No, no, no, Danny. No, he couldn’t care less. He just you know, he’s a big bear who would like to know he’s not a big bear. He’s a very handsome bear. And did you notice how well he was dressed? Oh, my God. That suit said it all. It was perfect, perfect, Danny. Anyway, the reason he was such a wonderful suit is to show the world to see is very respectful, but the color also expressed this he wants to be left alone. Look what happened to his doing the Coronavirus and look during the sanctions. Look, how’s a prospect? They realized finally they realize how strong and self reliant they are.

Danny 3:34
Alright, so that brings me to the major point that President Biden said, Well, you know, Putin, he’s a killer. He stole Crimea. President Biden needed a chance to confront this dictator to tell him in his face. And that’s still Trump’s, that is Trump’s fault for having that with him. Otherwise, President Biden would never even give him a stage. Our President Biden had to give Putin a stage in Geneva because Trump already did it. So it’s not presidents Biden fault for giving putting this kind of elevated world stage that is totally Trump’s fault. Now, what do you say about that?

Lexy 4:17
I think this is a bunch of caca many kind of stuff. Because I think nobody gave putting in elevated states this man is elevated just for the fact that he is President Putin’s as he comes from such a wonderful, giant country where, you know, we are Trump voters Trump has to do with this Trump is gone. Biden is there now. And Biden is nothing but another American bully. So and by the side he would come into the into the lions bin No, no, no, it couldn’t couldn’t care less. It’s just small potatoes. He just tried to show the world to see it’s very respectful since he does one To have peace and continue peace he does not want to pay off the west and some of the Western world expecially America Give me a break. They losing all airlines rest left and right.

Danny 5:14
All right. Well now get your cozy cozy with Angela Merkel. So let’s talk about pipelines. President Biden has repeatedly told Angela Merkel and Putin to stop this pipeline, how dare they buy gas from Russia? They’ve been told not to do that. And they’re still doing that. It’s a violation of international norms in Germany is what’s going on between Merkel and poor? Why are you finishing this pipeline?

Lexy 5:45
What’s going on between Angelica Merkel and Russia against against America? You know, there is nothing against it shows the elevated level of IQ and also it shows the is just shows to say don’t have to listen to anybody. Nobody can tell Germany what to do. What is this a Cold War and on diplomatic soil? I mean, what the heck do you people think? And I think you ours? And clearly you sound like a supporter of Biden, which we aren’t we trying to be very diplomatic here. So don’t tell the Germans what to do. And to Germans and the Russians. Finally, we’re smart enough to say, Come on. Let’s shake hands. Let’s get this done. Let’s get it done. And they both retires. What the heck do they care?

Danny 6:32
So okay, so now we got some really world breaking news here from behind this, call it enemy lines, those who don’t listen to America. So they want to get this pipeline done before they’re out of office. I have to report this back to President Biden, because he didn’t have that piece of information. So that’s a good intelligence there. Thank you, Lexi. All right. Well,

Lexy 6:52
I think you twisted Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, you are twisting things around whether you had an inflammation or not. If you guys are as smart as you claim to be, then, you know, come on, open your eyes tell them what’s not beneficial for the Germans and the Americans to work together in the Germans getting the gas from Russia. Tell me one good thing.

Danny 7:11
Well, we can bring it by boat. It is a little more expensive. They can buy it from us.

Lexy 7:16
We are from America, they should buy it from America and pay more just to favor the Americans and showing the sale and the Russians see it the other way around. We ways the diplomatic people, which are all of us except America. I mean, come on you guys even isolated Japanese and the Chinese. Who else do you have in your pocket who you send you can push around? We you see Americans hahaha Alright, so

Danny 7:43
now let’s talk about Biden mentioned that he told Russia to clear that base side of Syria, how dare they go outside of Russia and put a base. We have our six feet there in the Mediterranean. And that’s a direct threat to the American sleep. How dare they have a base outside of Russia shows how aggressive they are? Danny, you must know and

Lexy 8:07
I know you just try to hide the truth from the rest of the of the public here on the on the Indian National Public since the Americans have over 800 basis 800 in commands the Russians have I don’t know how many but definitely not even as many maybe two three. Lesson One is too many when it’s from the Russians see our 800 bases, their piece bases were a peace loving nation, and we send peace and democracy around the world. So we need even more we need 1000 bases. We’re gonna have a base on the Moon and Mars. You didn’t know that. me for interrupting you Danny. But there are no peace spaces there. It’s just a bunch of nonsense to bleed the American taxpayers. So this we have employed we I don’t even know why I’m saying we they American so they have so many 800 bases with I don’t know how many 1000s of soldiers which are being paid by the American taxpayers. This just means those we have less unemployment people to show. Are you making me very upset right now?

Danny 9:12
Well, I’m just trying to state what the policy is of President Biden is trying to get that Syrian base close, move those soldiers back to Russia. Lexie, the one thing that Biden hit home with Putin is that he stole Crimea and that needs to be brought to this boy. He came and he took Ukrainian sovereign territory, a whole peninsula with great seaside resorts. They put their base there, the Russian naval base, the biggest one of the Black Sea Fleet, he put it there. That’s all illegal. We can’t tolerate that. And President Biden hit home run Tally. Now what do you have to say about that? What did he say at the conference about it?

Lexy 9:59
Well, I think it’s A bunch of nonsense to begin with, first of all, this resort how I like to call it was stolen from Russia to begin with. So Russia just took it back. It’s a us to begin with, you understand it’s nothing to be stolen. It was just bullied out from underneath them, period.

Danny 10:18
But listen, when her shift, took Crimea out of Russia and gave it to Ukraine, he had the right to do that he did it legitimately through proper channels. He did a presidential decree and executive order. Now executive orders are legal, put and did a referendum. Okay, that is manipulated, he didn’t do any executive order, like we do in America. So that is totally unacceptable.

Lexy 10:44
It’s unacceptable for the Americans because you guys couldn’t bully and decided where he is where Mr. Putin is going to have, first of all, where he is going to ever resort and second of all, where he is going to have his troops. I don’t even want to say troops. It’s nothing but they it’s nothing but anyway, why don’t we just skip it and go on right to the way houses men presented himself during the summit? Why don’t we talk about the current versus the past? The same as versus damn KGB? I’m so sick and tired to hear how he used to be a KGB? Didn’t you do anything stupid when you were young and smart, and believed in something? And now all of a sudden, were you an adult? You being taught us all wrong. So therefore you trying not to say that you believe that in any way. It’s all done. It’s over. Now. It’s President Putin, period.

Danny 11:34
All right. Now, I heard something about the KGB. Yeah. at the press conference in the binding camp. They said, this is where he secretly met with Merkel, the young Merkel, and this is why they’re so buddy, buddy. And that’s unacceptable to us. He’s using his prior contacts when he was in the KGB to build up to steal Germany from us. What do you have to say about that? That can’t be any diplomatic way to build a bridge.

Lexy 12:05
You know, Danny, I I’m, I’m getting heartburn just by listening to you. Normally, I really enjoy being on your show. But this time, it’s extremely upsetting. There is no KGB contacts. He has a very large Rolodex, which is his Rolodex. See Biden only has a Rolodex, which he kind of took away from Trump. But anyway, besides the point, so Mr. Putin, he met with Mrs. Merkel, who both are very, very smart. And they decided to call it it through peace, to call it through transparency, sees Biden, he cannot even read because his eyes are completely closed. The same as I want to get back to this library thing.

Danny 12:50
Yeah. And what’s up with this? Biden was so upset with the fake, potent demeanor, that he had to go to the bathroom six, seven times. Just to have an excuse to get away from this boy. Have you heard about that?

Lexy 13:06
Yes, I have heard about it. And it’s a bunch of nonsense again, Mr. Biden went to the bathroom, not because he had to control himself. No, no, no, no, he had to control his large prostate. You didn’t go to the prostate, did you? Yes, I did. And he couldn’t keep his eyes open. He always had it closed like this. So this Mr. Trump couldn’t read Mr. Trump Gee, Mr. Putin couldn’t even look into his eyes. I mean, it says an prudent head to control himself not to vomit. Did you notice a spit bucket on the side? But he was such a gentleman, that he controlled himself perfectly. It kind of showed his his facial expression showed a little bit how paid off he was, if you know what I mean.

Danny 13:57
That is a lot of disrespect. But okay,

Lexy 14:00
let’s respect to whom, Danny, this respect for whom?

Danny 14:04
The POTUS President of the United States, Joe Biden, very time,

Lexy 14:10
they get it. It’s time I’m sorry for interrupting you, but you really making me angry right now? I think you cannot show any more respect and as the prudent that he was invited to a summit he tried and Okay, let’s see this year, he was invited to a summit and he showed up He was dressed perfectly to show the world to see is respecting this highly important meeting. Now, on the other hand, you see Mr. Biden, he just came in there because he thought he could bully Mr. Putin around and he says, No, couldn’t couldn’t care less. It’s just kind of leave me alone. You dumb bully schoolyard kind of guy. I gonna kick your Oh, you didn’t say that?

Danny 14:54
What about the cyber bullying? How dare President Pro He puts his gang of hackers, the Russian hackers, and they hack in and they get Trump elected, then they hack in and shut down the power. Okay, that’s unacceptable that needs to be stopped.

Lexy 15:13
Well, Danny, you’re really funny. I don’t know what was in your coffee this morning. But I don’t think there is any proof of any cyber bullying. There is no proof this, the Russians actually put the Trump into power. And then he gets this one. If the Russians really did test, why don’t we hire them to secure our damn network?

Danny 15:36
That’s not a bad idea. And finally, something smart came out of your mouth. Let’s see, I’ll work back. Yep, I’ll do the press secretary of Biden, I’ll let him know that you actually came up with that that’s not a bad idea. We can we can pay those Russian hackers more than Putin could ever pay them in rubles. So that’s a great idea. We’re gonna steal all the hackers, bravo. I like that.

Lexy 15:58
I didn’t say steal him, you have to pay him and not in American dollars, my friend that that time is over, they’re going to be either crypto or gold period. Oh, yeah.

Danny 16:07
You know, we’re gonna I heard President Biden wants Russia to stop fiddling with crypto, he keeps coming up with this crypto currency that’s underlying the sovereignty of the dollar, because we have $200 trillion around the world. And now Russia and China are dumping it all. Like, what’s up with that fool allowed President Putin to sell off the dollars?

Lexy 16:31
Who allowed president prudent who need Why would this man to be allowed? I mean, who is allowing the Americans to throw all the fiat money all over the world? And then with the big old grin?

Danny 16:44
I mean, who allows we don’t need we we, the Russians don’t need to be allowed. All right. Now, the other thing that was brought up is that President Biden has told Russia not to leave the International Space Station. And yesterday, the Chinese launched their space station, and Russia is going to partner with the Chinese now, that is totally unacceptable. We’ve been funding the rock Ross cosmos, the Russian Space Agency, we’ve been helping them. And we’ve been partnering with them for 30 years. And now they’re abandoning us and going to the Chinese. Okay, that cannot fly.

Lexy 17:26
Yeah, it flies. All right, you will see how quickly is going fly. Because the American thing was a feared money, they can just buy everything. See, and in the past, when the dollar was still standing, then it was nothing wrong with the Russians or anybody else in the world to accept the dollar. Now, it’s a bunch of nonsense. We don’t need the Americans to go into space or to go anywhere. So therefore, go and take your backs and bully somebody else.

Danny 17:54
Lexi Lexi. Lexi. Those are very harsh words. Okay. Ah, yes. Finally, yeah. Let’s see who gets to the moon first. Because we got Elan musk. And we got Jeff Bezos. And they have both moon landers. And they’re working on it. You guys haven’t even started building the moon lander?

Lexy 18:15
Well, I think that would be a very interesting topic to discuss. But right now, I would like to go back to the summit. And I also would like to mention this wonderful pretty planes as Mr. Biden arrived on who pays for that, huh?

Danny 18:30
Every presidents after Kennedy had that wonderful plane, to have them I might add, it’s for safety and security. And we need our presence to be relaxed when they show up. And it projects. Democracy, love, professionalism, all over the world. Not that crappy illusion that puts flying in what does that represent?

Lexy 18:57
That represents a CS respect for his people and the sea doesn’t bleed them dry? It was tax money was the sea American nothing is as tough and tough and bad, stinky air.

Are you didn’t go there is? I did? Yes, I did. I think it’s unacceptable. Is this the President’s flying in the shine airplane? Just because they need to be relaxed? Well, nonsens get a pedicure while you’re at it? No, no, no, no, no. Look at what Mr. Putin does. And look what Mrs. Angelica maca does. They just get on the plane the cheapest way as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if they will just fly first class anywhere if they could get all the security people on z will do this. The same like the Pope. Well, we don’t want to go that way. But Mr. Putin shows way more respect to his people was to say Americans are way more concerned about image and prestige. And, oh, it’s just makes me sick.

Danny 19:52
And the other thing we brought up is there’s no diversity. This is what President Biden said. It was brought up to the Russians, when they had that Mayday parade in Moscow, it was all white men and women. There was no black, Asian diversity. President Biden’s broader that that’s unacceptable. He needs to have 30% minority, we need to have the gay and lesbian in there. We need to have like purple rainbow flags. Okay, we need to have a more Volk, Russia. What Russia is doing is all this whiteness. It’s really hurting. President Biden looking at it. He he had to shut the TV off when they had the Mayday parade in Moscow. What did you hear on the feedback about that ish?

Lexy 20:42
I didn’t hear anything, because it’s not even worse, worse. Worse to mention, Danny, nobody gonna tell the Russians on how their parade should be looked at and what type of people should parade into it? It’s none of none of buddies. nobody’s business on? Oh, Danny, you really making me sick? Why don’t the Americans going to pick on China? Why don’t they pick on India? Why don’t they pick? No, they cannot say German because the Germans have a lot of foreigners. But anyway, it’s nobody’s business, to try to tell the Russians how their military parade should look 30% 10% 0% none of Biden’s that none of his business.

Danny 21:26
But you know, the Germans have done a great job. We have told them to diversify. And they did. So why can’t the Russians do it?

Lexy 21:35
Because they don’t have to listen to you bullish. The Germans were still intimidated. And they thought they have to show good face to the world. So therefore they’re going to do whatever the Americans told them. And the Russians are finally strong enough. They just give it on, they don’t care. They don’t have to care. You guys kind of come over there. And then boom, boom, boom, boom, they’re gonna be the consequence. So stay out of our business. send that to Mr. Biden. Alright,

Danny 22:03
I’ll let the press secretary know what you said. Actually, this will be aired tomorrow. Anyway. So I’m sure both your press secretary and our press secretary will watch this. But I think we were able to air out all the grievances out here. So the public can see how America is trying to move peacefully forward, and how you guys are obstructing, and every step of the way. And we can’t make any progress to change Russia, make it more woke, make it more friendly, make it less aggressive, shut down their bases scale down the military, get rid of those Russian nukes. None of that has gone forward. And now the world can see after this interview gets posted on the podcast. So that’s a good thing.

Lexy 22:49
Danny, you making me very, very upset. Because you don’t even know who was going to look at the podcast and you don’t even know who’s going to support it? Do you really think many of the American people are going to support Biden of trying to bully him and making statements like you did? No, I don’t think so. I think this is a free world and everybody can do whatever the heck they want to in America finally has to stop telling other people we are fighting for you. We are doing this for your greater good. No, no, no, it’s just a bunch of nonsense to keep the soldier employed. So I don’t I think I’m so sorry, Danny. But I think we should end on a diplomatic way. The way how Mr. Putin and how Biden did it say, I can look a little bored, but I can try to be respectful. And you can be this tip a little Daddy, Daddy, Daddy doc.

Danny 23:39
Alright, let’s try that. Before we do that. Do you have any final statements or questions or anything for our listeners? And I’m sure there’s some in Russia and there’s some in the United States. Any final words? Oh, yes, I

Lexy 23:53
do. And I think I would like to end this little, whatever the heck it is this agreement. This we agree on being polite and civil. This we always should try to be Geneva this way or Switzerland. No real disagreement in public anymore.

Danny 24:14
All right. And on that note, if you liked this type of podcast, please share it with your social media so more people can get the truth out of Geneva and what happened here. Like subscribe, and let us know what other events you want us to cover. Or if you have insider information, come join the next podcast some guests with insider information so we can share it. Thank you so much. And Lexi any final closing statements?

Lexy 24:46
No, I have to recuperate. Now I have to go and see Mr. Putin and we’re going to have some yummy little tea

for don’t get married. You know, he’s divorced. Oh, just stay out of my business. Danny and Mr. Putin. I would like to express his thank you to Geneva for for having hosted such an important not so very much meeting with him and Mr. Biden in this is a protected them with I don’t know how many 1000s of policemen and etc, all those giant fences with a barbed wire on top of it. So, kudos to Geneva. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Danny 25:22
All right. And I will end with that as well. Thank you, Switzerland for pulling this off. Keeping our two presidents safe and letting the world see what actually happened here. We got all the info out the world. No, so thank you, Switzerland. And let’s see how about me and you go grab some Swiss chocolate milk. Ah, I know you like that one, right?

Lexy 25:43
Yes, yes, I do. If we can talk something else besides is the summit. Yes. We I would love to. I would love to.

Danny 25:49
I think I got everything out. Let’s just focus on having some Swiss coffee, Swiss chocolate. No politics. Okay. I like it. Alright, I’ll see you. You’re in New York a mile away. So let’s meet at the cafe. Okay. Sounds good. All right. Bye. Bye. Bye bye.