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Foxy 0:00
Hi, Tiger. Good to see you. Thank you so much for having coffee with me. I You still have time?

Tiger 0:06
Oh yeah, yeah, absolutely. You sound a little upset. So I thought I’d come out and find out what’s going on.

Foxy 0:12
Oh, Tiger. I’m not really I’m not too upset. You know me I get over things at least after a week or so you know? Well, you really want to know why.

Tiger 0:23
Yeah, I got on me. Well, I’m upset because I won’t be able to go to space and I really was looking so forward to in my new space, who I know I heard about that is that though is that with Ilan or Jeff Bezos are with Branson and Virgin Galactic. Which company did you pick

Foxy 0:41
up? Well, I chose the same like Coronavirus. You have certain options here. And so I chose

Tiger 0:48
Jeff. Oh, Jeff Bezos from Amazon. Yeah, the safest one. Probably because he’s going himself, right.

Foxy 0:54
Yes. He and his brother are going I mean, can you imagine tiger? I would be on that same flight with what is he the third richest man in the world? Oh,

Tiger 1:07
what are the top three? Wife his wife divorced them and she got $40 billion dollars. I don’t know if you heard that.

Foxy 1:14
Oh, I’m so glad you told me tiger. Because I was thinking of maybe hoping he would like me, though. But now he’s 40 billion. Poor. No, no, no, no, no. Well, nevermind. Nevermind. Back to this whole disaster of why I’m so upset tiger.

Tiger 1:33
You didn’t bid. I know. You’re You’re the richest Fox. I know what happened. You didn’t have enough money or what happened there?

Foxy 1:39
Well, several things happened tiger. I had this wonderful space who designed with exactly the color which I want it and then tiger. I find out it is no spacesuit it is a flight suit.

Tiger 1:55
So a flight suit that I get to walk in space in a flight

Foxy 2:00
you don’t walk you only go up you you kind of experience. How do you say it? So wait wiggliness the weightlessness and then boom, you’re gonna come back down tiger. Well,

Tiger 2:13
I know when I first I don’t know. We watched them movie remembered spacewalker Alexi Leone of the cosmonaut when he was the first man to walk in space in Russian suits. Yeah, I don’t think Yuan’s I saw you on little fashion model space. I don’t think that they were working space. I hope to save that well,

Foxy 2:34
I first of all, I don’t go with Ilan I go with Jeff. But I meant to go with Chef but then I don’t have enough money because right now the auction that one flight Tiger Tiger I’m so I’m so disturbed. The flight. I don’t even think they are finished with the auction yet is a $2.8 million dollars.

Tiger 2:59
2.8. You get the old information. It’s up to eight. It’s up. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, it is. You’re right. I just look at 2.8 million. Oh my god. That’s a lot of money.

Foxy 3:09
Yeah, yeah. I’m telling you. That’s a lot of money even for me. That’s a lot of money. And considering the fact is I spend a lot of money on the suit. But no, yeah, it wasn’t a space. Wait a minute. It was a space suit versus a flight suit. So I started off completely wrong. Tiger

Tiger 3:28
or that suck is yours as bulky as the cosmonauts because when Alexey he won, he never hit the puncture hole to get back in.

Foxy 3:37
Yes. No, no, no tiger. Can you pick me in one of those mysoline suits?

Tiger 3:42
I don’t think you would fit. I mean, they barely fit in that Russian Soyuz rocket. They barely fit in there. Three of them. You saw how cramped they are.

Foxy 3:51
Oh, yes. But no, this is just so different. I mean, this Jeff Really? I think he designed it. I mean, I can imagine he designed it. So this space capsule it’s just oh my god is even put stattrak to shame. It says beautiful you have space like I mean it’s a long time ago this I flew first class but I think he’s even outdoing the first class. Lufthansa Mm hmm.

Tiger 4:19
So you’re gonna get a window to look outside? Well, I want it I don’t anymore. Now hold on. Are you telling me you’re giving up because I heard there’s gonna be more flight

Foxy 4:30
it was alright. Now I wanted this one because it was Wait a minute. How did they call it the low cost ticket for the first world tourists seat? Now that is what I wanted. So first World Tour a seat. I don’t want to be second third or fourth. No, no, no, no, no, no, no tiger. This is very upsetting this you successes. Come on tiger. What you

Tiger 4:55
want me to start a Kickstarter campaign to get to outbid that 2.8 million and How dare they outbid you Foxy? I mean, that’s gonna be. That’s a very very mean space traveler.

Foxy 5:07
It is it is. And can you imagine I’m looking at my notes here this the over 6000 participants in from certain countries. Did you know that? I mean, oh done?

Tiger 5:20
Oh my goodness 1000 people want to go to space? Yes. That’s a big industry.

Foxy 5:25
It is it is tiger. And I mean not only big industry, it’s just kind of No wonder. I mean, just those are probably the richest people on this world in this world, I should say. So of course they outbid me. I’m just a little fox. You know,

Tiger 5:40
I feel really sorry. I kind of have sympathy for you. Do you want me to put a word with Jeff see if he can kick out this winner and put you in there?

Foxy 5:51
No, not Not really. I want to go back because you keep mentioning the Russians and so forth. Didn’t they want send a little doggie up there?

Tiger 6:00
Oh, yeah. Yeah, like, like, doggy in space?

Foxy 6:04
Yes. What a pretty name. How did the doc fed? How did the dog effed? When he came back? She

Tiger 6:11
came back, Tiger. Well, I hate to break it to you. But like I didn’t make it back. So she was called she was called in probably ice cubicle flying around in orbit. I don’t know if it came back or not. But like it didn’t make it. sacrifice for all mankind.

Foxy 6:27
Oh, so that’s terrible. So I don’t think I want to make it I don’t think I’m gonna make it. I don’t think I’m too icing. I’m too little for this. So I guess gonna let it go. But you know what, I’m just thinking of something. And I think this is a very clever marketing idea for Jeff. He could say not animal tested. What do you think about that? You want me to let them know?

Tiger 6:51
Yes, please go into my prime account. There should be his info there. I’m paying big bucks. Okay, I’ll I’ll look up Jeff’s private email and phone numbers and I’ll let him know no animal tests

Foxy 7:06
so you think when I get a prime amazon prime account you think I can get in touch with him directly and skip all those 50 gatekeepers course

Tiger 7:15
the why we’re paying $4 a month for Amazon Prime we should have some privileges

Foxy 7:20
Yeah, yeah. Dead That’s right. That’s right. Have you checked it? Well, could you check it whether you actually have access to

Tiger 7:26
him Tiger I will as soon as I get home I didn’t bring my laptop. Oh, okay.

Foxy 7:30
Hmm Okay, now Oh, and you know what I’m looking at my notes here again. Tiger, Tiger Tiger.

Tiger 7:38
I listening Foxy get to it.

Foxy 7:40
This is exciting. I’m so sorry. Do you know where this to where this this bidding money you know hopefully it’s going to be more than 2000 800,000,002 point 8 million I mean, do you know where it goes to Tiger probably some charity all rich people they love to have their foundations. You are so right. It is his own foundation. And it’s called the Blue Origin Foundation. The club for the future.

Tiger 8:07
So how originally called the Lego space company? So what is it what these billionaires they all have to have a space company there’s three of them now. Oh, well.

Unknown Speaker 8:15
Are we talking Elon Musk and we talking?

Tiger 8:18
Who else should Branson Jeff Bezos, Ilan musk? I’m sure there’s a few more, but you ain’t gonna be I mean you on at least he. He went around the globe. He’s launching satellites. He’s already launched to cruise to the space station. I mean, he’s left Jeff Bezos in dusk, except that give it to Jeff. He’s brave to get on a flight risk his own life and the first launch which Ilan doesn’t have Kaho needs to do that.

Foxy 8:44
No, you absolutely right. And this is why saying Jeff and his brother mark. I think they gonna make it they gonna make it it’s gonna go boom up there. And how long does it take? 10 hours? 15 hours.

Tiger 8:56
11 minutes. Oh, feel good. You didn’t pay 2.8 million for 11 minutes of joy

Foxy 9:02
right? From here on forward, Tiger. I always got to talk with you first because seems like you know much more and you’re not so focused on the dress code and colors and so forth.

Tiger 9:12
I hate to break it to you but you focused on that suit a little too much Foxy.

Foxy 9:16
Yeah. I think you’re right. Where were we? Oh, this suit? Yeah. Yeah. What color do you think I should I should have

Tiger 9:23
I like the Russian white and blue. No,

Foxy 9:28
no. Oh, this is Russian white and blue. The color is nice white, but not not to shape this.

Tiger 9:34
Yeah. Yeah. They could have made it a little smaller. But I’ll tell you this that that sucker can’t be punctured and it’s safe. So I don’t know. I I would not go in space with Ilan suit. I would be too scared.

Foxy 9:47
Yeah, I must say so. I will not be the first one who gonna raise my hand for this one. I mean, I wouldn’t mind to fly up and around and down again, you know, but I really would kind of like it’s like wysoko Coronavirus I kind of would like to have a few tests done and Cz sees Cz effect.

Tiger 10:06
Oh you’re throwing a lot of information at me here like you know Coronavirus no they’re tested. Well just base flight. I think it’s never going to be safe. A lot of astronauts and cosmonauts have died so there’s going to be a space tourists who’s going to die even Ilan said that that’s why he doesn’t want to go. He doesn’t want to die. He literally said that.

Foxy 10:29
Anyway, Ilan. He doesn’t sound too real for me. He Polly admires Jeff a whole lot. A whole lot. I’m

Tiger 10:37
telling you. Well, Ilan managed to divorce his wife and not lose 40 billion.

Foxy 10:43
Well, well, Tiger that only shows you this. Jeff is a nice person. He is not as greedy.

Tiger 10:52
As greedy.

Foxy 10:53
Yeah. I mean, you have something against Amazon, say it now. Say it now say, Well,

Tiger 10:57
I don’t like them keeping increasing my membership. It used to be $9. How do we get to 12 a month?

Foxy 11:06
Well, who do you think gonna pay for this fancy capsule? Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. When did Jeff resigned from his CEO position? See,

Tiger 11:17
four months ago?

Foxy 11:17
So he on and when did you When did your membership was increased a

Tiger 11:21
couple months ago? See?

Foxy 11:23
Maybe the new CEO did that? I maybe maybe maybe. Maybe Jeff didn’t do it. Oh, maybe the greedy bastard who took over? Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. So but regardless, Tiger, I wish Jeff and all his passengers including his brother, Mark, a wonderful 11 minute flight. How do you feel about that? Well, let’s

Tiger 11:49
just hope they don’t blow up. Because my membership is going to triple probably in my prime membership to go under $10. So let’s hope this Glenn Shepard whatever you call this rocket doesn’t blow up.

Foxy 12:01
Yeah. Well, let me give you the name of this real new Shepard.

Tiger 12:05
The new the new show now. Shepherd, old shepherd. Doesn’t matter. It’s a shepherd. Yeah, it’s a shepherd tiger. That’s all right. Well, listen. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Thank you. You made me get a seat. Yeah, we can drink coffee.

Foxy 12:23
Yes, that’s a good idea. I thank you for not telling me to bounce. Thank you. I appreciate you having coffee with me. All right. Okay, I go and get the coffee. You get the table. You got it. Alright, the table. See ya.