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Danny 0:00
Oh my god Harrison Ford is doing the final fifth. Indiana Jones. That’s what we’re going to talk about and Goofy’s today and with me is lovely Lexi. Lexi I’m doing today. Good morning, Danny. I’m doing just fine. How are you? I’m good. But I’m a little puzzled. Harrison Ford is 78 year old. Yeah. Do you think you should be doing here? Indiana Jones? What do you think about this? Well, it’s really between a rock and a heartbeat. I love Harrison Ford and I used to love his movies. But I don’t know why he has to play Indiana Jones. I really don’t know. Sometimes it’s better to let somebody younger step up and play that role. You know, that’s not a bad idea. We should probably call Lucasfilm. Maybe I can tweet to Lucasfilm over there and let them know. Hey, let’s get his son to take over the Empire. That’s not a bad idea. Yeah. And maybe Steven Spielberg will come back then. Yep, maybe Steven Spielberg will. Alright, so let’s start with the first controversy. They’re possibly going to dh Harrison Ford in the computer. How do you feel about that? Well, if he if it’s just his look, which hinders him from playing the role, then I have no problem of da ting the man but if it’s if he is physically up to go right ahead, but boy, if he is not, then it’s time to retire. Harrison. Alright. So talking about him physically being up to it. We both saw him and Elon degenerates when he was Yeah, he was a guest. And he didn’t look too much up to it, or was he pretending you thought he was pretending? And then oh, no, what’s up? It was electric bike on there. And he said it was it? Was he trying to be macho? Like he’s pedaling the bike or what’s going on there?

Unknown Speaker 1:41
You know, I don’t know whether that whole thing versus him being goofy. But then the longer the interview went on this is it appeared it was for real. He really was quite to say it kindly. He appeared to be dazed, and I saw the bicycle was just amazing. It was a good comeback when he said, No, I don’t have an electric bike. Nope, those are not my arms.

Danny 2:06
I thought that was really funny. It was Yeah, and if you guys haven’t seen that, check out check out the episode. It’s on YouTube from Ellen DeGeneres Show. He didn’t look to fit for the for the movie. But yeah, I mean, he had some good biceps there. If it’s in if it’s him. You think these dh his arms for the Ellen Show? I don’t think there is no deviation. It’s just not him on that bicycle. I think it’s partly somebody else who knows who and they just say it’s Harrison Ford to make him I don’t know. I mean, it doesn’t it doesn’t match at all his demeanor in the end of you and him riding his bicycle and looking all tough. I don’t know I need to see more of his body. And I have seen some of the previews and doesn’t look anything like him on that bicycle. Alright, and also Elon was referring to this big battery in front of the bike. That looks like an electric bike to me. I have I drive and let the ride and electric bike with the big battery. This is the gigantic battery. No, I he kept saying it’s not in electric bike. It’s really weird. But then he threw a joke and Ellen Ellen was nice. She backed off. Did you get backed off? Oh, yeah. I think she backed off. She was very polite about it. The whole situation? Yeah. Now you’re filming this in Scotland and England, at least is what has come out and they have blocked off for the entire day a street and they made it a living hell for Londoner. Have you heard about that? I sort of read about it. Yes. Yeah. And they actually they paid one guy $75,000 to film in their home. You know, and they’re causing all kinds of headache and everybody’s upset. They’re probably also jealous because they didn’t get the $75,000 but you know, it must be a nightmare in that neighborhood. You know, imagine filming Yeah. Oh, let me see that picture. This you got to share with him. See, you know, it actually could be the guy on the bicycle. Look at him. I mean, he he doesn’t look like a chubby little old. 78 year old man. He Oh, no, he looks fit. I have done. Yes. Fit. Maybe he could do it. Maybe Maybe we’re gonna be pleasantly surprised at the end of Yeah. But back before I interrupted you. Yes. Those people in London. They were really really upset about it. I mean, look at here on the set. This is probably in Scotland. I mean, he looks pretty fit.

Lexy 4:25
Yeah, he almost looks like the old Harrison Ford. I mean, not the old terrorists. The younger. The younger Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones. Yeah. Say Danny, do you know what the budget is? Or the anticipated budget for the movie?

Danny 4:39
That’s a great question. Let’s find out. Okay. All right. budget for Indiana Jones five and the good old Google says $185 million dollars. That’s a tiny budget. Oh, really? Come on. Yeah, I guess so. I guess in the movie industry. It’s a it’s a tiny budget or probably how many how many millions of that 185 did Indiana mean that Harrison gets well that’s a good question. That’s a good question. I wonder, you know, I wonder whether this going to be his last movie or whether he gonna do more of sitting down kind of movies after this one? No, he wrote last and final. It’s almost like when he played in Star Wars. I think he almost told George Lucas that they had to kill him so he doesn’t have to come back. Oh, he Yeah. Wow. Yeah, he was he was he was so happy when they killed his character because he didn’t want to make any more Star Wars. But yeah, this is the last Indiana Jones and I think I wouldn’t be surprised if he got $40 million. And then that’s his good little nest egg for his grandkids and great grandkids and probably 10 more generations are going to be set for life Well, I mean, kudos to him I must give him that this he has some guts say this Indiana Jones movie is that just you know a continuation from the last one or is this something very new? Well, I heard a rumor that it’s going to be flashbacks that the Nazis are not in the movie that these are basically Nazis in his head so it’s going to be one of those which I know both of us are annoyed when they go back and forth in time with these movies. It’s like a new trend and really upsetting that they do this but yeah, it’s going to be I guess he’s going down memory lane or something. And you know walking England and Scotland and seeing maybe fake Nazis maybe maybe it’s Parkinson’s disease. Who knows? Oh, you know, maybe this is he placed a schizophrenic maybe in the movie and maybe this is why he played two business days then Elon haha that’s brilliant. Oh my god you maybe this maybe this is was a marketing ploy. And then suddenly, his his son or grandson help them find some kind of a magic herb and suddenly his Dazed and Confused it’s a phrenic Indiana Jones you know come young and bright and he saves the world.

Lexy 6:57
Well, yeah, it is. I think it will take a lot of guts for somebody to play to be schizophrenic especially in his case and usually look at how handsome he is. Look look. I mean just you know is I think it takes a lot of guts if that’s the case and I think it that is the case you just totally got a point there Yeah, it’s a case he’s just placed that way otherwise there’s no way this is man gonna remember all his heart he said memory is lying lines his lines.

Danny 7:26
Oh, his lines. Oh, you think he’s gonna have problem with lines? Well, they put those big cue cards they call them and he just got to read it. Oh, look at this the block off the neighborhood. Oh my god. Good. Night. Yeah. A nightmare over there. Yeah, what a mess and you’re filming at some castle. That’s probably in Scotland to say construction and Bamburgh castle and so that’s right in Scotland. All right. We have any English viewers let us know where they’re filming. Yeah. Oh, look, they put Nazi and they covered the swastika on the castle. Oh, that’s pregnant upset some London. I mean, some Scott if this is in Scotland, this is probably a Nazi banner that they put over and look at the two black things over the swastika. They probably just take it off when they’re ready to film. So the swastika shows? Ah, yeah, yeah, good thinking good. So I think they don’t want to leave it all day and right show the Nazi swastika for the whole right now. Let’s see what people are thinking about this movie. Oh, yeah. Interesting. sod. Yep, yeah, look at this one. Simple. Jake. Indiana Jones has been milked to death. It’s been awful since the second one. Do you agree with Jake? No, I don’t I don’t think the third and the fourth was terrible. I know. I don’t agree. Okay. All right. It’s good to know. Let’s look at some more. Oh my God, this guy’s harsh. He wrote Indiana idiot. Oh my god. Do you agree with that? Oh, God. Absolutely not. No, it doesn’t. Why would people be so cruel and rude and unkind. Oh, look at this one. I am tired of seeing senior citizens as action heroes. You must be referring you know the 60 year old boxer Sylvester Stallone fighting like a 30 year old world champ. And then you got you also have Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Terminator. And he’s also like almost 70 years old, I guess. I guess maybe this guy’s a little bit right. I mean, should we be letting senior citizens be action heroes and saving the world? Well, why

Lexy 9:20
not? Clearly the young people cannot do it. So why shouldn’t we give it to them? Who who used to save the world who entertained us for so many years? I disagree. I think if they cannot if they are not physically up to playing the role, then yeah, let’s retire you know, do something different, but not even retire. I mean, my goodness. Just be kind. You know, if we are lucky, we going to be senior citizens someday. And then what they’re going to tell us not to go to the grocery store. No, no, no,

Danny 9:51
let’s be nice. Oh, here’s one more. Yeah, the guy wants to Deanna six. Oh, that is funny.

Lexy 9:59
Hey, Dad. is funny. I agree with you. Oh, look at this guy. These people are utterly pathetic. I guess this guy’s not going to be watching the movie. Yeah, good for him. Let’s hope he’s not 65. All right, here’s the here’s the guy who actually is positive says Harrison is 78 years old. And it looks fantastic. Now I know why all you geezers are complaining. What do you think about that comment? I like it. And I appreciate it very much. And we need to keep in mind here. I don’t want to shift gears but we need to keep in mind this. Our current president is really not a spring chicken either. I don’t know. Let’s hope this doesn’t get to Joe Biden. His arms are amazing. must have a good workout regimes. His arms weren’t good. I mean, pretty physically fit. Yeah, I think so too. He doesn’t have a big belly. His face is not sacking. So I think he looks he looks really good. Let’s end this. So everybody. What do you guys think about Harrison Ford? Should he played should not play? Is it going to be a good movie? Not a good movie? Share your comments down below. We’d love to hear it. And also share this to your social media. Like Subscribe, it helps out the channel. Any final words? Like To me it’s like, be kind and good luck to you. Harrison Ford. You have amused me for many, many years. So good luck. All right. Good luck, Harrison. We look forward to the movie. Thank you, everybody for joining us on the latest episode of Goofy’s podcast and we’ll see you in the next episode. Alright, everybody just goof around. Don’t take everything so seriously or take yourself serious, you know the goof around. Bye Bye, guys. Bye bye, Lexi. Bye bye audience here.

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