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Danny 0:00
Welcome to the podcast everybody. And we are going to try to save the elephants in China. And with me today is Lexie. Hey, Lexi, how you doing? Nice view down there. Where are you calling in from?

Lexy 0:12
I’m from the Bahamas. I mean, right now I’m just kind of hanging out too with a few friends. It’s a very charming little place. Oh, good. Well,

Danny 0:20
you had some ideas and how to save the elephants in China and get them back to Thailand. You’re home. You’re hundreds of miles north into China. Yeah. And they’re having all kinds of problems. They’re going into eating the villagers food, there’s truckers trying to stop them from going north. Everybody’s in a panic, we’re worried that some of these elephants are going to get hurt. So what can you been environmentalist for many years, you’ve been part of the Green Party in Germany. So tell us a little bit about what your ideas are to save the elephant? Well,

Lexy 0:50
not only that, but I do have I would like to voice some concerns. Also, I have some questions for you. And maybe you can answer those for me. First of all, I want to know why did say walk so many miles away from home?

Danny 1:03
That’s an excellent question. Like, see? That’s an excellent question. I was thinking about it preparing for this podcast episode. And I think this is an example of you have a little kid and you give a little bit of ice cream in front of a store, and then try to stop them from going into the store. I think the elephant’s got a little bit of candy from a cornfield or something, and they kept going for more. What do you think about that? Well,

Lexy 1:25
that’s that sounds right. Danny, it does sound right. But you I don’t know if you will have been hit time to follow it on the news. They don’t just go through little villages, they go through regular neighborhood, this is quite devastating for who’s ever yard they are crossing, you know, there’s a lot of destruction and say, eat their food. So the villages and the people around it, they really need that. And then the other thing I noticed and I cannot quite answer that. Why don’t they have so swipe on? I guess you’d call him extra long tees? You know, right, left ivory? None of these elephants have that. Did you notice that?

Danny 2:03
Yeah. They’re just a different type of elephants that have the teeth, the ivory or an afro. These are the ones in Thailand.

Unknown Speaker 2:10
So you see, that’s the difference? Because

Tiger 2:12
they use a different breed. I think I’m not sure we’ll have to check on that. But you had an idea on how to get him back to Thailand. So let’s send out like she told me, our audience and our listeners. Now we’re gonna save these lfk Well, what what

Lexy 2:26
I saw, I mean, first of all, it was given the right food and then just kind of coax them all those smiles back to where they belong. And I guess they tried it. But that didn’t work very well. And then

Danny 2:36
the next talking about the Chinese government got the truckers to block them. So why didn’t that work? Lexi? Oh, because the elephants

Lexy 2:43
are very, very smart. So therefore, they just walked around two trackers, it was hilarious to see

Danny 2:49
so they’re smart elephants. I like that. Alright, so let’s let’s go on your idea.

Lexy 2:53
I thought of you know, tranquilizing them the way house. these’s anyway just tranquilize them, get them all Boom, boom, boom, get him down, put them in a truck and drive him to wherever they belong to.

Danny 3:05
So tranquilize them, put them in the truck and drive them back to Thailand. Well, I think the problem we have is China right now doesn’t have tranquilizers that are strong enough for elephant you have some ideas on how to stop that. Well,

Lexy 3:20
actually, I have a little connection there. And I think I’m going to give Angelica miracle a call and just see if she is willing to let go of her tranquilizer so instead of using it on the people who say hate over there, they just got to actually send it to China so they can use it on those poor elephants.

Danny 3:38
Oh, good. So I guess the German protesters and how could a tranquil face you’re gonna write good. Yep,

Lexy 3:44
that’s absolutely right.

Danny 3:46
I like that plan. That’s some good thinking there. Alexi.

Lexy 3:50
Oh, thank you. Thank you. Your questions are very inspirational. So that saves a make me think

Danny 3:55
Yeah. All right. Well, what do you think is stopping the government in China other than the tranquilizers? Do you think actually, once they get the tranquilizers? Do you think they’re gonna save these elephants? Are they ignoring them? Are they on top of it? What’s your feeling about it? Oh, I

Lexy 4:11
think right now they are just observing. There’s so much publicity going on. The word loves those elephant. Oh, by the way, did you see that doorbell picture? Did you see this adorable picture where all the elephants took a little nap. And this baby elephant is trying to crawl out. And I don’t know whether he’s sleeping or whether he wants to play so that I think the whole the entire world fell in love with those little elephants, or the big elephant, I should say, but big and little. So I think the Chinese are, give it a few more hours, they’re gonna be on top of it. And they’re going to do whatever the world is expected of them to do.

Danny 4:46
That’s good, where we need to put some pressure on the Chinese president. So when you talk to Chancellor Merkel, I’m sorry. That’s all right. Let her know that. You know, we’re watching the Chinese president and the government and make sure that they get this done. I mean, we don’t want I did see the cute little baby elephant sleeping there. I think there’s like 15 or 16 of them are in I saw i’m actually going through the cities. So you were right about that. Do you think there’s any danger that they’re going to get hurt before they put this plan of yours in motion? Well,

Lexy 5:15
I think if if the reaction from from the Chinese government would be like of some of the Western nations where they just come with a big old Ponsor into Quinones, and I hope that will not happen. And this is a possibly use a justification if it’s not costing them too much money to you know, it really doesn’t benefit anybody that for the elephants to roam through the neighborhood. So therefore, they might just kind of forcefully remove them. And I am afraid of that. So therefore, I’m really hoping the Chancellor Merkel is going to get the tranquilizers today so they can inject the elephants tomorrow, and the world is watching. Okay, now, when

Danny 5:58
you said keynote, you mean cannons? like yeah, shooting them? Yep. Me? Are you criticizing the Western governments of solving the problem by force? Is that what you’re insinuating?

Pinky 6:08
I don’t want to go, I don’t want to open that can of worms. So my answer, just as you asked me, I just threw out some possibilities. Okay. Now, what are the chances that this is all going to be resolved? You’re going to be home in Thailand, elephants are going to be happy, everything’s gonna be good. And only it’s going to get hurt.

Danny 6:26
Do we have a good chance of that happening?

Lexy 6:27
I would say so. Yeah, yeah, I definitely say so. It because I think the world is open. And you know how that goes. When when so many, many, many people think positive things is something that’s going to happen, it will happen, it will happen, you know, and now the idea just came to me while you are speaking, I definitely if it doesn’t happen, tomorrow’s and I definitely are going to appeal to the Green Party, in Germany and obviously, around the world. And I think we will just take over, we will just hopefully, we can skip the process of getting a visitor’s visa and we just going to go in there and take care of the elephants,

Danny 7:06
man. I like that the German Green Party’s Action Party, you guys don’t goof around. But okay, let’s let’s give Chancellor a chance to work out with her Chinese colleague, some good for the world and actually see some political cooperation. That would be really nice once for a change. Yeah, I hope so too. Okay, now, do you have any message for our visitors before we end this up? No,

Lexy 7:28
please. You know, keep praying for the elephants. It’s important as we keep them alive and also because they are distinct distinguished species over there. Yes, keep in my life.

Danny 7:39
Make sure this everything gonna be okay. All right. Great episode. great ideas. We’re gonna be watching those elephants like Fox, make sure that they go home safe and audience please help the podcast. subscribe, like, share your social media. We do need your support. Yes. And give your ideas we would love to hear your ideas. Alright, thank you. Have a safe trip back to Germany and stay on top work with the chancellor. Let’s get these elephants safely back home.

Lexy 8:09
Thank you. Thank you, Danny, you did a great broadcast here. live it, love it. Thanks for having me. Bye bye. Bye bye.