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Tiger 0:00
Oh, Foxy, nice running into you.

Foxy 0:02
Oh, nice running into you.

Tiger 0:05
Hey, what are you doing out here?

Foxy 0:06
Well, I’m hoping this I meet some other little nice friendly people who tell me how nice I look.

Tiger 0:12
Oh, you look pretty nice. I you know, I ran into this new book. I don’t know if I told you last time I saw you but it’s called minimalism, and it’s really helped me de stress my life. I’m getting rid of all this stem stuff. You know, it’s just amazing. Have you heard of minimalism?

Foxy 0:29
Yes, I heard about it. I think it’s a lot of poopoo

Tiger 0:32
Why? poopoo it’s really nice. I’ve just getting rid of stuff left and right. It’s just nice.

Foxy 0:40
I like my stuff, Tiger. I love my stuff. Tiger stuff. Yes. What

Tiger 0:46
are you gonna do when you go to Hawaii? What are you gonna take your stuff with you?

Foxy 0:49
Yes. Most of my stuff. I have a lot of stuff in the garage. And then I have because I had more stuff, you know, and I had to rent a little storage for my stuff. I mean, I cannot imagine to live without my stuff.

Tiger 1:04
So what’s that about Hawaii? Well, when I go to Hawaii, I don’t have to take any stuff. Because with minimalism, there is no stuff you

Foxy 1:12
can’t read it. But But Tiger you know when you don’t have any stuff. What are you gonna do you have no 10 watches you have no 25 pairs of shoes and you have no 37 t shirt. What are you gonna do? What are you going to do?

Tiger 1:27
I go to the beach. And I meditate. I can think I have inner thoughts. I don’t have any stuff to clutter me your stuff is cluttering your thinking process? That can’t be good, Foxy.

Foxy 1:41
Well, I don’t think it clutters my thinking process at all. I really think I look very nice. And I need my stuff to continue to look very nice.

Tiger 1:51
So you can you can look very nice when you have that inner peace and to get inner peace. You got a D stuff your life. Oh, I passed your house. Okay. Yeah, I know you just bought the house next door because you can’t fit all your stuff in the garage. And storage and a garage. But a hot another house? Yes. I can’t even walk around your house. You’re probably one of those hoarders.

Foxy 2:17
No, I’m not a hoarder. I just have stuff. I love my stuff. It’s not stuff. It’s big stuff.

Tiger 2:23
It’s it colorful stuff that it’s just a bunch of stuff. Stuff is crazy. This is how I used to be I was older and I was stressed out and then I went bankrupt. And then eventually I ran into this book that has saved my life. And now I have D stuffed my life. You stuffing is where you should go this stuffing is the way

Foxy 2:47
it said a new word Tiger you probably just made it up D stuff. This sounds like a stuffed teddy bear stuffed see there’s more stuff stuffed teddy bear

Tiger 2:56
the lesson we have a whole movement on the internet now and where the anti stuffers. Okay. And I would recommend you can come to the 12 step offers anonymous and we can be stopped.

Foxy 3:11
Oh, Tiger, Tiger, I would go that just to be amused. I want to see how much stuff to get rid of. Then maybe there is some stuff that I really like and then, you know, I get some more stuff.

Tiger 3:22
Yeah, yeah, no, no, no, no, not. When we get rid of stuff. You can’t take stuff. Okay? That’s a violation of code. You have a code of honor. If you come to stuffers anonymous, you can take stuff. We take the stuff in every day I say Hello, my name is tiger. And I’m a stuffer. And then I take one item so at the next meeting, I am taking my extra laptop and then we are going to this stuff it with a hammer. Oh my god, you really can’t take it. Yeah, yeah, we’re gonna D stuff that laptop because I don’t need two laptops. One is enough. But

Foxy 4:02
what happened when they are people with some nice stuff. I would like it. I don’t have to join the group. You just have to give me the addresses of your of your D stuff. People though this I can take a little peek at their stuff.

Tiger 4:16
Know last week. Last week a guy brought up plasma TV. He had three of them in every room. He took one of his plasma TV and we d stuffed that puppy. It was glorious. Everybody took a little hammer, whack the TV. It was wonderful. And then we put it in the trash. And then suddenly is like, Ah, you can feel the stress Lee

Foxy 4:40
Oh, Tiger. It disturbs me to hear that terrible things. I like my stuff. I need my stuff. I want my stuff. And when I travel, I take some of my stuff with me. And then sometimes when I’m there, I want to go somewhere else. And then again, I leave some of them stuff over there. So this I can take little stuff with me. How do you do are that tiger?

Tiger 5:07
Ah See? See this is the root of your problem little Foxy. I didn’t know I had a problem. Yeah, you have addiction. You’re addicted to stuff and then your stuff withdraw. Okay? It’s it’s a medical condition you have a medical oh my god oh my god yeah,

Foxy 5:25
auditing me I saw you were my friend Tiger

Tiger 5:27
I am your friend I’m trying to help you I need to this stuff you because then when you go to Hawaii and you put your stuff in your hotel room and then you got to go to the next island of Maui. You know you don’t have to think what stuff to take there. And then if they say, you know go across the island and you got to take the most important stuff. I don’t have that problem. I MD stuff and I’m just trying to help these stuff you it’s a What is your most important stuff, Tiger. My most important stuff is my inner stuff. It’s the stuff between my two years. That stuff is what keeps me going I focus on that stuff. It’s not on material stuff.

Foxy 6:07
Oh Tiga Now tell me you live in in in how do they call those little things boxes, tiny house now Tammy, you know, I live in a tiny house.

Tiger 6:18
And I have I have listened to this. I used to have a big giant mansion. And then I can pay the mortgage and the insurance and all that and thank God when I bankrupted and they foreclosed everything. Now I have a little RV and I have a little tiny house and there is nothing to maintain. I can park my little tiny house at the beach. I can park it at the spring I can park it at the National Forest in a take my little folding bike. Oh, it’s glorious little Foxy you got to try these stuff and join the tiny house movement.

Foxy 6:57
Well you know, I first I started when when you were saying this is would be hilarious. And I said I would love my pants off my little bag but actually I’m very disturbed because maybe you can let me live in your little tin house with your one passport and your one key and your one computer for just two days. And I will tell you whether I can live without my 50 pair of shoes my 47 t shirts. You know that’s a lot of stuff. I love my stuff. But anyway, I will give it a try. Maybe 24 hours mm hmm what do you think?

Tiger 7:32
You know the economy must love Walmart JC Penney Amazon they probably love you because if everybody’s like me they’d all bankrupt you know so they need stuffing loving boxes like you to have 50 pair of shoes as this tiger and going there I’ve been there and

Foxy 7:52
I don’t like it if you’ve been there and you don’t like it you know what Tiger you’re might have a point there because I don’t really like to support Walmart and not just I’m I’m shopping at Walmart no no no no you cannot find me dead in there. But I mean you know even those other stores see I have stocks in them and it’s in my favor to buy stuff buy stuff here buy stuff there put stuff here put stuff there. Every little thing has a little place

Tiger 8:19
well you know what you are have self interest in this stuffing bug disease that you have it perpetuates it’s like a cancer and the only way you can kill this cancer is at the root to get rid of this addiction to stuff and we have medications we can start you on regimens. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:45

Tiger 8:46
don’t laugh at me. Oh,

Foxy 8:48
did you have to take some medication? It is falling out. It does well.

Tiger 8:54
Listen, it kind of hurts in the beginning but wonderful once you once you get rid of the addiction. It’s kind of like a drug addict. Okay, you are a stuff addict. This is what you are but

Foxy 9:10
Well, I mean, I admit says I miss stuff. No, attic is the wrong word. I’m just a stuffer.

Tiger 9:18
I am a stuff lover. And I am stuff free. Now who is better off?

Foxy 9:23
I don’t know. Let me let me live in your little house for a moment. Okay, just a little while 24 hours your tiny itty bitty shower Polly even will be too small for me. I cannot imagine how you can live there without stuff. I mean I have I don’t know seven eight type of shampoos and body wash and

Tiger 9:42
you only get to bring one shampoo keep your stuff out of my tiny little house. Okay.

Foxy 9:48
No, I’m sorry, Tiger. I’m sorry, Tiger. This deal is off. No, no, no, no, no, you live without your stuff. I live with my stuff.

Tiger 9:56
See my whole tiny house can fit in your garage. Okay, that’s the advantage and I can take my my tiny little houses mobile.

Foxy 10:06
I kind of like that idea as a bigger houses those I can put my stuff in there

Tiger 10:12
no no no we got a nice stuff you first Okay, listen, I gotta balance You’re driving me nuts okay yeah

Foxy 10:19
You drive me nuts to

Tiger 10:22
I got to go back to my meeting and I gotta go talk to my sponsor, because I think your little disease there is touched me and I don’t want to go in fall off the wagon if you know what I mean? Oh, I know exactly what you mean.

Foxy 10:38
I don’t even know how to say it. But I think I cannot live without my stuff. So thank you for all your effort and thank you for your time for for for talking with me. And, you know, please don’t talk to your sponsor. I don’t want to give me I don’t want to be de stuffed and then my fear falls out when you guys put me on medication. No, no, no, please don’t do that tiger.

Tiger 10:58
All right. You’re just crazy. All right, I’m out of here. See you later.

Foxy 11:03
Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Tiger 11:04
All right, you bounce bouncy bounce.

Foxy 11:07
I do