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Danny 0:00
Is Britney Spears free? The hashtag free Britney? That’s what today’s podcast is about. Lexi and I, we just heard about it today in the news feed. And we spend a little bit of time watching the hashtag free Britney videos reading the website, we had no idea what a conservatorship was. And we are both shocked that this is even possible in a free country to a person regardless of what that person has done to get put into a conservatorship. So we wanted to shed some light on the free brittni movement that we just learned about literally hours ago just to educate ourselves in the listeners of what’s going on. Tell us a little more of how you understand the conservatorship and how do you think Britney Spears ended up being in this amazing institution of the legal system called conservatorship? I’m sure a lot of our listeners don’t even know what conservatorship is because I’ve never heard of it in my life until what four hours so long. Why don’t you shed some light on that first and then tell us a little more how Brittany got in so what is a conservator so I how I understand this Danny is this you this you either in danger to yourself in danger to others enters you are mentally incapable to make sound decisions. This is when the court but you need somebody who approaches the court to gain that conservatorship for that individual. This is how I understand this. Okay, and that’s Brittany’s father. What was his name? JAMIE. Jamie. Okay, there’s Jamie there. So Jamie, after Brittany shaved her hair, and she attacked the perazzi. And I guess he used that opportunity to appeal to the court and put her into a conservatorship, she loses her constitutional bill of rights as a person her property could be taken she can be told what to do. So let’s start with her father started this. Is that how you understood it? Oh, yeah. And he was a real charm. You know, he had nothing, hardly no contact with the family when she grew up. I mean, he was the winner. He worked as a short cook for very little time. He worked in construction for very little time and more Britain became famous and he saw this there was some money involved. He got involved in this. Okay, so he had a financial motive. And I actually heard on some of the videos in interviews and stuff that basically he told a reporter even when Brittany was very young, my daughter is going to be so famous and so rich. I’m going to get a boat. So it sounds like he got a lot more than a boat. Yeah. All right. Let’s go over. She’s in a conservatorship. Yeah, what freedom as an American citizen that we just assume everybody has is an American citizen. Did she lose? Oh, she pretty much lost everything she is being controlled of who she’s seeing who’s visiting here who she is stating whether she can see her children or not can see her children. She has zero right out of here. 60, close to $60 million of your company, which is worth $60 million. He had dad gets $120,000 a year. And she actually only gets $24,000 a year. So this is you see what she is losing. She lost pretty much everything. Now I even heard that conservative tour who like conserves her or whatever it is in conservative tea, the recipient of the conservation. I mean, it sounds ludicrous, but okay, she’s the conservative tea and the dad in his gang is the are the conservative tours. I actually read somewhere that the conservator, her dad and his gang can tell her who she can date or not. Is that true? This is what I read. Yeah, this is how I understood it. I mean, so basically, a conservatorship is like a dating agency to you gets to pick his or her boyfriends and who goes out with her. I mean, that is unbelievable. His show is alright, so give us a little bit of history. how we got here, Lexi. Well, what I learned is now she’s 40 years old. She was 26 years old when she lost her mother. She is on stage. Well, let’s start this. She is on stage since he is seven or eight years old. Then she lost her mom who was really her strongest advocate when she was 26. Though that’s an emotional heavy down now right into a one year later. She lost the custody of her children. I guess her husband was Federline. I forgot his last name. Yes. Something like that. I know. Okay, and he got the custody of the children. Yep. And then what I understood the way one of the reasons she was manipulated to get into agreeing to give up everything in this conservatorship is that she would get the right to see her kids. It’s almost like they use the kids as a blast.

Lexy 5:00
Camille to get her into it. Is that how you understood it? Yep, this is how I understood it. But I think we also need to remember this usually a child star, you know by 20s, they they are burned out and they do all goofy stuff versus and headcase. They put the handcuffs on here and say made dawn shows us her little Empire keeps growing and she is a modern slave. And no kids, she had zero responsibility. Everything was taken from here. She says now in 2021 has a 5050 custody rate. That’s amazing that they can even pull that off. But let’s let’s just assume for one moment, okay, she’s a danger. And that’s why she killed anybody or done anything. She just took the umbrella hit a car, she shaved her head. It’s almost like it’s a cry for help. I mean, if I was stalked by paparazzi, 24 seven, I might snap, especially if my childhood was robbed. And I didn’t have any. Okay, so now she snapped. Let’s assume that’s all true. She goes into the loony bin for a little bit. At some point, they let her out, she should have control even if she’s going to ruin her millions of dollars. That should be her right? A lot of rich celebrities, pop stars go bankrupt, she should have the right to do that. And no one should be able to like tell her how to do it or whatever. I think this is where I’m appalled. Once she got to the loony bin for 12 years. She’s basically a slave to somebody who’s trying to keep this whole thing secret. And thanks to the hashtag free Brittany, this thing has come out and you have seen it. How do you think she’s not able to get out of it? Or how do you keep perpetuating this? Well, I what I read is this Brittany is fighting it quietly. I don’t know why she’s fighting it quietly. And also she has a court appointed attorney. She doesn’t have one of these fancy ritzy attorneys know her dad, does it court appointed attorney. Yeah. So I actually heard that basically, she hired an attorney, which is probably a constitutional rights by the Republic, you know, of the United States and Republic protecting its citizens rights. She had the right to get her own attorney. But however, in California, because some of these things don’t apply. I don’t know how but when she went with the attorney to protect her, the judge dismissed it says you’re not allowed to have an attorney. And then he gave her an attorney who obviously she lost. I don’t understand How is this even possible? But Is that how you understood what happened here? Yeah, this is how I understood it. This she didn’t have the right to maybe she couldn’t afford it. I mean, Jesus $2,000 a month a good attorney probably cost $2,000 a week. So her father made darn sure that she cannot afford a private attorney like he does. And I think this is after she lost the battle. She got put on this EDB you know, salary or whatever the father Mickey Mouse there. We always hear about these kangaroo courts around the world. But obviously Brittany was the biggest kangaroo court I’ve ever heard in the United States. Yeah, this kangaroo court put her in this situation. However, before the kangaroo court, what I understood Brittany got the attorney, the attorney agreed to help her. He first was concerned if she actually is cognitive to make decisions. And he made that determination because she told the attorney, I realized I’m going to lose the conservatorship battle. But I don’t want my dad to win, let somebody independent, manage and run the conservatorship not my dad. So that sounds like a sound person even that maybe she was temporarily. Let’s call it insane, which I think there’s way more insane people from what i’ve cited in this story than her and obviously, she’s grown up and become way more sane. Now. I guess. Now she’s going back to court and she’s silently asking because she’s putting messages on Instagram. She’s putting stuff in pictures if she wants to be free. She mentions freedom here and there. So maybe this is some kind of a silent plea for help. I mean, I kind of feel sorry for her. So do I very much so and I wouldn’t be surprised it’s the George and dad’s turn on her attorney. Now actually in bed with dad, they probably make a fortune out of this including here psychologist and psychologist. I mean, come on. You know, she’s sane enough to go on stage and continue her Empire not only on stage but she also has a PR firm company. I mean, this woman is quite wizard she she is very, very witty. So she is sane enough to do all this but she is not sane enough to control her own money. We’re not making any zation the court that it’s corrupt or not. We’re

Danny 10:00
just speculating it’s almost like in some of these third world countries where courts are corrupt the behavior is kind of like corrupt but you’re right. Lexi residency show in Vegas was generating over a million dollars a week that where the heck did that money go to? I mean, that is outrageous. I mean, she’s basically a little money machine but there’s some kind of a black pit. Usually it’s a boat. People come to your money and lose it on a yacht or something. But she’s got some kind of a black hole. Money is made. There isn’t any I mean, someone’s rich. I mean, where the heck is this money?

Lexy 10:35
Well, it’s probably was daddy Jamie, you know, somewhere down the drain. Excuse me. God bless you. Oh, thank you. Yes, it’s Swiss Polly was daddy Jamie. You know, I mean, come on. You know, the guy never had his hands on so much money. This all of a sudden from a core short cook. I mean, construction worker once in a while. Give me a break. Yeah, Phil. Jim. I

Danny 10:57
heard he had to fill Jim too. So obviously his daughter’s a way better business woman than he ever was a business man.

Lexy 11:03
Yeah, yeah. This kind of answers your question. Where did the money go? Where is it?

Danny 11:08
Maybe this whole conservatorships should be flipped over to daddy in his goon squad and have them in a conservatorship conservatorship, Brittany manage it.

Lexy 11:19
You know, that would be justice. Yes, absolutely. I agree with you, Danny.

Danny 11:24
Yeah, we should get our Goofy’s fans to write to the court and say hey, Judge make put daddy in a conservatorship and have Brittany run it

Lexy 11:33
as a whole. It’s the whole thing is really a disaster. It’s a devastate of what happened to this young woman. I mean, not only coming from a tiny village from I don’t know what we’re Mississippi or something like this. And then she is throwing into the Big Apple and all of a sudden she’s super famous. And then Daddy, then mommy dies and then daddy comes back into her life. Then she’s losing her own shit. I mean, what is sad story that is such a sad story.

Danny 12:01
So on Twitter, there is a hashtag free, Brittany. So we’re gonna look at a little bit of just what the people are saying because we we are brand new to this. And truth finally comes out confirmed Brittany was being forced against her will to perform as well as into a mental health facility in what appears to be as punishment for standing up for herself. Hashtag free, Brittany. Oh my god. Yeah, it seems like the New York Times article has really shed some light on this travesty. Let’s just say it the elephant in the room. I mean, isn’t this like modern day slavery?

Lexy 12:42
I totally agree with you.

Danny 12:44
I mean, you should get reparations.

Lexy 12:46
Yeah, I mean, in my opinion, this should be a new Georgia should be a new psychologist, a psychiatrist if there should be new everything, including a new lawyer for here. And then daddy needs to be put in a dungeon. I mean, Holy moly.

Danny 13:00
Danny look at this one. She also claimed she had been forced to perform while sick with 104 degree fever, calling it one of the scariest moments of her life. I mean, how how can you in America for somebody to work when they’re sick or first and even if they’re not sick? What kind of manipulation power do they have over her? it? Maybe they’re threatening? No kids? No kids. I mean, something is going on. And they’re trying to keep it secret. I think that’s the most sickest part of this.

Lexy 13:32
Yeah. I think to know kids losing custody says probably drove over the deep end, you know, and then she hung out with Paris Hilton and there was another one. They called there were three of those young women and they called them three bimbos. So that really cannot do a whole lot for your self esteem. Especially when you’re already down. You know, kick them why she’s down. Oh, what does she has to say? Yeah, it

Danny 13:57
looks like the legend Cher says she is trying to make calls to help Brittany I have written so many angry over the top tweets, but they have changed and nothing I will try to call might not get through but I will try. Oh, good for you shares to share is standing up. All right. All right like that. You know, Lexi, let’s assume you know what you said. She was partying out. She was bad. At some point. They said she was a bad mom. All these paparazzi’s shove cameras in her. Let’s assume that’s all true. Obviously, she has changed. She’s calmed down because in the last 10, more than 10 years, none of that stuff has been happening, right? Normal people would get a break. Even criminals come out of jail and they get custody of your kids. They control their finances, they control their business. This is unbelievable that they have managed to hide this and perpetuate this so long. It’s like a quasi little business. Basically, they they’re running a conservatorship Incorporated. I mean, let’s call it what it is. And then I heard the dad is actually calling the free Brittany movement, a concern, a conspiracy nut case driven movement, that they’re just losers in idiots. But we saw people actually taking their time going on a street and protesting. I mean, that’s how strongly people feel about it to go out in the street. What did you think about that?

Lexy 15:25
I think this woman really deserves at least what we know what we know and what we learn here on the net in the news and so forth, that she deserves all the support she gets can get. But you know, I would like to take a step back. You know how she got the supposedly this stigma of being a bad mom. She was driving, she was running away from the power Razzies, and she took care kids suppose me out of the shayad seat, while I don’t know whether it was the boy or the girl, you know, she took one of the kids out of the child seat and put it on his on her laps into power. Right? She got that picture. And based on that picture, she became a bad mom. And she was not suitable to be a mother who has custody of children.

Danny 16:14
That that is horrible. I think it also shows how vulture is these pop bharathiar. And then these tabloids who pay them millions for these photos, and every little second is scrutinized. I’m sure another mom somewhere grabbed the seat from the child, little chair, put it in a lap, got her purse and stuff out of the car came out and took a snap at that moment. And then it goes viral on TV. And Brittany is like the worst mom in the world. It’s just amazing. Yeah, you’re right. It’s amazing how they constructed this, that she’s so bad. But let’s assume she was. Let’s say it’s true. She endanger the kid at that moment. There’s got to be some forgiveness over over it at some point in the future. And let’s move on. I think that, yeah, she’s bad. She dresses slutty and stuff like that. Let’s assume all of it is true. Does that give society rights to force her into this kind of modern day slavery called conservatorship? I think that’s what should be the issue. It’s just, I’m just like, shocked.

Lexy 17:25
Also, am I and I mean, with all respect towards Michael Jackson. I mean, he he was asked controversy in many, many ways regarding his dressing. And you possibly recall the incident where he had one of his tiny itty bitty children. And he dangled him over the balcony and his went viral. I mean, and nothing, nothing happened to him.

Danny 17:49
Okay, that’s a good point. And that let’s let’s say Brittany went and took her kid one of them and dangle it over the balcony like Michael Jackson. Let’s say she did that. Oh, my God not to get into conservatorship. They were price barrier down in the dungeon. She didn’t even dangle the kid she had the kid in the lap the carpet. She was grabbing stuff. So she wasn’t driving it with the kid. So it’s not even close to what Michael Jackson did. I mean, he could have accidentally dropped the kid and the kid could have broke the neck, you know and died. So Brittany didn’t do anything like that. But even if she did, you know, she apologizes. She realizes it was a mistake. And still should be the mom. I mean, I think so. What do you think?

Lexy 18:34
Yes, I think the whole thing was a sham. It’s almost like it was planned. It’s just it’s just ridiculous. I cannot I don’t even understand this. George would not rule in her favor. I mean, 12 years later as a woman is 40 years old, and now she has a 5050 custody of her children.

Danny 18:54
I’m Maria. Alright, so on Reddit, there is a subreddit free Brittany, we’re gonna take a little bit Look at that. So here’s one posted by Nelson 64. Britney Spears quietly pushed for years to end her conservatorship and a lot of people are on board with it Yeah, I have so absolutely disgusting that the courts allow this to continue a lot of these people at sea are 100% agreeing with you disgusting This has to stop so this movement is actually gaining momentum All right, here’s a good post positive one Lexie won’t be long now big world Miss Brittany will be free within hours xo hashtag free Brittany. So yes, this person actually thinks it’s it’s going to be over pretty soon. Do you think she actually is going to win this battle? Well,

Lexy 19:49
I hope so. You know, I when was that common written?

Danny 19:53
When all 3.1 hour ago?

Lexy 19:55
Jesus okay. So there must be something in the making, which we missed. We did not know about it

Danny 20:01
yeah, where you might have to do an update if she does when this do.

Lexy 20:05
Yeah, well I definitely from the bottom of my heart, I cross my fingers and hope that she is going to be a free person and kick. You know what I mean?

Danny 20:15
We know what you mean like See, look at this one mystery person files determinate Brittany’s conservatorship, but forgets to pay that 90. I guess he was so excited to read Brittany forgot to bring some money.

Lexy 20:29
Oh my god, I don’t believe this. They are really some good hearted people who just need a need to come down.

Danny 20:37
Yeah, notice to reject them for the Superior Court of California at least he tried. So I give him credit for that.

Lexy 20:43
Yeah, yeah, you’re absolutely right. I mean, if all her fans would do that, I don’t understand why this hasn’t happened.

Danny 20:50
All right. Here’s another one like see. Courtney Love posted a screenshot on her Instagram stories about hashtag free Brittany. We miss you. La misses you. When are you coming back? Yeah, so even Courtney Love is posted. So share Courtney Love so there’s probably even more. So yeah, this is spreading. I think this little money making black hole the daddy and I mean daddy and processor fees Jamie has created I mean that black hole has light shining on it. I am going to be amazed if that’s going to persist longer. Oh, look at this Lexie, there is a poll. Does Brittany have a shot at ending? The conservatorship? 565? Yes. 235 No. Oh my god.

Lexy 21:41
You know, Danny, I really have the feelings as many people just kind of tried to piggyback on this whole thing of making themselves famous or to maintain their fame. So like some people say, Oh, we really miss you. La really misses you. There’s nothing she can do about it. Why would Britney Spears go back on stage? If she doesn’t get paid for it? I mean, why can those people who are famous and who Willie love here? Why can they send a letter to the George or to the public and daily being on there and being a hammer and supporting here?

Danny 22:17
I like that. Alright, celebrities do what Cher and Courtney Love did start hammering at the court at the system at California. here’s here’s actually a good one from a Honky Tonk. 2005. Can we do a GoFundMe to help her hire a lawyer? That goes that goes along? What you said Lexi that she can’t afford a lawyer because how dad manipulated the situation. So what do you think about that idea? Oh,

Lexy 22:46
I applaud this person. The only one out of what 700 people who read this come up with this

Danny 22:55
brilliant idea. Well, it’s something at least that’s an actionable item. So yeah, everybody start somebody who knows how to do it start a GoFundMe campaign you know and help her but once once she’s out obviously she’s not going to have any money problems she cuz she’s gonna be a money machine again, where the money doesn’t go into the black hole. But into her bank account. Oh my god. Lexi looked at this one posted by human colourise I cried for two weeks Brittany response to framing Britney Spears documentary. So yeah, a lot of people were emotionally touched with that documentary. What do you think about documentary? Do you think that explained her case? Well,

Lexy 23:36
depends who’s talking they always two stories to the coin. Right. So clearly, this was the bad coin. This coin has only one side. I just don’t understand. I and I, I mean, this very serious. I don’t understand why she’s so quiet about it device. She doesn’t have an Instagram every single 15 minutes. Just get it out there. make noise, the squeaky

Danny 24:00
wheel gets the oil. Okay, so that’s a good question. Let’s see. So why doesn’t Brittany go on the internet post a video and tell her story? Let’s let’s try to think from we’re not looking at all the angles. Maybe maybe daddy that conservatorship? Maybe there’s some laws? She can’t she needs permission. They don’t allow it. Maybe she can’t even open Instagram account and a YouTube account. Good point. We don’t Good point. Yeah, we don’t know. And I’m not saying that’s the truth or not sometimes, you know, like dad said that all these free britany nut cases are conspiracy theorists. A lot of times when you’re fighting for freedom into truth, the way to shut you up is to say you’re a conspiracy nut. Well, maybe there is a big conspiracy on their end to shut her up. And maybe they have tools that are still hidden in this black hole that they have in some of the tools if she can’t get a YouTube account. She can’t get an Instagram account or there’s some kind of even dark manipulation. It’s somehow like they’re controlling her almost I think any normal person wouldn’t have to put secret messages and pictures that they want freedom and give hints. They will just flat out say it. But she’s not doing that something’s going on. We don’t know what it is, I think in X amount of years when she is a free citizen again, obviously she’s not a free American citizen. That’s a fact. Yeah, he will tell us what how,

Lexy 25:24
yeah, you out. You’re right. I haven’t considered that. I mean, I just so used to having my freedom and to do and say whatever I want to. So I it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it. This she can she is not allowed. I mean, how I hate this word. She’s not allowed to do that.

Danny 25:42
Alright, Goofy’s tell us what you think about this. Obviously, we know this subject less than one day. If you guys been on top of this for longer than us share in the comments what the heck is going on? Why is Brittany not talking about it? If you know the truth, when will this end? And do you think it’s deserved that she’s been in a conservatorship for a dozen or so years?

Lexy 26:08
Well, audience I hope you found this compassionate enough the topic compassion on offices, you going to do something for here. And by the way, we still love you. So love us back. Make sure this you’re going to subscribe. And we thank you for your attention. Thank you. All right.

Danny 26:27
Thank you, Goofy’s. We’ll see you next time. And if there’s an update in this situation. We’ll update everybody. All right, by Danny by Aleksey by Goofy’s Bye bye.

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