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Foxy 0:00

Tiger 0:01
a Foxy Is that you? Hey tiger. Yes it is a listen, I’m at Best Buy here. And I wanted to upgrade my computer it’s really slow. So I’m looking all these computers and I remember when I was over at your house us me Excuse

Foxy 0:17
me, Tiger. I know you’re on a Bluetooth.

Tiger 0:20
I mean yeah the one I have you know the one that I always keep wearing in my ear the cute blue one

Foxy 0:27
sits so annoying Tiger Shame on you.

Tiger 0:30
Well what I mean, I this is America, I can talk, you know what’s you know, I see some funny looks around me here but I don’t care, I have the freedom to speak. You know, if they don’t like it, they should just leave Best Buy.

Foxy 0:45
Well, I think Best Buy should put a little note on and say please be courteous to our other customers. Because Do you know how extremely annoying it is? Sometimes when I’m in the store and I have somebody behind me, I’m a very courteous person, by the way. So when I am the store and I’m staying in line, and somebody is behind me, they go Baba, Baba, Baba, then I turned around and I say excuse me, how can I help you? And they just wobble wobble wobble is just kind of what Who are you talking to Mr. Do you as is ever happened to you?

Tiger 1:19
You know, I would be annoyed if you turned around or me somebody like that and then tells me my business. Okay, stay out of my business. It’s none of your business. Okay, if I want to talk to you, I’ll talk to you right now. I am going to talk because I have a First Amendment right in the Constitution. I know you in Germany don’t have this thing constitutes I’m saying

Foxy 1:41
Germany, it doesn’t make any difference whether I’m in Portugal, America or Germany, we all have rights tiger, and I have my rights of what is that is actually a real estate thing where the law where the noise cannot go beyond your premises in the same as when your voice kind of gets into my personal space, then it’s not right. It’s annoying.

Tiger 2:10
Yeah, but I like to have hands free. And I can talk and I feel good. So if you impose this rule where I can do that, it’s taking away my freedom to express myself.

Foxy 2:25
I just don’t believe I’m listening to this. You’re usually such a kind person, but I did not notice you so inconsiderate. I mean, I have you may say talk tiger.

Tiger 2:43
Listen, I need help to get a computer what’s wrong with me talking? Whoever doesn’t like it can just leave Best Buy. I don’t see the problem here.

Foxy 2:57
Well, I’m glad I’m not there because I would just pretend this I don’t know you and I will trip you or I will take that damn Bluetooth and shove it into your ear.

Tiger 3:07
I think you’re a little passive aggressive. aggressive. Oh no, my

Foxy 3:12
friend is nothing passive about it. Just go slam bam. Mm hmm

Tiger 3:18
This is why we have a laws in the law that I’m using is the first amendment the right to free speech and I’m exercising it just like a regular American tiger.

Foxy 3:36
You know, Tiger, Tiger. Why? Why are you like this? Why can you be considerate? You have a mom and a little kid in front of you. And the kid pulls on mommy sleeve and say Mommy Mommy, look who’s the tiger talking to and then you just ignoring that poor little adorable child and you just keep on yapping, yapping, etc. But anyway, you know what I mean?

Tiger 4:01
I gotta Yeah, ball I want because I need a computer. And then I look at you. I was calling you to get advice. And you just derailed me with all your little social justice that you have

Foxy 4:15
tiger. It has nothing to do with social success. This is just courtesy, you know, you probably don’t even have a mask on. I can hear it when you have a mask over your face. So you talking loud and you probably little spirits come out and you talking on your Bluetooth which is stuck in your ear. And then you want other people to leave just because they don’t like it. Some people need quietness to think. So maybe you can at least Lower your voice.

Tiger 4:44
Like I don’t want to lower my voice. Okay, I have my voice the way it is. I am a tiger. I’m a red blooded American tiger and no mask. Our governor here in Florida said no one has to wear a mask. Yes, right. Then, so I don’t have a mask. And I have my right to free speech. Loud speech if I want to

Foxy 5:07
tiger. Somebody must have put something in your hamburger today. Because this doesn’t sound like you. I cannot even imagine this you wouldn’t be that rude. What do you do when you go to Trader Joe’s or to Publix? Are you being that obnoxious as well?

Tiger 5:23
Or Trader Joe’s? I don’t step into that. Yup, the cesspool. Ah, all

Foxy 5:31
Now, first of all, first of all, let me get back I had a second to think about now. American tigers, where the hell are they besides in the zoo, and there is a reason to why they are in the zoo.

Tiger 5:43
American tigers are free in roaming. Okay, me and my clan. We have acres in Florida. We’re no zoo. Okay, so don’t insult them. You’re a little racist, you little Foxy. How come you can be free and we can’t be free?

Foxy 6:00
Because I belong here. And because it’s I’m just not annoying like you are? At least not when I’m in public. Or at least not when somebody doesn’t annoy me. Annoying is a perspective. Okay? If I’m not annoyed and Best Buy and you’re annoyed at Best Buy, then you have a problem. Don’t shoot little Foxy lion that you just intimidate other people because you’re so big and you’re so strong. Therefore they don’t say anything to you. But I bet you

Tiger 6:36
they don’t believe it. You’re such an insulting Fox. You call me a lion. Don’t you know? So? That’s so so degraded that The L Word. You never use The L Word with the tiger. I mean, oh my god, Tiger. I’m

Foxy 6:53
sorry. I’m sorry. You just look like maybe you guys were related.

Tiger 6:59
Or you just get there’s no end and insulting. I mean, Oh, you’re so inconsiderate. You’re trying

Foxy 7:07
to derail me because you talking on your Bluetooth and you probably have me on speaker do Bluetooth have speakers?

Tiger 7:15
Well, there’s nobody around me everybody’s left. So there’s no speaker right now. Even the clerk has left when picking the laptop he left. There’s no manager there’s nothing I need like a bell or something to ring to get help. What can I say? Best Buy have

Foxy 7:35
just take the damn laptop and leave and it would fit your personality. bully bully bully bully.

Tiger 7:42
I would do that. I just don’t know which laptop there’s like 50 of them here. I need the right one. I don’t need another Slowpoke laptop. The one I have takes like 10 minutes to boot up.

Foxy 7:54
You could just grab one. Try it out. And if it doesn’t work, you just could return it that kind of fits your personality tiger. Mm hmm.

Tiger 8:03
And here in America, if we don’t like something, we can return it and we get our money back not like in Germany you buy something you got to keep it to me that’s ridiculous.

Foxy 8:13
Tiger Lion Tiger. I don’t understand why you keep bringing up Germany. I have lived here in America now for what is it? 35 years. I’m a US citizen. So I have as many rights as you do.

Tiger 8:28
Well, apparently you haven’t learned to return things. Okay, in America, we have the constitutional right to keep returning things until we get the one that works. So if I don’t like this laptop, I take it back. Then I take it back again. Take it back again. And then I get the laptop I like that’s a constitutional right in America.

Foxy 8:48
No, it is not because the American companies getting pretty annoyed with that type of behavior. So therefore there is a half a restocking fee. In some companies actually, when you return something I’m not quite sure whether it’s three or five times you then you cannot return any more. So you better count how often you return there and at Best Buy a

Tiger 9:12
restocking fee. Oh my god yes. yaksha discriminatory practice. Okay, we’re not going to allow that in America ever.

Foxy 9:19
Yes, you do. Listen, Tiger. You got to read the fine print to

Tiger 9:26
see your print sucks. Tiger.

Foxy 9:29
Are you one of the dudes who pay cash?

Tiger 9:32
I pay cash now haha cash only

Foxy 9:34
haha. And there’s a reason for that tiger.

Tiger 9:37
I know exactly. I know your type. What type is that? The one who loves freedom and cash.

Foxy 9:44
No, it’s not the one who loves freedom and cash. That’s the one who goes through the loophole because this is the way houses how houses store clerk people cannot keep track of how often you return something versus if you would pay with credit card. Yep, they got you by the tail right then

Tiger 10:02
you want you want to put me in some kind of a database to catch me. No, no, no. Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen. Okay, what I did I returned my laptop if I don’t like it and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

Foxy 10:16
Manager Head Head manager

Tiger 10:20
manager left apparently he’s annoyed with your conversation so hold on. Alright, listen this is this is starting to annoy me now I need to focus on the laptop and then I will come over in I need you help set it up so it’s fast like yours so I’ll be over there in a few minutes. Okay, okay Tiger All right. See you later. I will forgive you

Foxy 10:42
not not not

Tiger 10:45
you’re gonna forgive me. I’ll bring some I’ll bring some food. Okay, I need to I need to fatten you up a bit last time I saw you you’re like all bones you don’t need well Foxy

Foxy 10:58
What does that has to do with you talking on the Bluetooth and everybody else around you left?

Tiger 11:04
But anyway, okay, major points. Alright, bye bye You see ya.

Foxy 11:08
Bye bye tiger, Lion Tiger, lie and tiger. Bye bye.