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Cruella (2021) Movie Review & Rant

Tiger 0:00
Cruella de Disney movie. This is a rant review because I am disappointed at Disney about this movie and I want to let it all out about everything that I didn’t like. So Foxy. What did you think about krewella? Well, first of all, I

Foxy 0:19
would like to say don’t hold back tiger. Just give it a give it whatever you got to give it.

I would like to do the same thing. I think it’s almost like if somebody played a bad joke on Disney, then that was it. I don’t know how Disney My beloved Disney, Mickey Mouse and so forth all lovey, lovey, Huggy. And then Cruella, she will

Tiger 0:46
I mean, how do we go from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to this cruel, cruel movie? I mean, she was so dark. And then like, I think where I really started to hate the movie is when she was mean to her to best buddies. What did you think about that?

Foxy 1:05
Oh, I I thought it was already pretty useless prior to that, but I agree that was just, I don’t know. I cannot even imagine this. People are being that cruel to somebody who saves their life more or less and took her in. I mean, if you don’t mind, Tiger, let’s start from the beginning. What?

Starring Emma Stone & Emma Thompson

Tiger 1:25
By the way, this is going to be spoilers. So yeah, we don’t hold back. This is everything’s coming out what we don’t like about this movie. Alright, let’s start from the beginning. Why don’t you take it off? I think where she loses her mother. I mean, geez, Disney. What were you thinking? Yeah, I

Foxy 1:43
fully agree with you when this is mean fashion woman their thoroughness just literally made her dogs to push this poor mom over the wall. But you know what, also I what bothered me tiger. Yeah. It’s in the beginning where, you know, the voice kind of regenerates on on what happened to this little girl and

Tiger 2:11
their rates and it’s almost like she likes that she’s bad and wicked. And she celebrates that. Yep,

Foxy 2:17
that’s absolutely right. If it sounded cynical, it sounded mean. It’s just she had a fun time of being a wicked person.

Tiger 2:27
I know. It’s almost like Disney is promoting like being wicked is good. You know? That’s how I had the feeling after this movie.

Foxy 2:34
Yeah, I totally agree with us this whole Satanism. How do you pronounce this Satanism? Satanism? It’s just it was so obvious. In the beginning I thought Oh, wow. cool music You know, I kind of I kind of like that. And then I don’t know the band, which was you know, whether What’s your name? Or you? You remember what’s it?

Tiger 2:57
Well, I forget Yeah, yeah. Rolling Stones I think what’s your name the devil song and yeah, our is the devil. I mean, her last name is the devil. She adapts to fake name. Cruella devil. Says the deal like it’s not devil now. Yeah, exactly. Oh, dark. It’s just like I missed the days when we had you know, Kumbaya you know about the lion. I mean, what happened to the Lion King and Elvis Shawn singing?

Produced by Walt Disney Studios

Foxy 3:28
Well, especially with the Disney movies. This is what I would associate with Disney. You

Tiger 3:33
know, like, the Lion King was a Disney movie. Or you know, at least that’s what I think of a Disney movie. No white, you know? That kind of stuff. Where are we? How do we get here?

Foxy 3:46
I don’t know who was promoting Disney or who is designing Disney right now with a new image but whoever it is, is it’s it’s mean it’s bad. It’s they gotta go this this movie was in a ways it was like presented it was for 12 year old you know mean goods. But those she played an adult woman and be that wicked regardless, she tried to

you know, gets a necklace from her mom. Regardless, this Baroness killed her mom, it was just so darn dark. And I mean,

Tiger 4:29
it was it was and then it’s like, it’s almost like, you know, it’s cool to steal. You know, that was the other thing. There’s almost nothing wrong about being a thief. It’s cool. It’s nice. all the bad things that they 50 years ago, Disney would put in the movie as a bad thing. Now it’s a cool thing. It’s almost like you’re educating kids to be we evil. I don’t know. I mean, I was just I didn’t get it. Maybe we’re behind on times. Maybe This is what kids should be doing.

Foxy 5:02
Well, I cannot imagine I think you know, doing real in life there is your manatees is dignities is integrities is nothing like that was in that movie nothing Now besides your two friends really I shouldn’t say nothing here to friends played that roads integrity that honesty is a loyalty here friends

Tiger 5:25
did it but if they were too much I think even their The message was wrong once you started being cruel to them because she was nice to them in the beginning, and she became cruel to them. They should have just walked away. And then suddenly like she comes back and then she embraces at the end of the movie her cruelness but I mean, the friends were like way too, like droney gullible followable I don’t know like I think they were not unrealistic. I can’t imagine people be that loyal to the end. Oh,

Foxy 5:58
I don’t know tiger. I think when you really when you really care for somebody, you always will have loyalty even if they are really mean you put them on a putt like like say did her friends did put on a put, especially this one guy I forgot the name of his character. He was loyal towards the end and I think it’s paid off his she was nice in the end towards them. All right,

Tiger 6:24
well, let’s do the stars. I I give it a one star. I think you know, the visuals were great. The filming was great. The story was horrible. The message was horrible. I can’t give it a zero. So that’s the lowest the one star review on Disney. Please. Let’s go back to the good old days. If you’re listening to me,

Foxy 6:46
I agree with you. I mean Disney if you only can produce those movies and don’t produce any you do us a favor. And I’m with you Tiger if I could give it a minus I will. So therefore I give. I give it a one minus and a big thumb down.

Tiger 7:04
Okay, I agree. I’m Goofy’s. What did you guys think about the movie? And we’d like to hear about it maybe me and Foxy or, you know, detached from Tyson? Maybe this is how we should behave the way this movie is promoted, or are we wrong? What do you guys think? I’m afraid of the replies but yes, please do. Send us your comments. wake us up. Maybe we’re missing some things. But thank you very much. I feel a lot better after this conversation to let this out because I am upset. I got a bounce now. I got to make some money. Okay, Tiger Bounce, bounce. Nice talking with you. See ya. See ya.

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