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Danny 0:00
Today on the Goofy’s podcast, the update on the free Brittany movement and yesterday’s court case, Lexi, how did you think and went yesterday with the court case under conservatorship? Let

Lexy 0:11
Danny was what I saw on the news and what I keep reading. It’s it seems like even the court or the whoever was able to listen into it, then it was a closed session, as we all know, it seems like she represented herself really well. Supposedly she was very collective but very emotional. She really spoke out she didn’t help access time, I think is all might hopefully in half turn out in her favor.

Danny 0:37
I agree. I think it went pretty good. As we know, they weren’t allowed to record her testimony, which was remote. However, the reporters were allowed to take notes. So we got to hear from those No. And it sounded like Britney was very composed, direct. She spoke her mind. And she made it very, very clear for the first time that she’s unhappy for the last 13 years with the conservatorship. Was that your impression as well? Oh, absolutely.

Lexy 1:05
She she’s just actually she I think she used the word slavery. I mean, that comes through that’s a very strong that must leave a very strong impression to the judge when a 40 year old woman is talking about slavery. Definitely very different when a 12 year old child says that, but she’s a 40 year old woman in 12 years slavery. Unreal.

Danny 1:28
Yeah, that is a travesty that has this has gone on so long. There is some kind of a waiting period, I guess before they make a decision. Do you think everybody all the fans, all the celebrities, influencers should be making a effort to keep putting pressure as you call it yesterday? keep dropping the hammer? Should

Lexy 1:46
we keep doing that? Oh, absolutely. Even harder and even louder? I mean, I’m unreal. And I hope this is a new judge. It’s not the same dude. In New George who’s truly listened to hear a new psychologist who’s listened. I mean, just they say there’s a major evaluation about her mental capacity. Well,

Danny 2:07
let’s hope so. I agree. I agree. Now, what did you think about the fans who came out there and droves? I mean, there are some amazing photos from front of the courthouse. What was your impression about the fan? Oh,

Lexy 2:19
bravo to them. kudos to them. I think it’s just this whole movement just started with a very few people. And now look at it. It’s almost in the national wide assist. So keep on going fence speak out loud. Yeah.

Danny 2:33
Yeah, they were wonderful. Also on the Goofy’s podcast video on YouTube, we got an overwhelming support, Comments, feedback. Well, this was the most that we’ve ever gotten started the podcast. Was that your impression? Ah,

Lexy 2:48
yes, it’s definitely seem to be a lot. A lot of people, a lot of people who spoke up and supported here, and that’s only on one channel. So I keep on going everywhere where you see the word Brittany, just keep on going. So let’s see what are the future steps?

Danny 3:04
What are we going to pay attention to in the coming days weeks? Well, I

Lexy 3:08
hope Danny is going to be days where we’re going to pay attention to the judge’s ruling,

Danny 3:14
I hope is going to be a very favorable judgment. And they’re going to lift the conservatorship on for here. So she is going to be finally a free woman again. Great. Alright, Goofy’s you heard it, show your support, spread the message. Share this video to your social media, like subscribe, and also give us your feedback point us in the right direction and give us information because me and Alexi, were learning about this and we are both appalled as you can tell, and we want to help with the little bit of following that we have. We’re going to share the message. Okay, Goofy fans,

Lexy 3:49
we love you and you love us. Show it to us. Give us a thumb up. Give us a little heart. And be kind be kind and supportive to Brittany. All right, everybody,

Danny 3:59
as you heard it. Great job yesterday. Keep up the fight for Brittany and we’ll see you at the next episode. Bye bye

Lexy 4:06
bye bye.