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Danny 0:00
If you want to know what’s going on between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, then you are in the right podcast. Welcome to goofy and today we’re going to cover that topic and with me is our co host, Alexi How you doing today? Lexi?

Lexy 0:16
I’m doing great. Thank you so much, Danny boy for having me. Yes. This is a wonderful topic. I love to talk about celebrities, partly because I’m not one of them. But it’s great fun.

Danny 0:29
Well, who knows if the listeners like and subscribe and share or celebrity shares or podcasts. Maybe you’re going to be a celebrity. What do you think about that?

Lexy 0:38
Well, I like your endorsement. Danny, please do subscribe. Give us your comments and love us

Danny 0:44
now. They’re earth shattering news. After breaking up with Ben Affleck because they were together in the 2000s. Yeah, and walked out. And she had the identical shirt that Ben had a few days earlier. Oh my god. What did you think about that?

Lexy 0:59
Oh, it’s scandalous, just scandalous. I don’t I don’t even think they had time to wash it. So But anyway, she does look very very cute in it. I thought and you know, it clear thing to say of his mind, man.

Danny 1:11
I know what’s a better way than wearing a rugged man’s shirt. I mean, that looked like a lumberjack shirt, didn’t it?

Lexy 1:18
Well, it fits perfectly. You know? She thinks of him. He is the man man. And she is so attractive to this man, man. I mean, Polly 100 years ago, he was a cave, man. But anyway, he’s a cute looking guys. Yep. And she gets up there on age. And cuteness doesn’t last forever, though. Go for it. Go. Go,

Danny 1:38
go. Go. All right. And I heard the rumor. I don’t know if you did that. She’s gonna move closer to Ben Affleck. So that that could be you know, a sign that they’re actually getting back together. I think Oh my God, if that happens, that’s going to be the biggest celebrity I guess re breakup because they broke up out there. unbreaking up right.

Lexy 1:58
That’s That’s right, Danny. That’s right. That’s a good way of putting it. I like that they anyway. Yes. She’s moving close. And she’s actually looking for schools for for the kids nearby. Yeah, it’s it’s most interesting news I have seen during the last week. I’m just so happy for them. So happy.

Danny 2:18
All right now. I think Alex Rodriguez, the famous New York Yankee based baseball player who used to be her ex man. Well, he was her man. Now he’s her ex man. Yeah, I think he’s gonna be pissed. I mean, this is not gonna be good for Alec. Why is he losing alimony? or Why is this not good for him? I don’t know. I mean, with the celebrities, they all make like $100 million. alimony is probably not a problem. Is it?

Lexy 2:44
No, but so I don’t think so either. So why would he be upset? Maybe he now feels good. And he can go out for you know, being a free man, man.

Danny 2:53
He’s gonna be a free agent. Yeah, yeah, that’s right. So pretty little girls out there. Alex is available. Yeah. And he needs you to get over Jennifer, you know.

Lexy 3:06
That’s right. is Jennifer is a nice name too. But I think it’s JLo you’re absolutely right. So you’re saying he is upset? Are you saying he’s happy? Well,

Danny 3:14
I think he’s upset when the baseball season is underway. I think I don’t think he’s gonna perform Ray or Well, I mean, Ben Affleck, if he’s really getting back with JLo it’s like stick sticking a dagger into Alice.

Lexy 3:27
Well explain that a little bit more. I mean, I’m so i

Danny 3:32
i’m not catching on here, Danny. Well, you know, men when they lose the woman, they don’t want someone else to get that woman that they lost.

Lexy 3:40
He liked your possession. Ah, though case, man is just the right description for those two legged dressed men men. Is this what you saying? Danny? Well,

Danny 3:51
I mean, Ben Affleck is a manly man. And this is what obviously JLo is attracted to she wants a manly man and just had that she lost it. Yeah, somehow she managed to rekindle that. I don’t you saw the watch that she bought them right. She wants them back.

Lexy 4:08
Mm hmm. And him wearing it. This means he’s really interested himself.

Danny 4:13
I think so I am giving it a 97% chance that we are going to have a bombastic celebrity reunion soon.

Lexy 4:23
Yeah, yeah, that is definitely what we need because we need some more famous news. So please just keep me Give me a ring when something else happened or the development is

Danny 4:35
okay. What do you want us to talk about saving the planet and all that people don’t want that we want to know what’s happening to our celebrity.

Lexy 4:43
I understand I understand and I think it’s quite interesting to me this people are so interested in something say Polly’s they probably not even ever going to shake their hands but they want to know Who’s a married and who gets divorced? And what kind of shoes are they wearing? How much money they have and what jewelry and it’s just kind of why you don’t have enough dirt in front of you own do i mean what is happening here?

Danny 5:14
Alright, so you’re calling our audience peeping Toms are what they’re trying to celebrities or what do you think is good they’re so attracted as obviously you can’t deny that hundreds of millions of people love to know everything about celebrities you go to the grocery store you got the tabloid and there’s a lot there so what why do you think they’re obsessed with celebrity is

Lexy 5:38
probably the same? Like why are some people not obsessed with celebrities? So my humble opinion and you know, I I’m not judgmental at all. I just have opinions. So and this is one of them. I think some people they realize it’s so that type of lifestyle is so out of reach for them. They just like to envision themselves I’m guessing to be there and to live that lifestyle and to wear those clothes and I really don’t know, I couldn’t tell you. I mean, I should we should interview somebody the next time of why.

Danny 6:10
Oh, that’s a great idea. I’ll actually I love that. Alright, celebrities. Okay, the Goofy’s podcast invite you and me and Lexi are going to interview you and find out what makes you tick. Why or why are these paparazzi’s hunting you down? day and night trying to get your photos? How do you feel about being into indies? What are those tabloid tabloids? Yeah, TMZ and so on. So yeah, yeah. Do you think there’ll be a good show? Like, oh, I

Lexy 6:37
think they are, again, as you say, 1000s of people who who are going to be interested in that? Yeah, I think that’s going to be an excellent show.

Danny 6:47
All right. Well, okay. I think Well, first, let me end with this. Ben J. Lo if you’re getting together, we’re not sure we wish you all the best. Absolutely. Yes. Same fear. We wish you all the best and audience thank you for joining the podcast. Don’t forget, like subscribe and share through your social media.

Lexy 7:07
That’s right. Just love us.

Danny 7:09
Just love us. Leave any comments what you want at the next show to beyond and Lexi, you’ve been lovely as always enjoyed the Bahamas while you’re still there.

Lexy 7:20
Thank you, Danny. I appreciate it. So you have a nice afternoon. Bye bye bye bye.

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  1. Bennifer 2.0 JLO and Ben Affleck because magazines and tabloids need something to load the openings in the news headlines with.

  2. I think this is old news. They already kissed in public. I think this time Bennifer is for REAL!

  3. Yup, Bennifer 2.0 while it lasts, then we are going to wait for Bennifer 3.0!

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