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Froggy 0:00
Hello, Wolfie, how you doing?

Wolfy 0:01
Good Froggy. Very good. Thanks. How are you doing?

Froggy 0:04
Listen, I’m a little upset. Okay. Oh, I know you got like 21 houses in 2008 Gambia. Yeah, here we go again. Just let me finish. Okay, I know. Here we go again. Don’t you give me the snarky remarks? We’ll see. All right, here’s what happened. Your Air BnB person came in Friday night, and till 1am had loud music pumping. Okay. Oh, my little Four little froggies couldn’t watch Netflix. They were so upset. Okay, what are you gonna do about that? Because if I because I’m going to tell you what, I’m starting on Monday. Now tell me Are you going to keep having these Airbnb things because I’m getting upset.

Wolfy 0:44
Well, of course, I’m going to have them because you know, it’s very much in my interest to have them. But I don’t understand why you guys didn’t call me You have my phone number.

Froggy 0:56
Well, it went to voicemail. So when you finally get to it on Monday, well, your secretary gets to do it on Monday morning, you’re going to hear a bunch of screaming frogs were very upset. But let me tell you, I’m sick and tired of leaving messages and waiting for your staff to ignore me. What I’m going to do now is see something Say something. Oh, you’re going to die? Yeah, no, no, no frogs from all over this great country are starting an online petition to ban the Airbnb. We’re so excited. We already got 53,000 applications from all kinds of frogs because we don’t got your Rich wolfies you think you can bring anybody in and charge them $100 a day and let them do whatever well poor little innocent frogs can sleep and have to listen to this and deal with people in and out? I mean, this is unAmerican

Wolfy 1:49
My god. Oh, I can’t believe I’m listening to this Froggy. It didn’t go to voicemail I have my phone on me 24 seven because my phone is my money do you think I get it go to voicemail? No. So therefore you could have called me and please don’t say anything about my Airbnb because you don’t know a whole lot about it.

Froggy 2:12
Well, I know there’s a bunch of people coming in and out in and out in and out. I mean, where’s the end of it?

Wolfy 2:20
The end of it is when we stop having money when they cannot pay any more than gone.

Froggy 2:28
But what about us we’re across your A B Airbnb. We got these people coming in. Then they got parties then they parked their cars. They blocked off my my little pickup truck. I couldn’t get out. How is that fair?

Wolfy 2:43
No, you absolutely right. It is not fair. And it is not. It’s it’s not right. You You were you very much. I agree with you a little frog. And I’m sorry, this your little frog kids. slimy Froggy kids probably. There’s your little kids couldn’t sleep or watch TV or whatever that forever. Probably people do in the evening. I’m sorry about that. It I cannot say it won’t happen again. But don’t touch my Airbnb, please. You know, and before you contact the authorities always tried to give me at least 10 calls.

Froggy 3:24
False. Ah, no, no, no, no, I now you have convinced me to push my petition. We are Monday morning. We’re sending it directly to the White House directly. And you will see Mr. President Biden, the great Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to take down this monstrosity called Airbnb, you know, hotels, that’s where people should go hotels, okay, where they pay the sales tax and they contribute so I can get my unemployment and my welfare and I can get my housing paid by the government. If people circum in hotels, too greedy little wolfy landlords like you, how am I going to get my money? This is why I think Yeah, Vice President Kamla Harris, spear this and get these airbnbs banned. I think you have convinced me This is the course of action.

Wolfy 4:22
Oh, you little jealous, selfless, selfish frog you. You if you could have a few airbnbs and you would do it too.

Froggy 4:36
But I can’t. I don’t own I don’t want exploited frogs like you do. I don’t exploit wolves for that matter. I work. I work hard. Thank god to avoid I don’t have to work for the last year and a half. I get the enhanced unemployment. With my welfare and my food stamps and my child support. I’m doing pretty good but not enough to buy One airbnbs No, not that

Wolfy 5:05
not that good. I guess you got to work another job my friend. But anyway other Froggy, Froggy? Yes, we’ll

Froggy 5:15

Wolfy 5:17
I think this you are displeased with my Airbnb guests is something very different than being against Airbnb. That would mean you are against capitalism. It’s it’s an excuse I don’t understand I’m confused.

Froggy 5:37
America is a freedom country not a capitalist exploitative country. So wolfies like you You exploited the hotel system you exploited the tax system you’re avoiding paying your fair share, and you got 21 houses and 20 are airbnbs the one across is the least of my problems it’s like also you’re draining the system okay. I think well theme we need to banned these Airbnb is you want to have a business, go sell your houses and go buy a hotel and then pay all the appropriate taxes you’re you’re under cutting Holiday Inn and one of my motto my little child he’s going to get a job after the unemployment expires at the Holiday Inn. You’re ruining his future

Wolfy 6:27
Well first of all, Airbnb in Airbnb is almost like the hotel and I feel insulted as you insinuate this I’m not paying my fair share. If your son would live any closer, he could come and apply for a job at my Airbnb and I probably would give it to him. I just saw a lady across the street who also owns an Airbnb. She has a cleaning lady who drives the hammer. So I mean, can be too bad.

Froggy 6:59
Well, do you think my kids are gonna go clean? Your Airbnb? Are you kidding me? We are going to sit at the reception desk. That’s the lobby always my kids will go my kids cleaning. Give me a break. We don’t do that kind of stuff.

Wolfy 7:21
You You green little thing you I we started cleaning this is how many people? How do you think so many other immigrants start off? They start cleaning they do. You know they go pack groceries. There I go. We have one. I mean, at least before COVID I used to go once in a while and at least I think success non American gentleman was a bagger, you know? So anyway, I’m getting off track here. Airbnb or hotel, it’s all the same thing. And if I can’t afford to lower my price, and that is what I do. Have you ever gone to one of those stupid, empty hotels and you say, Hey, I know it’s 50 bucks, but I only have 29. Guess what they tell you in those big hotels. Come on. Come on, come on. Take a hike. That’s right. They can take you’re not inflexible enough to give you a break and say, okay, little frog. But he was asked you don’t have to say that. When we say 50 bucks. And he say, you know, I’m all by myself. I gonna be clean and quiet and okay. You can pay 35 There we go. See, what’s the problem.

Froggy 8:44
The problem is that you can do that. And that’s not freedom. You’re destroying a hotel business. When my petition goes through, and we ban Airbnb, you’re not going to be able to destroy the hotel business. I am protecting the hotel business. I am protecting the welfare state. I am protecting the freedom of Americans who are stepped on and Kira need the frogs. Okay, you will face I’ve taken too long advantage of the underprivileged class of frogs with this Airbnb scam of yours and it’s going to come to an end you mark my little words.

Wolfy 9:26
Froggy, Froggy, Froggy. I don’t know where are you hitting with this on going with this and I don’t understand what you want. You don’t have a hotel. You don’t cannot you cannot afford to stay in a hotel. You don’t have an Airbnb, you cannot afford to stay in one with your little clan. So therefore, What’s it to you just because there’s noise across the street.

Froggy 9:53
Well, it’s not just the noise. Like I said the problem is layered and To me, the fact that you get different people every single day. It’s It’s It’s hurting me psychologically that I have to watch this every time you get to $50 $100 while I’m hurting there and times 20 I mean, how, how can you do that? While some people don’t have anything? You’re just having all this money. It’s really bothering me. But also it’s bothering me. Oh, you laugh keep laughing you Okay, wait till Monday when the petition goes through in the White House, you’re going to get a call you just wait. funny little wolf.

Wolfy 10:43
Well, and you just wait you slimy, little green thing? Because nothing gonna go through to the White House? Do you really think they are all as proven gonna give their stuff away to you? Who is not willing to work? No, no, no, you learn from your mistake. And you just keep on dreaming. Collect your signatures and go against the people who work hard and support the system in one way or the other. I fully support you and your plan.

Froggy 11:13
And you you need to support more. It’s shameful how little you pay. I heard you pay only 23 4% you should be paying 90. You have so much money, you can easily give 90 and we’ll have more. We’ll have better food stamps, more food stamps. We can also get maybe a car stamps. Okay, why am I making payments on the car? Or you know how ridiculous that is? That should come and car stamps. Because you’re not paying your fair share.

Wolfy 11:46
Froggy. And I mean, I should squash you. You do you just squish you squish you squash you. It’s at a word. Anyway, doesn’t matter. You would not know anyway. So but and it’s impossible. What you right now say it’s not fair. It’s not this. It’s not that. But you don’t want to work. You don’t want to do this. You don’t want to do that. So therefore leaves the rich people alone. We make it possible for you to work at McDonald’s and Burger King. Who do you think is going to flip the burgers for my dog?

Froggy 12:28
I don’t think there was a wolf in the planet who’s ever fleas on Airbnb and you sit on your fruity, furry little tush. Okay, okay. All right. You know what we’re done talking here. I think we’re at an impasse. Let me work with the White House. And then you’ll hear from them and you have a good day. Think about what you’re doing. And keep your damn Airbnb people quiet.

Wolfy 12:54
Well, Froggy. Goodbye. Goodbye, Froggy.

Froggy 12:58
Bye bye. We’ll

Wolfy 12:59
see. Bye dreamer.