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Danny 0:00
The breast controversy of Salma Hayek on today’s Goofy’s podcast. Lexi, have you heard about Salma Hayek ‘s controversy where she had to set the record straight cancer breasts are being enlarged. And it’s not because of breast surgery.

Lexy 0:17
You know, this is probably a very, very interesting topic. Yes. As of this morning, I heard about it. Mm hmm.

Danny 0:25
So let’s let’s start tackling some of the issues that have come up. You know, regarding these boob gate controversy, got the first news that it’s basically because she is entering menopause. She’s 54 years old. She’s entering menopause. Breast have gotten bigger because of that. Not because the breast surgery

Lexy 0:43
Okay, I don’t know. I’m not menopause. I have seen many women who are in menopause boys and boobs didn’t grow by blood somewhere. I read many, many, many sizes. So I don’t know, Danny, we have to get to the bottom of this one. Alright, so

Danny 1:00
you’re not buying demand a pause story ago.

Lexy 1:03
Look at this, Danny. I mean, really in 2011. And now look at 2020. Come on,

Danny 1:10
get increase. Yeah. Looks like mad applause. And it started already in 2014. t hyack, explained that it happened significantly during life changes like pregnancy, menopause, and periods of weight gain. So she’s saying that’s the reason there’s no breast augmentation going on. All right. See, it’s definitely a very attractive looking woman. You know, let me ask you this, even if it was fake breasts, why is that the media’s business? Why do they even care if it’s real or not? Why is that a problem? Well, I

Lexy 1:44
have absolutely no idea. So many women and young women and you know, I’m most teenagers, they do it. So I don’t know why it is the problem is here. If she’s 50 something and she wants to look great, and go right ahead.

Danny 1:59
So I have no idea why she’s denying it. Maybe she’s not denying it. Maybe she’s telling the truth. There is no breast augmentation. Yeah, this is all real. And I was just setting the record straight. But let’s pretend she’s lying. She had breast surgery. Why is that anybody’s business?

Lexy 2:16
Well, it’s nobody’s business. But do you know, Danny, because to me, personally, this is a very amusing topic. Isn’t that no guy who can check it out?

Danny 2:25
I don’t think that would be appropriate for the guy to post it. You mean like, like in Seinfeld, where there was an episode about were they real or they were not real? Alright, here’s the episode of Seinfeld. And by the way, they’re real. And they’re spectacular. The whole episode was Jerry Seinfeld trying to find out if they’re real, and then even send Elaine over to touch them and the woman breaks up and then she says it’s for real. My point is no one should care if selling those high x boobs are real or not real, they should not be any kind of boob controversy. It’s like her business. People should stay out of it. But now that she set the record straight, and she made it public, you know, we’re addressing this issue, I guess.

Lexy 3:06
Let Danny I have two issues. One is in that picture. This looks like a 2011 kind of picture. See, look at this. Now let’s go to 2020 Give me a break. There should be somebody who just gives out I don’t know find out do whatever you got to do to find out but why do they need to find out like see why is why do we live this one you got to break down you know, before and after? Is because it’s a topic. I mean, it’s nobody’s business. I mean, Holy smoke, you know, I used to love him movies. Especially Frieda. I think that’s a wonderful movie. So I couldn’t care less whether her boobs are fake or not fake. Give me a break. Clearly people do cares if I would be here. I would just get my boyfriend and just No, not a boyfriend is stranger. You know, just go and pick up a stranger and say, Hey, you want to touch my boobs?

Danny 3:58
I think that’s that’s that’s the question. I don’t think so. I mean, I think Salma Hayek hears this podcast, she’s gonna be upset with your suggestion. You don’t think she’s upset this the whole world is talking about her boobs. I mean, we have nothing else to talk about. I have a theory. So I ran into this article that Salma Hayek is going to produce a new HBO max comedy about boobs Navy, this book controversy is just the setup to get exposure, you know, to get views and then after this book, controversy flows over she goes right into this new comedy and makes millions and millions of dollars. What do you think about that theory?

Lexy 4:42
That still doesn’t answer the question to why her boobs grew? It looks like five six sizes. If she had 10 kids and she nursed the malls and yeah, Polly the boobs grow, but 54 I mean by then they are poly a little saggy if she was to push up bra Then the whole thing is so darn silly. Danny, you should, you should give a little email and say, Hey, I’m willing to set the record straight.

Danny 5:11
I don’t think our podcast is big enough to get her attention. I’m leaning towards that. They’re real. They naturally grew. Yeah, they’re a lot bigger. I Lee, I agree with you on that. Now that she put it out there. We’re acknowledging it. Let’s move on. Let’s look at some of the comments here. Carl 99. She’s just using them to stay relevant. Oh, look at me. So Carl thinks that this is all manufactured. What do you think? Sorry, call I disagree with you. Okay. You don’t think she’s manufacturing this because of her comedy, because to stay relevant to stay in the media that has nothing to do with it.

Lexy 5:47
Such a talented woman? I don’t think she she needs to talk about her boobs in order to be relevant. You know, she can advertise your upcoming comedy in a different way besides people discussing cat boobs. All right. Well, here’s

Danny 6:01
another one. Are there any woman left to actually stay slim and athletic after menopause versus those uninspiring stories about bitter, haggard women who resigned to letting themselves go after the age of 40?

Lexy 6:17
Who the heck roads had one? I mean, come on. I don’t know. That sounds terrible. I never want to grow up. I never want to get old when I’m reading that kind of nonsense flower bunny love.

Danny 6:29
She’s FOS. They’re obviously artificial. She’s just too arrogant to admit it. This guy is kind of leaning towards what you said that they’re not real. They’re augmented excuses. Do we ever go to find out Okay, then I’ve got to find out. So I just forget that we’re not going to find out. So we got to work here with the limited information we have. Okay. mudiay hormone replacement will make those puppies grow big time. I had to quit it due to major breast growth a kid alarming and rather worrisome, not worth the risk. So hormone replacement could be a problem. He thinks Salma Hayek did hormone replacement. Well that’s definitely could be a possibility calling colon. They are quite literally two of the most beautiful pair I’ve ever seen. So what about men applause

Lexy 7:19
See, good job. I mean, he sees on our page yahoo kiss, she’s pretty

Danny 7:24
she is pretty. And she’s a great actress. I don’t know why we’re really having this discussion. But it popped up in newsfeed and we you know, Goofy show, we got to jump on it and deal with it.

Lexy 7:36
Yep, you’re right. We do. Absolutely. Right. We need to discuss this very important topic. All right. I

Danny 7:43
sense a little sarcasm there, Lexi, but all right, I think I think we covered most of it. So I guess we’re gonna pay attention to this comedy coming out on HBO, Max about boobs. And if that if that does come out, then this boob gate. You know, it’s kind of like a launching platform kind of like member when Logan and Mayweather you know, they did that, you know, trash talk to prep for the fight. And then they generated like over $100 million in profits for that fight? Yeah, I mean, maybe this is Selma, high X version, you know, get the boob controversy out there in all this media. I mean, look at how many magazines that are covering this in the last few days. Now the comedy has all these people are going to jump on it just to see what this comedy is about. Maybe this is kind of like the boxing trash talk version of it, but only for a celebrity comedy show that’s going to come out and she puts out her boob controversy. We’re all talking about it real, not real, whatever. And when this show comes out, I mean, I’m gonna watch it. I have to admit. Yeah, let me see some more pictures if you don’t mind. I mean, she looks great. I mean, she was nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe. And you know, she doesn’t even need any of this boob controversy. She’s already super successful the way she is. Yeah. I mean, look at her Instagram. Yeah, she’s a very attractive woman. No doubt. I mean, look at some of these posts. There’s her eating some tacos. Tons of calories in there. Yeah, tons of calories. I mean, she’s got some great photos on the Instagram. And she’s in a lot of great great movies. Yeah, yes, yes. We covered the important stuff. Her new movie coming out already out. I haven’t seen it. I know. You haven’t seen it. Probably Hitman’s wife, so we’ll have to see that now. Yep, we definitely do Selma if you buy any remote chance hear this? We are big fans. We like your movies. Keep doing what you’re doing. If this is a publicity stunt, I guess we can’t blame you. Good luck to you. We’re gonna keep following your career. And if people are upsetting you just ignore them. We’re fan real or not real. That’s your business. It’s not our business. Any final words from you, Lexi.

Lexy 9:51
Well, I hope she doesn’t get it back problems. And as we know big boobs can create back problems. So let’s all cross my fingers and you Yes, you are very, very attractive woman. And I think that’s the end to my comments here. I hope you Goofy’s you’re gonna love us because we love you. I hope you’re going to subscribe the way how are you doing and be kind and leave your feedback. We love reading and Replying to Your comments.

Danny 10:20
So let us know about Selma hi x breast real not real doesn’t matter. You know, any feedback that you have? Feel free to leave it in the comments. Bye, guys. Bye bye.